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A Fun Game You Could Play With A Cute Girl Tonight

A fun game you can play with women everywhere A fun game you can play with women everywhere

I tried this one out yesterday with a girl I had just met in the airport. We we’re both standing in line for something service-related, and she looked really bored, so I stepped over to her and started talking.

She was really cute; South American look, long curly hair, amazing eyes, in her young twenties. And as I said, she looked really bored, so I asked her if she wanted to play a game.

At first she didn’t really want to, but I convinced by saying that, if you win, I’ll buy you coffee. And that’s actually a win-win for me, right?

So she was up to it.

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The Game

I explained the rules to her briefly:

I’ll ask her 5 questions, and to win, she has to give the wrong answer to all 5. Sounds easy right?

So I started by asking her where we were. “China”. Good, she gets it.

What’s your name? “Elvis”. Though I couldn’t confirm it, I could tell by her giggle that Elvis really wasn’t her name… And later I found out that her real name was Penelope.

Is 1 + 1 = 3? “Yes”.

And here comes the fun part:

So after the third question, I’ll ask her So, how many questions was that? Penelope was smart and answered “9”, but some will say “3”, and well, you won. Congratulations.

But as I said, she was smart, so I continued onto the last question.

Still laughing because she thinks she “got me”, I ask her; acting interested if this is the first time she’s playing this game?

Almost all girls will say “Yeah”, with a smile, and so did Penelope. I have actually never encountered anyone which says “no”, and therefore giving the wrong answer.

You’re with me so far?

So actually, I won. And because I am such a gentleman, I bought her a coffee anyway. We talked for about 10 minutes more, and then I had to catch my plane. But I got her number, and who knows? Maybe I’ll come to Argentine (where she’s from) one day.

So as you should know by now, we had much fun with this little game. And I am absolutely sure that you can too. Just make sure to keep a straight face, and make sure the last two questions sound like they’re not actually “questions”.

If you use this with success, as I am sure you will if you try, please write a comment in the comment section. That would be great!

And as always, remember to keep it light-hearted. Don’t take it too serious. Have fun. And good luck guys!

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Disclaimer: I did not “invent” this game, I saw Neil Strauss use it once, and I don’t know where he got it from.

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74 thoughts on “A Fun Game You Could Play With A Cute Girl Tonight

  1. darwin

    esta full, muy intersante, juega muy bien engañado la mente de la mujer , pero al mismo tiempo es divertido, gracias, si hay mas hasmelo saber… e-mail

  2. John

    Nice game. I changed the last question, which, in essence is the same but instead of trying her to answer “yes”, i force her to answer “no”, it was, “oh! you answer fast and very secure… have you ever played this game before?…” and she said “no”. lol

  3. Nouh

    omg lmaoo its a very intresting game and soo much fun! ama try it soon lool!
    also thts the only website tht i sat on for this much! keep up it up BAD BOY lmfaooo

  4. Motherfucker

    Thanks for wasting my precious time…. At the start, I honestly thought this might have been a worth while pursuit; ending with a pair of neatly placed panties under my nose for sniffing! No, not so, any chic worth her panties would consider this “come on” , if that’s what this is- a real piece of shit, totally fucking lame. Is this some christian website or something I stumbled on?
    Cause a lot of the comments sound like “Gee, that’s swell, I’ll have to try that at our next church group” etc.etc. Again , totally fuckin gay ….TOTALLY FUCKIN GAY!!!!!!!

  5. jimbo

    haha great idea, my only question is, what if she doesnt get it…? For example, you see a lovely girl at london heathrow and her answer to the 1st question is ‘london, silly’ :P we need a contingency!

  6. GIRL

    i´m a girl and i think that this game is really fun…but if you use every time on every date,because you can´t talk about nothing more….YOU ARE PATHETIC! JAJAJA….BUT IS FUN!

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  8. kenny

    This Game is awesome, It has won me some kisses over the years :D

    No girls have managed to win it yet, the only problem is that some girls will complaine about that the two last questions are not questions, but it is funny though :)

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  10. Claudio

    muy bueno, aun no lo pongo en practica pero se ve muy divertido, es mas me reia solo al leerlo!!… gracias por compartir de seguro lo pongo a prueba

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  12. 2 ballz deep

    I would make it more like a real quick joke than this elaborate drawn out obvious material. “let’s see who’s smarter, answer everything I ask you incorrectly” then roll out two quick ones, stump her on third and fourth.

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  14. Willis

    I think it’s easy to see that some have missed the entire point. This game provides a non-threatening way to break the ice and create a dialog with somebody you might not have met otherwise. You can likely gauge the openness of the girl by how willing she is to partake in the game.

  15. andy

    Dude another great quick game to get her to laugh and get to hold her hand without it being weird is to tell her you can read her palm. there is a simple quick guide online. search simple palm reading guide

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