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A Fun Game You Could Play With A Cute Girl Tonight

A fun game you can play with women everywhere A fun game you can play with women everywhere

I tried this one out yesterday with a girl I had just met in the airport. We we’re both standing in line for something service-related, and she looked really bored, so I stepped over to her and started talking.

She was really cute; South American look, long curly hair, amazing eyes, in her young twenties. And as I said, she looked really bored, so I asked her if she wanted to play a game.

At first she didn’t really want to, but I convinced by saying that, if you win, I’ll buy you coffee. And that’s actually a win-win for me, right?

So she was up to it.

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The Game

I explained the rules to her briefly:

I’ll ask her 5 questions, and to win, she has to give the wrong answer to all 5. Sounds easy right?

So I started by asking her where we were. “China”. Good, she gets it.

What’s your name? “Elvis”. Though I couldn’t confirm it, I could tell by her giggle that Elvis really wasn’t her name… And later I found out that her real name was Penelope.

Is 1 + 1 = 3? “Yes”.

And here comes the fun part:

So after the third question, I’ll ask her So, how many questions was that? Penelope was smart and answered “9”, but some will say “3”, and well, you won. Congratulations.

But as I said, she was smart, so I continued onto the last question.

Still laughing because she thinks she “got me”, I ask her; acting interested if this is the first time she’s playing this game?

Almost all girls will say “Yeah”, with a smile, and so did Penelope. I have actually never encountered anyone which says “no”, and therefore giving the wrong answer.

You’re with me so far?

So actually, I won. And because I am such a gentleman, I bought her a coffee anyway. We talked for about 10 minutes more, and then I had to catch my plane. But I got her number, and who knows? Maybe I’ll come to Argentine (where she’s from) one day.

So as you should know by now, we had much fun with this little game. And I am absolutely sure that you can too. Just make sure to keep a straight face, and make sure the last two questions sound like they’re not actually “questions”.

If you use this with success, as I am sure you will if you try, please write a comment in the comment section. That would be great!

And as always, remember to keep it light-hearted. Don’t take it too serious. Have fun. And good luck guys!

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Disclaimer: I did not “invent” this game, I saw Neil Strauss use it once, and I don’t know where he got it from.

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74 thoughts on “A Fun Game You Could Play With A Cute Girl Tonight

  1. Brian

    Hey Alex,

    Love your blog. I find it’s simple and to the point and isn’t loaded with all the other fluff many other websites have. Props for that.

    Do you have any other games like this? This sounds like so much fun, not just with girls but with anyone.

    Keep up the good work,


  2. Tyler

    Hello, Alex! This sounds like a good game. I’ll have to play with my girlfriend tomorrow…

    Thanks for making this site, all the information on here is great!

  3. Alex Kay

    Daniel: Yeah, tell me about it when you do! :)

    Brian: Thank you man! Much appreciated. About other games; Well, not on here, but when I think or hear of some, I’ll be sure to post them right away.

    Tyler: Let me know how it works out ;)

    Thanks for the kind words!

  4. Cheryl 72

    That’s really a sweet way to get a conversation started.
    I think any girl would appreciate a guy taking the time show interest instead of pulling out some cheesy pickup line.
    I’m gonna send a link (edited) to this site to my brother in Japan – I think he could use your help! : )

  5. Alex Kay

    Hey Cheryl,

    Yes, it’s really about showing genuine interest – always works so much better!

    And that sounds great about your brother, also tell him to send me specific questions if he needs help with anything!

    Thanks for your comment :)

  6. Charles Coleman

    Great game i tried it out and i got a number and a kiss goodbye… it was on the hand but hey its a start

  7. adrian

    the last question though if she says yes, could be a lie since the guy before you read this blog and already put the ‘test’ to her. So in reality its not her first time and therefor yes is the lie…similar to Elvis, it could be her real name, but its all in fun and gets a conversation started.

  8. Alex

    Honest Abe: Read at the bottom of the article. I actually did that :)

    Mwangi: Hey, no they don’t! And you usually get a good giggle, and if you play it right, a small slap on the arm.

    Charles: That sounds fantastic :) Keep it up man.

    John: That’s a great idea John. Make sure to check back with some results!

    Adrian: Yes, that’s the risk you have to take, unfortunately. But you could make up your own “trick questions”, just think about it. There are 1000’s of possibilites.

    Thanks for your comments y’all! :)

  9. Blaine Moore

    Ha, that’s a great conversation starter! I wish I’d heard of this back in my single days.

    Hopefully I’ll never have a need for it, but a very entertaining read. I’ll have to share it with my nephew who just started high school.

  10. Alex Kay

    Raymond: Thanks man! :)

    Jon: Yeah, it suits the airport “waiting attitude” really well. You could also try it out while waiting for the bus, or similar.

    Blaine: lol :) well, it’s never too late to socialize a little… Great idea to share it with your nephew, I’m sure he would appreciate it.

    Thanks for your comments guys.

  11. bill mckin

    have you ever tried it with an ugly girl? b/c it might get you more than a number. airport blowjobs are just about the best way to spend a layover.

  12. Rizz nizz-o

    I was had with a similar game. This is good for betting lunch with a co-worker. You explain that in order to win the person has to answer 3 questions with “little red wagon”. Make sure they under stand the rules. Then ask them if they are ready. Never has anyone said “little red wagon”.

  13. Alex Kay

    Hey Bill, I am not after girls “just to have sex with them”. Sorry :)

    Rizz: That’s also a great idea! I’ll have to use that sometimes, thanks.

  14. Jim Lockwood

    Great blog…probably the best I’ve come across in some time.

    This game sounds like fun. It’s simple, charming, and could be a great ice breaker. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Craig Harrison

    Don’t try this. I nearly got arrested trying this. I approached some woman like you dsaid at the airport and told her she looked bored.She looked at me with bemused horror. She just “What” then started blurting out some confused babble.Undeterd
    I asked her if she wanted to play a game. By now she thinks I’m some sex pest. She just readjusted her bag on her shoulder, said “no thank you” and stormed off! I hurried after her explaining the rules as i went. I managed to ask her if she was Elvis before she reached airport security treated me as if i was that guy from the saw movies(wanna play a game?)My advice is don’t try this, especially if your an Asian with a ruck sack

  16. Alex kay

    Hey Craig,

    I am sorry to hear that!

    But there’s a very big chance that you did it all wrong. First of all, say hi and introduce yourself, all with a smile. And don’t ever follow her if she “storms off”, this is usually a preeetty bad sign…

    Go slow about it, and remember to establish any kind of connection before you start asking her questions.

    Good luck next time :)

  17. Maniac

    hmmm :D
    fun idea, the game is probably based on the tendency to always say the truth… remembered of a fun game trick i was doing a while back (i should dust it off and use it again):

    Tell the person you are talking with that you can read their mind (remember, big smile as always :D, like when you’re about to do something stupid!)! They usually go like “Nah, You’re just joking!” an you offer to prove them you can read your minds.
    You ask them to think of a number between 1 and 4. A majority of people will pick 3.
    Then ask them to pick a number between 1 and 10. Because you already told them to pick a number between 1 and 4, their minds will be geared to actually pick a number between 5 and 10. And in the vast majority of case they will pick 7.
    You’ll get a smile and a “That’s cool!” and you’ll make them feel more comfortable with you/distract attention! Simple as 1.2.3

  18. Alex Kay

    Hey Maniac,

    that’s actually pretty good!

    Basic psychology working as a pick-up “trick”… Nice. I’ll have to try it out sometime!

    Thanks :)

  19. cipher

    Yeah… we actually played this game in our school days… I am 22 if u wish to now how old it is.
    Still good to read it, and revisit the memory lane.

  20. cipher

    your experience is better than the article Craig.
    That really tickeled me up… invent some new ways to approach a gal buddy, don’t rely on other’s ideas coz execution of the plan is what matters.
    Best of luck for future advances.

  21. Alex Kay

    That’s really good to hear Carl!

    and cipher: Always fun to take a trip down the memory lane… And yeah, Craig wasn’t too “lucky”, if what he writes is true. But well, you learn from your mistakes, right?

  22. Alex


    Anything will work. It’s not really about the prize, unless she’s really competetive, it’s more about having fun. As I have said quite a few times now :)

    You could also play for a dollar or so, but in my experience that doesn’t work quite as good.

  23. kevin

    hey alex, i tried your game and it worked great, i suggested that if she win, i would take her out and if i win, she should take me out, but i said it with a smile, well it worked,she lost and i have to take her out, (she told me i cheated so i must do the taking out) well that works out for me anyway.

  24. Alex


    You’re stille the winner man. Congratulations on the date, good job!

    Great to hear back from guys who gets good results with these techniques, thanks for your comment!

  25. cuban guy

    hey man i read this and think is wonderful, hey i need help iam in high school and i know a new girl she get in the high school the last week. I talked with her by now like 6 times and we laugh and talked shortly. Iam not sure if she likes me, when she see me she laugh me every time when she see me and i don’t know what talk about with her. Please help you or any body in here.

  26. Alex

    cuban guy:

    relax man! You’re doing great. Casually meet up someday, or hook up at a party, and chat some more. Use some of my kissing tips, and magic will start to happen :)

    Good luck. If you have any more “specific” questions, feel free to shoot me an email.


    Check out the blog, there are some tid bits of games like this hidden around ;)

  27. masterK

    … Nice but, the best intro into this (routine) is to start out by asking:

    1: Are you smart?
    2. Are you a good liar?

    This game is not an opener, but rather a attraction piece of material.

    The reason it worked for you was because she was bored, other girls wont have time to play “games”.

    GLAD to helP


  28. yo

    Hey man! first sorry my english isnt that good!! i meet a girl down on the internet and asked her out directly. She said we could be friends and that she currently had a boyfriend (which in fact it is true). So, anyways i tried to keep in touch without doing it very often. One day i wrote something nice about her on her profile so she said i was very cute and gave me her email. We´ve speaked a couple of times by msn and the last time she suggested i meet her at a place where she takes cooking leason. I´ll try your game beting that she gives me her phone number if i win. And if i lost? Do you think i have a change with her? I like to think so. Love your web site, i´d like to read everything. Good tips and articles, thanks a lot!

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  31. Dany

    Wow dude this really works, thank you very much for writing this down here… it has work very well with the ladies I’ve met the last four weeks….