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How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time EVER (Without Screwing it Up!)

There's a first time for everything... Even kissing someone There's a first time for everything... Even kissing someone

Kissing a girl for the first time ever can be a daunting task. Will she kiss you back? Is it the right time to kiss her? Does she even like you?

The questions are endless. But with these kissing tips your chances of a successful kiss will be close to 100%. Now all you need is the right girl!

Let’s start out with the first tip on how to kiss a girl for the first time; “be sure of what you want”…
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How to Keep Your Girlfriend from Ever Leaving You

How to make sure that your girlfriend NEVER wants to leave you

How to make your girlfriend choose you over anything and never ever leave you… I’ll admit it. That’s a pretty bold claim. But nonetheless, it is what today’s article is going to teach you.

This is a subject on which there could be written so much that it could fill a whole library of books… And there has. But that’s NOT what I want to do today.

Dating “experts” often make it too darn complicated. It really doesn’t have to be rocket science to get a great girl and keep her.

Because that is what you want, right?
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How to Make Your Future Girlfriend Like You for Who You Are (And Where to Meet Her!)

How to get a really cute girlfriend How to get a really cute girlfriend

A lot of men have been asking me almost the same question lately, and it goes something along the lines of “I don’t have a problem getting dates with girls, but I have a problem getting them to stick around and keeping them interested. How do I keep them intrigued, and how do I get it to go as far as to evolve into a relationship?”
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7 Tips to Keep the Spark in the Relationship and Stop It From Ending

How to keep your relationship sexy and exciting How to keep your relationship sexy and exciting

After being in a relationship for a while, many guys (and girls too, for that matter) have a tendency to take things for granted. When you stop being as excited about your girl as you where when you first met her, it is the beginning of the end.

I have a theory that in every single moment of every single day, the attraction between you and your girl either increases or decreases. Small fluctuations are perfectly fine. Liking each other more every single day is impossible. It just shouldn’t get too low, as it will inevitably lead to less attraction and sexual polarity between you. Continue reading

What To Do and What To Avoid When That Right Woman Comes By

When she comes around, you'd better know what to do! When she comes around, you'd better know what to do!

Once in a while, you meet someone who has got that little bit of extra. It’s pretty hard to define, she just has it. She is amazing and beautiful. She makes you smile.

She can turn up everywhere, anytime. At a party where you see her dancing and laughing with her friends like a silly little girl. On the streets where she drops something and looks all helpless. At a supermarket or in a shop where she just looks like she has it all together, rocking a super-sharp business suit and high-heels.
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The One Thing You Absolutely Must Do to Have Success With Women

Look into her eyes! Look into her eyes!

There is one trick – known by many, used by few – which, if used correctly, works like a charm every time.

It’s called looking her in her eyes.

Ever since I have given women intense eye contact while being with them, my love life has completely transformed.

Old, rugged sex without passion suddenly turns into hot all-night sessions.

Now don’t get me wrong – there’s more to women than just looking them in their eyes. It’s not a magic trick, but it is a necessity.

And not all eye contact works the same – a creepy stare is for many females one of the biggest turn offs. So read on, and learn how to give a woman some sexy eye contact. It’s one of the most important things you’ll ever learn.
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Dealing With Her Tests – How To Gain Instant Attraction

A great woman will always test you A great woman will always test you

A woman will always test you. She will test you for your masculinity, she will test for your strength; she will test to see if you’re (still) the man she’s seeks and craves.

Testing men is a woman’s secret tool. She wants you to pass the tests, but she will make it as difficult for you as she can.

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