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How to Get a Fantastic Girlfriend

Getting the girl you deserve Getting the girl you deserve

In my experience, what guys ultimately want when it comes to dating is a fantastic girlfriend. Sure, some guys enjoy dating a lot of different women, having several casual relationship etc., but what the majority wants is actually a girl who likes them for who they are, who they can hang out with and have fun indefinitely and who turns them on and makes them want to be better men.

So with that said, I feel like there is a need for helping you find that special girl and then also keeping her.

Meeting that one special girl

One of the biggest problems when it comes to dating for most guys is the whole selection process. A lot of men have trouble even finding the girl, and it usually comes down to not being at the right spot at the right time.

But being at the right spot at the right time is not necessarily difficult, you just have to know how to do it. You have to know how to put yourself in situations where meeting beautiful women is very probable, where both you and her are relaxed and talking to her very common.

As we now have these three criteria, we can begin to examine two places usually visited by guys who want to meet girls.

  1. The club: Chance of meeting women high. Not that common to talk to them. Definitely not relaxed as most women tend to have their guards up.
  2. The bar: Slightly lower chance of meeting women. Still not that common to have conversations with strangers. Still not relaxed.

That just doesn’t cut it, right?

Let me give you a few better examples instead:

  1. Local cooking classes. Chance of meeting women high. Very common to have conversations. Usually very down to earth and relaxed.
  2. Local gym / fitness classes: Depends on the class, but very high chance of meeting women. Yoga classes will be filled with girls and the boxing classes probably won’t. Not very common to talk but not strange at all either. Semi-relaxed.
  3. Coffee house / café: Pretty good chance of meeting girls, not common to have conversations with strangers but definitely more relaxed than a bar-setting.

How to put yourself out there

And we could go on and on, but that’s not really the point. The point is that if you put yourself out there, doing the stuff that you like to do, your chance of meeting amazing women suddenly reaches whole new levels. Women are EVERYWHERE, you just have to be at the right spot at the right time.

And it’s not about going places so you can meet women. No, it’s very important that you think about it the other way ’round: You go places because you like to and then you meet women.

Put yourself in an environment where you feel passionate, happy and alive and I can assure you that women will find themselves attracted to you in a whole new way than you are used to.

But I cannot tell you where to go or what to do, because it has to come from a genuine place inside yourself. If you don’t feel like you have a sharable hobby, do some searching around the local classifieds or perhaps do some more soul-searching and discover even more things that you like. And when that’s done, you have to take action and actually put yourself out there.

How to get a fantastic girlfriend

In short: do the things you love and do it with other people when possible. That is how to get a fantastic girlfriend.

When it comes to relationships, it’s really not about being able to ”communicate at a sexual level”, “being able to flirt”, ”knowing how to kiss” etc. – it’s about being good at life.

Although having good skills with women help, it is your skills at life that will ultimately attract that one girl that you crave for, and life is not something to be learned on the internet or in a book. Life teaches life, and the only way to get better is to actually put yourself out there and live it.

Having impeccable social skills is of course important for your confidence when it comes to the actual approach, but I must admit that I know several guys who have far from stellar social skills who have met gorgeous women simply by being at the right spot at the right time, doing something that they love doing.

Living the good life

It all comes down to living a balanced life where you feel relaxed, where you feel comfortable and where you can behave naturally. When that’s taken care of, other people will instantly feel more comfortable around you, too.

That being said, being a really good kisser definitely helps every endeavour when it comes to dating and relationships, but what will make you the best kisser is not to ”know” everything there is to know – it’s rather being very present with the girl and having good chemistry. The rest will follow naturally IF you are relaxed and able to let things progress in a comfortable manner.

So that’s it – the one thing that is holding you back from getting a fantastic girlfriend – is actually yourself. You have to have to have to live an exciting life and you have to be willing and open to include someone in it. When you can do that, you cannot do anything but have success.

If you have untreated scars from a previous relationship, though, meeting someone new will prove to be incredibly difficult. Women can intuitively feel these things, and although you may think that you are over your ex-girlfriend, you may not be all the way down deep. Check out my Ex-Girlfriend Solution to treat the untreated scars and finally move on with your life and get what you deserve!

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6 thoughts on “How to Get a Fantastic Girlfriend

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  2. John

    I found a great way to meet women and that’s going to a dance class, I have many friends and girlfriends there, but I genuinely went to learn something new and have fun. Women love guys who dance it’s scarey but a lot of fun.

  3. Jacob

    All i can say is, everything that you’re saying is completely true i agree 100 %. I’ve read most of your articles and i wonder where did you learn all this information and how did you get it ? I have minor social problems myself but i THINK only because i was raised with loving parents i figured if i was loved already then why do have to be social and why and get what i want if i already got the love? Im 16 years old and at 14 i started realizing socialising is very important . So I’m currently trying to pick up on social skills and trying to be accessible or ”cool” . It’s kinda hard to improve while your insecure but im still improving thanks to you and God i have more courage . So I ask .

    thank you Alex Kay.

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