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Are You a Man or Are You a Mouse? 3 Simple Tips to Become The Man You Dream To Be

How to live a great life How to live a great life. And who wouldn't?

This post is pretty simple and clear and to the point, and if you don’t get it, you never will.

Here are 3 tips to becoming the man you dream to be:

1. Find stuff you love

2. Do the stuff you love

3. Do it every single day

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Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day… And Other Things You Really Don’t Want to Hear

Read on if you're brave enough Read on if you're brave enough

A different kind of title to a different kind of post. Clever, huh? On this one, I’ll speak freely. More than usual. See it as my summer gift to you.

You are a man.

And so am I. So stop apologizing for it. I see it every single freakin’ day – men walking around like pussies, looking into the ground and blaming everyone but themselves for their unsuccessful lives.

It is ALL your fault.

I know that this doesn’t sell. And I know that it’s not what you want to hear – but it truly is. You HAVE to start to take responsibility for your own life and for your own actions.
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The One Thing You Absolutely Must Do to Have Success With Women

Look into her eyes! Look into her eyes!

There is one trick – known by many, used by few – which, if used correctly, works like a charm every time.

It’s called looking her in her eyes.

Ever since I have given women intense eye contact while being with them, my love life has completely transformed.

Old, rugged sex without passion suddenly turns into hot all-night sessions.

Now don’t get me wrong – there’s more to women than just looking them in their eyes. It’s not a magic trick, but it is a necessity.

And not all eye contact works the same – a creepy stare is for many females one of the biggest turn offs. So read on, and learn how to give a woman some sexy eye contact. It’s one of the most important things you’ll ever learn.
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Why You Should Practice Living With an Open Heart (Even If It Hurts!)

Living with an open heart can hurt.. But it's worth it Living with an open heart can hurt.. But it's worth it

To be a just keep the change man, you have to practice living with an open heart, even if it hurts.

Living with an open heart means that you experience all experiences fully without denying anything. It is like looking fear in the eye – you stand up for yourself and take up the fight.

The weak man

The weak man will always try to deny his pain. Whether it’s emotional or physical, he will always try to think of anything but the pain.

When running, he will distract himself when it starts to hurt. When faced with criticism, he will try to move on, move around it, forget it or deny it. When a weak man loses something, or someone, he will suppress his feelings; his pain. He will look the other way and distract himself.
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Why Bohemian Painters are Sexy as Hell and How You Can Become That, Too

Learn how to become as attractive as a bohemian painter Learn how to become as attractive as a bohemian painter

Who doesn’t want to be sexy as hell, exceedingly attractive and absolutely confident?

This article will tell you how. And it’s easier than you probably thought. But not easy in the ‘no-effort’ way.

No, it’s more like easy in the ‘simple to write- harder to do’ way.

The title of this post was inspired by the relatively new Woody Allen movie “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. Actually, the whole post is inspired by that movie. You’ll see why in a minute.
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Start Being Brutally Honest with Yourself and Others

Being honest is unconformtable... At first Being honest is unconformtable... At first

Do you know what all women are looking for? Of course you do. You just don’t believe them when they say that they want a “genuine and confident man” and that “looks doesn’t matter”.

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Why Bad Boys Get All the Hot Women, and Nice Guys Don’t Even Come Close

Why do bad boys get the good girls? Why do bad boys get the good girls?

A bad boy is sexy. There’s something about that sly smile; that look in his eyes. He just turns women on wherever he looks.

He moves like an alpha male in the animal kingdom: Relaxed and confident. Almost too relaxed. Almost too confident.

So what exactly defines a bad boy?

In its most simple definition, a bad boy is someone who works outside the norms of society. Continue reading