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The Most Underrated Way to Do Anything Is…

The spiritual benefits of walking

The Most Underrated Way to Do Anything Is… To walk. Without a doubt.

I have taken some of the most difficult and important decisions in my life while walking.
I have fallen in love while walking.
Thrown away the day-to-day stress while walking.
Reached the stillness and peace needed for self-discovery and deep creativity while walking.
Reviewed whether or not I am where I want to be in my life – and what to do if I am not – while walking.
And gotten over lost love while walking.

There are countless benefits to walking.

What’s yours?

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What’s Your Motivation?

What's your motivation? Motivation... What a wonderfully cliché word

What got you out of bed this morning?

Do you wake up just to go to a shitty job or a boring education, just to survive another day? Or do you wake up filled with happiness, ready to take on the day and its challenges in all its glory?

And I know that we all have both our good and our bad days. But try to look at your life on a greater scale than just the last week or the last month. Are you motivated?
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Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day… And Other Things You Really Don’t Want to Hear

Read on if you're brave enough Read on if you're brave enough

A different kind of title to a different kind of post. Clever, huh? On this one, I’ll speak freely. More than usual. See it as my summer gift to you.

You are a man.

And so am I. So stop apologizing for it. I see it every single freakin’ day – men walking around like pussies, looking into the ground and blaming everyone but themselves for their unsuccessful lives.

It is ALL your fault.

I know that this doesn’t sell. And I know that it’s not what you want to hear – but it truly is. You HAVE to start to take responsibility for your own life and for your own actions.
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