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Women’s Choice: The Best Colognes for Men

The best perfumes for men The best perfumes for men

As stated before, smelling good can be a huge turn on for women. Simply showering in the morning, and possibly before meeting her, is great.

But to really smell good, you need a nice cologne, and this week I have been on a mission to find the best.

I have asked almost all of my female friends, and even though not all women like the same, there have been 3 perfumes that seemed to be universally popular.

Here are my findings and experiences:

Number 3: Davidoff, Cool Water

coolwaterA classic. I have never tried this one myself, but perhaps I should. It has been one of the most popular man fragrances for well over 20 years, and many men say that when they wear it, they get a lot of comments on their scent by the ladies.

It goes well with lots of styles, and is generally considered a “safe bet”. Not suitable for dates or business meetings, but highly recommended for any other activity.

Buy Davidoff Cool Water

Number 2: Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Male

le male“Guaranteed to knock the socks of the ladies”. I don’t know who would like to knock of socks, but I can tell you guys one thing, and that is that this fragrance is amazing!

I have used it for years, and I just never get tired of it. It can be used as an everyday perfume, or for special occasions.

Actually I never heard a bad thing about this fragrance, and the ladies seem to love it.

Buy Le Male

Number 1: Gucci, Envy

gucci envyIf you are going to buy just one perfume this year, buy Envy by Gucci.

Called sex in a bottle numerous times, you just can’t go wrong with this one. Once I wore this at the club, and literally a group of women came up to me, and asked if they could just smell me for a while. I guess they were a bit drunk, but still!

A spray on the throat and one on each wrist will last all day, and it’s brilliant to wear when going out. Best described as sophisticated and sexy, this is a must have perfume.

Buy Gucci Envy

Keep in mind:
Every scent will smell differently on different persons. You have to experiment a little and see what works best for you, because that might not be what works best for me.

Good luck out there,
and smell ya later!

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27 thoughts on “Women’s Choice: The Best Colognes for Men

  1. Sam

    In the part about “Number 1: Gucci, Envy” change “Once I whore this at the club,..” to ” Once I wore this at the club,..”

  2. Alex

    LOL, thanks Sam! What a stupid mistake. *corrected*

    And Christine, Acqua di Gio is certainly also one of the best perfumes out there. It would be my #4, but then I wouldn’t really know what to put as #5 :)

  3. gina

    Okay I really have to say that I do not like colognes or perfumes on men. I find that, more often than not, men who wear these products think “if a little is good a lot is better” and then their olfactories get saturated and you are entering the elevator thinking, “Sweet lord, when did the perfume saleperson drop their sample bag?”
    Perhaps if the application is performed at 6:30 am and I happen to run across said male at about 11 pm the scent may be bearable but then again not if they have been as generous as the above scenario suggests. A shower may not even help.
    Soap and/or shower gel along with the obligatory hair products of today’s male are enough scents without the added fragrance.
    Now, that being said, my friend Mavis is more than willing to volunteer for application of aforementioned 3 perfumes to any and all males she deems suitable. This would solve the problem of over application and basically make her day. Offers?

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  5. Alex

    Just checked it out TT – it looks like it’s pretty good!

    Thanks for your compliments, and thanks for your comment(s) :)

    – Alex

  6. takeitsmellit

    wtf does a “safe bet”. Not suitable for dates or business meetings mean , then where would u wear it , it the women like
    why wouldnt u wear it on a date?????

  7. takeitsmellit

    wtf does a “safe bet”. Not suitable for dates or business meetings mean , then where would u wear it , if the women like
    why wouldnt u wear it on a date?????

  8. Nick

    I’ll have to try numbers 1 and 3. Haven’t owned a bottle of either. To be honest, I had a sample bottle of 1 once before but I thought it was a bit mundane. Maybe it deserves another shot.

    My favorites are as follows:

    Armani Code
    Gevenchy Blue Label
    Acqua di Gio by Armani
    Dolce & Gabana (Original Scent)

    These four have done wonders for me in the past. I’ve never once heard any bad word about any or heard these scents being called anything other than “great”. I get constant compliments using any of these. But there’s always room to try a new scent to mix things up a bit more beyond these. I like to have 5 or 6 colognes in the cabinet to choose from, and its usually these four plus one or two others to mix things up.

  9. puya

    Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Male is one of my favorites. I would also recomand Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior or One Million by Paco Rabanne if you like a sweet fragrance.

  10. perfume addict

    cacharel pour home is a best mans perfume ever i guarantee lots of comments from women and u will love this thing!