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How to Keep Your Girlfriend from Ever Leaving You

How to make sure that your girlfriend NEVER wants to leave you

How to make your girlfriend choose you over anything and never ever leave you… I’ll admit it. That’s a pretty bold claim. But nonetheless, it is what today’s article is going to teach you.

This is a subject on which there could be written so much that it could fill a whole library of books… And there has. But that’s NOT what I want to do today.

Dating “experts” often make it too darn complicated. It really doesn’t have to be rocket science to get a great girl and keep her.

Because that is what you want, right?
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What to Do When Your Girlfriend Wants to Be Single… But Wants You, Too

How do you keep your girlfriend when all she wants is freedom? How do you keep your girlfriend when all she wants is freedom?

Two days ago, I received a devastating email from a guy named Lamar outlining his relationship’s current situation. He had been with his girlfriend since they were 16, but now that they are into their young twenties, she has expressed a want for being single again.

Sad thing is that Lamar doesn’t feel the same way – he thinks that she’s the one, and that he isn’t missing anything by being with her. Quite the opposite, actually. He thinks that if he were to be single, he would immediately search for a relationship such as the one he already has.
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How To Decide Breaking Up on Mutual Agreements Without Ending Up Regretting It

Breaking up in mutual agreement Breaking up in mutual agreement

Breaking up a relationship almost always leads to at least one of the parts getting sad, angry and left out. Even though it is possible to agree to break up and to take the decision mutually, there will always be one whom it hits a little harder than the other.

Trust me, I know the feeling. Several years ago, I went deep down into a hole after my girl at the time, Rebecca, and I broke up on a mutual agreement.

We both wanted it, but when I look back, the biggest reason that I did so was to not look weak and needy in her eyes when we discussed it – which in turn was exactly what I did when I weeks later sent her texts saying I wanted her back. That didn’t work out too well, since first of all, she had already begun dating another guy.
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7 Tips to Keep the Spark in the Relationship and Stop It From Ending

How to keep your relationship sexy and exciting How to keep your relationship sexy and exciting

After being in a relationship for a while, many guys (and girls too, for that matter) have a tendency to take things for granted. When you stop being as excited about your girl as you where when you first met her, it is the beginning of the end.

I have a theory that in every single moment of every single day, the attraction between you and your girl either increases or decreases. Small fluctuations are perfectly fine. Liking each other more every single day is impossible. It just shouldn’t get too low, as it will inevitably lead to less attraction and sexual polarity between you. Continue reading

“I Never Expected to be One of Those Guys Whose Girlfriend Ruled His Life”…

Rob's personal dating story Rob's personal dating story

Note from Alex: Here’s an article from my friend Rob who has been so kind as to share a personal story about relationships, sex, drama and all that it is over and in between. With that said, Rob, they’re all yours…

Hello Just Keep the Change, my name is Rob. I never expected to be one of those guys whose girlfriend ruled his life.
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How to Give Your Girlfriend or Partner a Sexy and Wonderful Massage

Give your girlfriend a massage she will never forget Give your girlfriend a massage she will never forget

Massaging your partner or girl is a wonderful way to explore her body and get to know her on a more profound and deeper level.

It’s one of the most loving acts one can conduct. Everyone likes getting a massage. And even more so if it’s done by a person whom they trust, since a massage can be a very intimate thing.

But a great massage is better than a good massage, and that’s exactly what you will learn today. There is more to a massage than the type of strokes that you use. It’s not just technique. It’s the complete experience…
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