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5 Tips to Help You Stop Thinking About Your Ex-Girlfriend

How to stop thinking about your ex-girlfriend How to stop thinking about your ex girlfriend

We’ve all been there: standing in line at a supermarket or just about to return a ball in a tennis match …when suddenly she pops up out of no where.

You have no idea where she came from, but she won’t leave.

Thoughts about your ex girl can find their way to your brain at the most unwanted of moments, and this post is dedicated to giving you a few tips on overcoming those nasty thoughts (all while getting over her at the same time…)
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You Made the Right Decision

Heartburn Even this little guy made the right decision

Sometimes you sit and wonder whether or not you did the right thing in a given situation. If you find yourself in this position often, the following five minutes of your time will be well spent. In this article, I will examine the question: ”what is the right decision?”

My philosophy on the subject is actually quite simple. The right decision will always be the one that you made. Let me explain.
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What’s Your Motivation?

What's your motivation? Motivation... What a wonderfully cliché word

What got you out of bed this morning?

Do you wake up just to go to a shitty job or a boring education, just to survive another day? Or do you wake up filled with happiness, ready to take on the day and its challenges in all its glory?

And I know that we all have both our good and our bad days. But try to look at your life on a greater scale than just the last week or the last month. Are you motivated?
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9.58! What Usain Bolt Taught Me About Opportunities Last Night

Usain Bolt broke the 100 meter sprint record

9.58 seconds – the new world record in the 100m sprint. Possibly the biggest single event in track and field in the last 50 years.

9.58 seconds moves the line for what is possible. It was moved at Usain Bolt’s 9.69, and now he did it again. Only better. 0.11 seconds is the best improvement on the 100m world record since electronic timing entered the scene in 1968.
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A Great Example About Acceptance and Willingness When it Comes to Pain – “Let Aunt Ida In”

Get rid of the pain by letting in old Aunt Ida Get rid of the pain by letting in old Aunt Ida

Let’s face it – all of us bear around with some kind of pain. For a lot of you reading this, it will be related to an ex girlfriend. Lost love, so to say.

And that’s why I talk a lot about acceptance. I see acceptance (and willingness) as key concepts when it comes to living with pain – and that means, key concepts to living at all.

Today I want to give you an example on how you can be willing (and accepting). For some of you, the essence of these concepts might be a bit hard to grasp, but with this example, I hope to make it more real, clear and applicable for you.
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Accept Yourself: How To Let Go of Bad Emotions and Feelings

Accept yourself and others will do the same Accept yourself and others will do the same

Ever had some kind of mental thought loop running through your mind, again and again?

It could be about a desire; you know you’re not supposed to think about it, but you still do. You try to distract yourself for some time, but it keeps coming back.

It could be about an ex girlfriend. It could be an image of your naked grandmother you got printed in your mind when you walked in on her in the bathroom. It could even be a song you just can’t stop humming.

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Valentine’s Day, a Few Thoughts

My thoughts on Valentine's day My thoughts on Valentine's day

Newspaper columns, blog posts, small talk at the local café; it’s everywhere.

Valentine’s Day. It seems that you have two choices regarding this “special” day in the middle of February. Either you love it, or you hate it.

The arguments usually go something like this:

Typical Negative side: “You should be able to do romantic things every day, and not rely on some specific commercial day.”

Typical Positive side: “It reminds us of love” or “is a great reason to do something special.”

I really see where both schools of thought comes from. But I can’t say I agree more with one than the other. Continue reading

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