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How to Get a Fantastic Girlfriend

Getting the girl you deserve Getting the girl you deserve

In my experience, what guys ultimately want when it comes to dating is a fantastic girlfriend. Sure, some guys enjoy dating a lot of different women, having several casual relationship etc., but what the majority wants is actually a girl who likes them for who they are, who they can hang out with and have fun indefinitely and who turns them on and makes them want to be better men.

So with that said, I feel like there is a need for helping you find that special girl and then also keeping her.
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Bantering: Now You Can Get Women, Be Social and Have a Blast at the Same Time

Learn how to banter correctly Learn how to banter correctly

What’s up guys. Today I want to talk to you about banter. Banter is awesome in every way, and I want to show you how you can use it to experience amazing things in your own life.

Banter is often confused with flirting, but the two concepts are not exactly the same. Banter would be defined as a playful conversation, where as flirting is more of a sexual interaction. You can banter with your friends, but you most likely wouldn’t flirt with them.
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How To Become Popular With The Girls In School, High-School or at College

How couldn't you fall for them? How couldn't you fall for them?

Now, I know that it’s only some of you who are undergoing an education at the moment, but this post is not written for the masses, it’s written for those who are at college, in high-school, or some place else where there are many young, bright people seeing one another almost every day.

This is also the reason why it’s a different approach to get popular with the girls in a place like this, than let’s say for example at a bar. At a bar you can be anyone you want to be for a night; at a school people see you all the time, and will most likely get a pretty broad picture of you.
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How to Be Shockingly Popular with Women

Guy and microphone Is this just a picture of a guy and a microphone?

Note from Alex: Here’s an article from my good friend Anthony who, if you’re a regular here, know from both the forums and from the several comment threads he has participated in. Anyway, this article is about building confidence and social value – check it out!

Getting women to notice you seems either very easy or very hard. The trap I see a lot of guys falling in is trying to please everyone – because when you please people, they love you, right?… Wrong.
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Destroy Your Old Beliefs and See the Beauty in Everything

Learn how to see the real her Learn how to see the real her

Here’s a quick thing for you to do the next time you are walking a place where there are people that you have never seen or met before. The street, the mall, the park – every place will do.

See the beauty in everyone.

If you’re a (straight) man, which both my statistics and guts tell me that you are, of course you’d pay most attention to the women you see.

You have most likely trained your negative eye for the most part of your life, always looking for fault and mistakes.

I bet that I could show you a picture of almost anyone, and with in seconds, you could find something that could look better. It could be a wrinkle, a zit, a hair sitting ‘wrong’, a crooked nose… And the list goes on.
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3 Surefire Ways To Be The Life of The Party

How to become the life of the party How to become the life of the party

If you are like me, you have been to too many good parties that just wasn’t fun – they may have been for everybody else, but you were kind of miserable.

Not because you had some odd food and had a stomach pain or anything of that sorts, it was more like you were feeling misplaced, ignored and alone.

This might be a too dramatic picture to paint, but you know, ‘exaggeration gains learning’.
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Meet Girls at the Video store at 11 pm on a Saturday – On How To be a Social Guy

How to become THE social guy How to become THE social guy

Last night I met a beautiful girl named Lisa in the local video rental store. It was amazing.

I had every excuse in the book not to walk up and talk to her: I had been up for more hours than I could possibly count because I returned from my trip to India that morning (Hard to sleep in the plane when you’re a tall guy like me!)

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