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How to Keep Your Girlfriend from Ever Leaving You

How to make sure that your girlfriend NEVER wants to leave you

How to make your girlfriend choose you over anything and never ever leave you… I’ll admit it. That’s a pretty bold claim. But nonetheless, it is what today’s article is going to teach you.

This is a subject on which there could be written so much that it could fill a whole library of books… And there has. But that’s NOT what I want to do today.

Dating “experts” often make it too darn complicated. It really doesn’t have to be rocket science to get a great girl and keep her.

Because that is what you want, right?

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How to guarantee that she won’t ever leave you…

The only way to guarantee that your girlfriend won’t ever leave you is to give her exactly what she looks for in a man. If you’re able to do that, she will never have the need to try anything else.

This will of course be different for every girl on the planet, but in my experience, there are…

Four things that every woman on earth are looking for:

1. Excitement

This is numero uno baby. No excitement, no fun, no sexiness, no humor = No relationship, señor!

If you aren’t fun to be around, she isn’t going to stick around. It’s as simple as that.

So, keep a sly smile. Be witty. Joke around. Don’t be too concerned about what people think about you. Be a little reckless. Be sexy. Do something out of the ordinary. surprise her.

And most important of all: Be present!

2. Stability & trust

Stability and trust without excitement equals boredom, but if you mix the two, you have a very potent combination.

When you add the stability component to your relationship, you lay some very serious building blocks.

Before she can trust you, you have to do everything in your power to keep your word every single time. No excuses and no exceptions. Stability comes naturally when you do this over time.

This is the long-term one. The “meet the parents” one. And the one that makes everything else so much better.

3. Understanding & acceptance

She has to feel loved and accepted.

If you don’t understand her and accept her completely, your relationship will never be as deep or fulfilling as it can possibly be.

You have to love every single thing about her. From her toes to the top of her head and everything over, under and in-between.

4. Responsibility & honesty

You have to be able to take responsibility for your own life. Having a direction and having the courage to act on it is alpha-omega for long-term love.

It all boils down to your self-worth. If you have a problem but choose not to fix it (i.e. you need to lose a few pounds, but grab the chips instead) she won’t ever be able to trust you completely.

And before she can be the women that makes you want to be a good man, she needs to feel secure with you. She needs to trust you. But she only trusts you when you trust yourself. That’s where it starts.

Honesty is just as important, and none of all this advice can work if you are unable to be open to her. If you can’t be honest, she won’t be, either, and it’s never going to work.


Do you see how these four traits go together and strengthen each other?

When you accept her more, she will be more open for excitement, which will lead to the trust in the relationship increasing, which will lead to you taking more responsibility because you feel more masculine and because your confidence grows… And the list goes on.

When these four things are in place, she won’t have a choice but to fall in love with you and stay in love with you.

If you can do all this for your girlfriend, she will never get the idea to even think about trying greener pastures… Because yours will be as green as it gets.

Here’s a longer article explaining a lot of the concepts in further detail: “The 12 Undeniable Rules of Successful Dating”… You may also want to check out the article “How to Get a Fantastic Girlfriend”.

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7 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Girlfriend from Ever Leaving You

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  2. Nick

    Some excellent points here Alex. With excitement, variety is so critical. We get too complacent in our relationships and fall into the same patterns day after day. You’ve got to keep things fresh.

    I think another point is self-maintenance. You’ve got to keep up with the qualities that attracted her in the first place. Look your best, dress up sometimes, keep healthy and active. It comes back to complacency and resting on your laurels.

    Finally, you really have to be honest with everything in the relationship. People always hammer in “communication” but not enough do it. If you’re upset about something, let her know. If you want to do something else, tell her. Don’t bury shit because you only end up with resent and blowing up about it later.

  3. Robert K

    True Nick. You truly have to “keep it fresh” … Otherwise you just go into the same routines as always and it gets BORING

    and YES – don’t get “lazy”… if you lose the ball, get fat and grow a hideous beard, she won’t be attracted.

    Good stuff :-)

  4. Ann-Marie

    Everything here is so true, heres an insite to the female mind free, I want to emphasize that a girl wants a guy to actually BE THERE, sappy stuff on the phone doesn’t cut it. Bonding is crucial, learn about her friends, past, secrets, and so on, knowing this will also mean she trusts you, and don’t ask her ex’s or friends cuz thats just cowardly. It will give you a chance to bond but this has to be done in PERSON or it won’t have the same effect, this is also why long-distance relationship usually blow up and fail.