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9 Reasons Running is Good for You

Running is good for you, right? At first I thought it was stupid. It was tough, you got sore, and I could find dozens of reasons not to run. But there are also a lot of reasons why running is good for you, and here are 3 of them.


1. Bones
The human bones are made to accommodate the demands placed upon them. When just sitting all day long, at the office, in the car, in front of the TV, we allow our bones to grow weaker. But if you run regularly, they meet resistance, which will lead to stronger bones.

2. Heart
Getting your heart pumping a little faster for let’s say 30 minutes every day, and especially if you also include interval training is something your doctor, and not to forget you, will thank yourself for later. Training your heart and strengthening your cardiovascular system will lower your pulse while resting and sleeping; therefore also make you more fit to handle stress.

3. Balance
When running outdoors, you have to avoid and deal with curbs, dogs, stones, branches and other miscellaneous objects. These changes in direction and speed will strengthen your balance, so next time you stand in front of the door with 3 shopping bags and need to unlock your door with your key, this everyday manoeuvre will feel easier to handle.


4. Posture
If you run the right way, you quite automatically will lower your shoulders, use your arms to help pumping energy into your running pace and tilt your pelvis a little forward. All of this will raise your head and prolong your spine. So instead of looking like some sad, bent slave at the office, you are now a runner with your eyes set at the horizon, always looking for a challenge.

5. Waistline
Running uses a lot of energy, and few other sports or activities are more efficient if you want to drop, let’s just say 10 pounds from your waistline. And especially if you include a few extra exercises while running, like suddenly running up a hill, or jumping over low fences parkour-style, you soon need to get down to your nearest mall for a new pair of trousers.

6. The sun
When running outside, naturally the sun will sometimes stop by and say hello, rewarding you with a healthy color, to match your new slim and fit you.


7. Yes, I can!
Ok, I won’t lie to you. It’s not easy at first. You will experience a burning sensation in your chest (it’s your lungs getting surprised), possibly a new sort of pain in your feet and legs (wow, we have to work now!) and you might get a headache, a pain in your back – or easily said, everything in your body might protest against this new lever of activity. But after a few trips, your body will adjust, and what seemed impossible (run 15 miles? Are you nuts?) Will soon be something you can easily manage. The first time you reach the goal you have set, you will be surprised how you feel. Ever heard of “runners high”? Get out there and experience it for yourself.

8. I believe I can fly
There is something about running that just feels right. Something eternal, like being a tough Greek from ancient times, that could run for days, without even getting exhausted. Running means beating the normal pace of the city, and very few things feels better than beating the bus in regards of getting from A to B – just watch those losers sitting stuck in traffic.

9. Endurance
Sometimes it will rain. Your foot might ache. You feel tired, and the wind is blowing in the wrong direction. But you still keep running, and after another dreadful 25 minutes you enter your destination and relax. So, tomorrow morning, when you have to wait a few extra minutes for the elevator, or the meeting drags on for an extra hour, who cares? I mean, remember yesterday evening. That was tough, this is nothing! You kind of take the sexy “who cares” attitude on you.

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68 thoughts on “9 Reasons Running is Good for You

  1. Shirley O'Sullivan

    I started power walking/running for very short bursts, I did not think that I could ever run for a long period of time, I am 51 years old and now I run every day for 15 minutes WITHOUT STOPPING, up hills as well, I am so proud of myself and along with a diet change I have also lost 4.3 kilos in 1 month. I suffer with anxiety/depression and these symptoms have also improved rapidly. I feel great. If I can do it, anyone can.

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  3. chembu

    Hi, I am 40 and I have been running for the last 10 years continuously, I run for about 40 minutes 4-5 days a week,
    I had no issues so far, I run within myself for the first half an hour and then sprint for 5-10 mins and then slow down at the end and I run in the park which will lessen the impact on the knees, I never stoopped it whether it rains or windy or freezing, sometimes the weather discourages you but I still motivate myself just to get that high at the end of the run, you have to experience it then you will never stop exercising – chembu

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  7. Veronique

    Hi All
    Just wanted to say that I took up running a few weeks ago and it feels great. My body’s responding well and it’s a great way of getting back in touch with your ‘inner’ self and shake off any stress after a hard-working day. I feel free and close to nature/the elements while I run, sometimes I feel like I’m going to take off and fly!! I have music in my ears (especially Kings of Leon) but also take the earphones off just to listen to what’s going on around me – birds singing, distant sound of planes, cars… I pace myself: 10 minutes fast walk, 10 minutes running, 10 minutes fast walk.
    I am running a mini-marathon in early October (21k) and over the next weeks & months I know that I am going to build up stamina and strength. I just never thought that I would enjoy it so much: I feel calm, happier and more in control of my life.
    The human machine is very clever but it’s so easy to take it for granted. We get caught up in work, rushing around, money worries and forget what we have. I am healthy and fit and appreciate this every single day.
    Make time to run – it’s free! Focus on all the positives in your life, the rest will sort itself out. Ironically, this ‘letting go’ will bring you inner power and strength.

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  9. craig

    I’ve been running since i was 7 and still do ithink its the best “high” running is amazing 15 miles is no problem its all about feeling not thinking at first its diffulcult but you gotta push yourself son!

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  11. hamilton

    yeah. the more i run, the more i make love…in july, i’ll be 40. and right now, i’m able to do i lap (prospect park approx. 3 miles. not bad)…i’m feeling / looking sharper. – yeah baby.

  12. rootwillow

    I was a smoker for 10 years…….i started running about two weeks ago and have not smoked a cig in a week and a half. At first my lungs were like (ooooh hell no). But after 5 days of hacking up junk and my lungs ready to burst, im starting to feel great. Every time i run i can go farther and faster. I can run and breath at the same time and food taste so much more better. I can only run 75% of a mile. but today im going for a mile. i think my legs and body can do two miles but my lungs are still in bad shape from 10 years of tar and smoke build up. I love running and what it is doing for me.

    1. Paul W

      I’m now 57 and have run on and off since my teens. Off periods may have been 5 years or more and then I’ve taken it back up again. Most recently, this year after I lost my father and was really down. Now im doing 5-10 miles every other evening with a quick 1-2 miles on the in-between eves. Left foot painfull sometimes but when I finish I feel like my mind is back in my twenties. Mornings getting out of bed can sometimes be a bit stiff though!