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Are you in the middle of a break-up?

Get rid of the pain by joining our free course on getting over your ex girlfriend!

Join the ex gf course to get the insights that have helped hundreds of guys from all over the world before you and learn from their trial and error - so that you can avoid as much pain and frustration as possible.

The course was created so that you don't have to be alone with your break-up - And so that you will always know what to do, whatever happens...

What to do if she still wants to be friends? How to fall asleep if you can't stop thinking about her? How to stop being distracted by thoughts about her? ...Get all the answers and more by joining now!

Here's what you will gain from joining...

  • A easy-to-follow system to get over your ex and gain powerful insight on yourself in the process.
  • Clear and helpful how-to guides on some of the most common problems men have when it comes to break-ups.
  • Success stories from other guys who have been where you are now - so you can steal the techniques they used and get results FAST.
  • Bonus: My popular NO-BULLSHIT philosophy on ex girlfriends (which will help you cut right to the chase)

Really glad that I signed up!

“Hey Alex just wanted to drop word that this course has been pure GOLD... Shortly after receiving part two I found out my whole approach to my ex had been flat out wrong. But you sent me on the right path, and now I am finally getting myself handled.. And I'm feeling more awesome than ever. Thanks man!”
- David T, Brisbane

I'm in control and have more free time than ever

"Im at 5 days into this and i feel great! I feel like Im in control of all this and I have more free time then I usually do when i was waiting for her to call, text or email and now she wants me back but I'm over her and its all thanks to you! Thank you soo much!"
- Clay R, Great Falls (MT)

I wasn't alone after all

"Right after the break-up, I felt more lonely than ever, my girlfriend having left me for another man. It truly was like I was the only person in the world who knew what I was going through - but turns out, I wasn't. Your emails really helped a lot Alex, and I especially enjoyed the success stories from other guys. They gave me the hope I needed to get through the break up."
- William B, Louisville (KY)

The three pillars of getting over your ex

The three things that we focus on in the email course


You need a strong foundation to build a strong character - and acceptance is the foundation for everything. If you're unable to accept the break up as reality, you'll be unable to handle it in a healthy way.

Acceptance is all about accepting your new life... As well as accepting hers.

You'll get in-depth tips on how to stop thinking about your ex girlfriend, how to accept yourself, how to let go of bad emotions and feelings as well as my 7 most effective techniques for making you stop waiting for her to text or call. You don't want to miss this.


Being able to stand on your own legs and enjoying life by yourself is crucial to truly getting over your ex girlfriend. But gaining independence is about more than just enjoying solo-activities - it's about being able to face the world alone, taking on both the small and the large challenges that life throws at you.

Independence also deals with questions regarding contact between you and your ex as well as regarding friends and family. You'll gain clarity on questions such as "what to do if your ex contacts you", "how to react if she wants to remain friends", "what to do if you have common friends" and "how to deal with her family after the break-up".


Character is about building a "you" that you can be more than proud of.

It's about being able to know what you want - and then get it. It's about expressing your true feelings and desires, being honest, having confidence and being a masterful lover... All while not being either needy or clingy.

Character is not something you build in a day, but rather something you build on piece by piece over a lifetime.

With the advice presented in the course, you'll get on the right path to becoming the man that you've always dreamed to become.

When it all comes together...

When it all comes together, you get a very potent combination. With the right mix of acceptance, character and independence, you'll not only break free from the suffering and loneliness of the break-up - you'll also be ready to lead a new and exciting life filled with passion, adventure and beautiful women.

I'll also be drawing on the experiences of all the men I have been coaching over the years so that you don't have to make the same mistakes that they have made.

Instead you'll get a proven approach on getting over your ex as fast and efficiently as possible - all while becoming a better man in the process.