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Dating Q & A

Hey guys,

I am starting a dating ‘question and answer’ feature here, and well, for me to give the answers, I need some questions first.

So, if you have any dating/sex/women related questions at all, I’ll give my best shot at answering them for you!

Ask me whatever you want, I promise I won’t laugh.

Just fill out the contact form with the subject line “Dating Q & A“.

Hope to get some great questions!

Take care until next time,

PS. Girls are welcome too.

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7 thoughts on “Dating Q & A

  1. Alex Kay

    Hey Raymond,

    Thanks for your question. I’ll give you some advice in one of the following days… Stay tuned :)

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  6. Justin

    Hey Alex,

    I really need some advice.

    My ex Feonsay Broke up with me Jun 1st I was needy calling texting then I tryed not talking to her with the no contact rule I am almost on week 3 with out talking to her. Last week she texted me asking if I still have a dvd of hers. I did not reply. I really want her back I am trying to get her to miss me and think about me. Her birthday is this Thursday and that’s when the 3 week ends. I was going to text her by saying. Happy birthday crazyface! Somthing short and funny at the same time. I know we are ment to be together I can still feel it. Some times I can feel her thinking about me. I use facebook ass a PR management so she can see how good I am doing. What can I do so she can miss me like crazy?