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Currently, we offer advertisement in either 125×125 blocks in the right sidebar or as text links, also in the sidebar. Products related to dating, online dating and self-improvement usually gives the best engagement.


Just Keep The Change receives 76.000 pageviews a month, of which around 52.000 are unique. New visitors are mainly referred from either links and word of mouth recommendations or from Google searches.

The reader loyalty of Just Keep The Change is very high; more than 12% spend at least 10 minutes on the site per visit.

The average reader is a well-educated male in his mid-twenties, interested in self-improvement and development and has a middle to high income. 93% are from English-speaking countries, with the rest being mainly from Spanish-speaking countries (1.3%), French-speaking countries (0.5%) or from the Netherlands (0.4%)

25% of the visitors use the Safari browser, 20% use Google Chrome and 19% use Firefox. The use of mobile devices to access Just Keep The Change is on the rise, but a desktop or a laptop computer is still preferred by most users.

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