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What To Do When a Girl Doesn’t Respond to Your Text

Does your text message flirting not lead anywhere? Does your text message flirting not lead anywhere?

The situation is all too common. You have been having some contact with a girl that you like and you’re texting each other. Everything seems to be good, until suddenly it seems like she doesn’t respond anymore or if she does, she only replies in short sentences and only once in a while.

This post is not meant to fix the situation or to make her reply more often. No, this post is about you and about what you should do when a girl doesn’t respond to your text.
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Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day… And Other Things You Really Don’t Want to Hear

Read on if you're brave enough Read on if you're brave enough

A different kind of title to a different kind of post. Clever, huh? On this one, I’ll speak freely. More than usual. See it as my summer gift to you.

You are a man.

And so am I. So stop apologizing for it. I see it every single freakin’ day – men walking around like pussies, looking into the ground and blaming everyone but themselves for their unsuccessful lives.

It is ALL your fault.

I know that this doesn’t sell. And I know that it’s not what you want to hear – but it truly is. You HAVE to start to take responsibility for your own life and for your own actions.
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Why You Should Practice Living With an Open Heart (Even If It Hurts!)

Living with an open heart can hurt.. But it's worth it Living with an open heart can hurt.. But it's worth it

To be a just keep the change man, you have to practice living with an open heart, even if it hurts.

Living with an open heart means that you experience all experiences fully without denying anything. It is like looking fear in the eye – you stand up for yourself and take up the fight.

The weak man

The weak man will always try to deny his pain. Whether it’s emotional or physical, he will always try to think of anything but the pain.

When running, he will distract himself when it starts to hurt. When faced with criticism, he will try to move on, move around it, forget it or deny it. When a weak man loses something, or someone, he will suppress his feelings; his pain. He will look the other way and distract himself.
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Text Messaging – How to Stop Hoping and Waiting For Her Reply

How to avoid sitting around waiting for a text message How to avoid sitting around waiting for a text message

It has been 15 minutes since you sent her a text. You just said that you had a great night last night, and asked when you would see her again. You have read it a couple of times after you sent it – was it any good? Could you have done better?

30 minutes passes. You have been checking your cell phone like a maniac. Why hasn’t she replied?!
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Don’t be Afraid of Fear – Make Friends With it

Don't fear fear - make friends with it instead Don't fear fear - make friends with it instead

You’re standing there, shaking. You’re mind is entirely blocked out. Sweating. Your tongue won’t let you speak. Heart rate rising. The world moves very fast, or very slow. Muscles are tight.

Fear. It’s a strange thing. Few things provoke such strong physical reactions.

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Why Self Limiting Beliefs are your Worst Enemy when it comes to Approaching Girls

Approach women without fear Approach women without fear

“I am not good looking enough to be with her”. “I am too fat”. “I’m not funny enough”.

Self limiting beliefs – your worst enemy when it comes to dating.

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