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How Not to Break Up And a Personal Break-Up Story From a Woman’s Perspective

Break up from a woman's perspective Break up from a woman's perspective

Note from Alex: Today Katie will share a story on a break-up and a little lesson on how not to break-up….

There is a well-known episode of “Sex and the City” where the current boyfriend of Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) gets dumped by her boyfriend via a Post-It note. Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Dating an Older Woman Can Help You Move On

Ever thought about dating a cougar? Ever thought about dating a cougar?

Note from Alex: Here’s an article from my friend Oliver Jameson who has been so kind as to give us a quick post containing four reasons why you should (consider) dating an older woman. Take ’em away…

Breaking up is never easy. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are surrounding the break up or how strong you are, you may be left feeling vulnerable and out of control. This is particularly true if you were not the one who decided to end it.
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What To Do and What To Avoid When That Right Woman Comes By

When she comes around, you'd better know what to do! When she comes around, you'd better know what to do!

Once in a while, you meet someone who has got that little bit of extra. It’s pretty hard to define, she just has it. She is amazing and beautiful. She makes you smile.

She can turn up everywhere, anytime. At a party where you see her dancing and laughing with her friends like a silly little girl. On the streets where she drops something and looks all helpless. At a supermarket or in a shop where she just looks like she has it all together, rocking a super-sharp business suit and high-heels.
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How To Become Popular With The Girls In School, High-School or at College

How couldn't you fall for them? How couldn't you fall for them?

Now, I know that it’s only some of you who are undergoing an education at the moment, but this post is not written for the masses, it’s written for those who are at college, in high-school, or some place else where there are many young, bright people seeing one another almost every day.

This is also the reason why it’s a different approach to get popular with the girls in a place like this, than let’s say for example at a bar. At a bar you can be anyone you want to be for a night; at a school people see you all the time, and will most likely get a pretty broad picture of you.
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“I Never Expected to be One of Those Guys Whose Girlfriend Ruled His Life”…

Rob's personal dating story Rob's personal dating story

Note from Alex: Here’s an article from my friend Rob who has been so kind as to share a personal story about relationships, sex, drama and all that it is over and in between. With that said, Rob, they’re all yours…

Hello Just Keep the Change, my name is Rob. I never expected to be one of those guys whose girlfriend ruled his life.
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How to Be Shockingly Popular with Women

Guy and microphone Is this just a picture of a guy and a microphone?

Note from Alex: Here’s an article from my good friend Anthony who, if you’re a regular here, know from both the forums and from the several comment threads he has participated in. Anyway, this article is about building confidence and social value – check it out!

Getting women to notice you seems either very easy or very hard. The trap I see a lot of guys falling in is trying to please everyone – because when you please people, they love you, right?… Wrong.
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Destroy Your Old Beliefs and See the Beauty in Everything

Learn how to see the real her Learn how to see the real her

Here’s a quick thing for you to do the next time you are walking a place where there are people that you have never seen or met before. The street, the mall, the park – every place will do.

See the beauty in everyone.

If you’re a (straight) man, which both my statistics and guts tell me that you are, of course you’d pay most attention to the women you see.

You have most likely trained your negative eye for the most part of your life, always looking for fault and mistakes.

I bet that I could show you a picture of almost anyone, and with in seconds, you could find something that could look better. It could be a wrinkle, a zit, a hair sitting ‘wrong’, a crooked nose… And the list goes on.
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