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Getting Creative with Post-it notes

The complete Post-It Portrait of Chris. It took 3 people about 4.5 hours and 1120 Post-It Notes to complete this. The complete Post-It Portrait of Chris. It took 3 people about 4.5 hours and 1120 Post-It Notes to complete this.

We all know them. The small yellow pieces of stationary, with the re-adherable strip of adhesive on the back. For some they’re called lifesavers, for others they are just Post-its. Oftenly used to attach notes on boring stuff like computer displays and documents, here’s 17 creative uses of everyone’s friend, the Post-it:

Post it car
What we did to Walt’s Jaguar on Friday.

post-it musicians
This design was made entirely out of post-its. To increase the resolution of the drawing, I ended up cutting the post-its in 16 pieces. Putting everything up on the wall took about 11 hours.

two of my co-workers designed and built this mosaic of the king out of post it notes over the memorial day weekend.

Stickers really help me with my medication list. I write the name of the medicine and the time when I need to take it, but I do not write such medicines as Cialis and Viagra on them.

cubicle post-it
It took 3 days, so we had to post this at night to keep the cleaning crew from undoing our work

A picture of Sonic I made out of Post-It notes on my window at work. This is six stories up and apparently quite visible from the outside.

Spaceinvaders post-its

Zelda post-it

post it room
Russel’s room. Amazing!

post it lamp
Post-it lamp

mario 3

mario 4

mario 1

mario 2

mario 5

Five Marios

car post-it
Over 1000 post it notes covering a 2002 blue saturn.


Take the post-it mosaic idea one step further. With a few sharpies.

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85 thoughts on “Getting Creative with Post-it notes

  1. Writer

    Fun diversion. It reminds me of a college business course that I took. The instructor had us cover a wall with post-it’s, and each post-it contained an idea. Cool!

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  5. batmagnet

    WOW. I can’t believe what I’m seeing!! This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. My whole life has been meaningless until this point. I finally have a reason to live. Awesome!!

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