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Welcome to Just Keep The Change – a blog focusing on making every man a better man. The focus of the blog is dating and relationships in a modern world context where man and technology is inseparable, our choice is greater than ever and the world is seemingly complex.

A question such as how to become happy lays the foundation for everything else and even though the writings are mostly about dating and relationships, they are also about philosophy and some of the bigger questions in life. If it sounds like something for you, I urge you to check out the page called “Getting Started”, or jump right into an article that you find interesting. You can find an archive of all articles by clicking here, or just take a look in the sidebar to the right where you will find both latest posts and the most popular posts.

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My story:

One day, I felt really depressed about my life. I had been dumped by my girlfriend earlier, and to be frank, life sucked. Big time.

Emotionally, I had hit rock bottom. Ground zero. Whatever you call it nowadays.

I felt like I had nothing to lose, so one day when I saw a really “normal” looking guy, with a smoking hot babe by his side, I decided to go ask her something:

“What are you doing with this regular guy, when you could get any guy on the planet?” I just walked straight towards them and asked. Read the rest of the story here.