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Why Having a Skill is Important When it Comes to Dating

On having a skill On having a skill

Hey guys! Just as my last post, I am writing this on a laptop in Sweden. I am currently enjoying a vacation, so that’s why these last two posts haven’t been of substanstial length. Bear over with me, I’ll be back in a few days.

Today I want to take a minute and talk about the importance of skill.

Personally, I think its alfa-omega to be really good at something for succeeding in life.

For me it doesn’t really matter if you’re a fantastic singer, a great flute player, an amazing runner or the world’s best juggler – it just matters that you stand out from the crowd.

For me this is the reason mankind is so unique and interesting – we’re all different. Not two people are exactly alike.


But what exactly is it that differentiates us then? (Almost) everyone looks the same. Without knowing you, I can tell that you have a head with two eyes, a nose and a mouth. You also have ears, and you have a body where two arms and two legs are attached. You get the point.

I think we can all agree that it’s in the details. It’s the way we smile, the way the nose wrinkles when we feel sad. The way we blink; it’s all in the small details.

Sure, you could describe someone by saying he has a big nose, a small mouth and eyes sitting miles apart. But even then you would describe millions and millions of people.

So by understanding this, we can relate to dating. Why would a woman choose one guy over another?

In some way, he has to stick out.

It’s not only important to be really good at something to stand out; it’s also and important aspect of self-improvement. By knowing you’re one of the best (or trying to be) at something, you will naturally gain lots of self-confidence.

This new found confidence can not only be used in the dating scene; it’s useful everywhere you go.


Having a skill is also important when it comes to being happy. You will see that you can accomplish something, be it making a fantastic painting, hitting that 100kg bench press or playing your favourite song on guitar.

Sooner or later your skill will become your passion, or your passion will become your skill.

And having a passion is really sexy.

Just think about musicians; it’s not only the fame and money that makes them attractive. It’s also the fact that they do something. Same thing about athletes and sport stars.

People who have one part of their life handled will often do really well in other parts of their life too.

And that’s why I encourage everyone without a passion, without a hobby, without a skill, to do some soul searching right now.

What would you really like to be able to do?

Whatever you answer is, I don’t think you have anything to wait for. Just do it now. As a wise man once said: Every journey begins with just one step. So should yours.

Before wrapping it up, I would like you, my dear reader, to answer a question for me in the comment section below.

What’s your skill?

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6 thoughts on “Why Having a Skill is Important When it Comes to Dating

  1. Jason

    I guess I exercise quite a bit and that translates to a passion for me, and in alot of ways I imagine girls are looking for a passionate guy. One thing I’ve noticed is that the guys that get noticed are really good at doing one thing. The guy that can really play the guitar well focuses on that strength and avoids looking like an idiot by not playing basketball in front of girls (if he’s bad, that is). If you focus on your strength, I believe nobody will care that you are weak in other areas. Being average at everything gets you nowhere in life.

  2. Alex

    You take the words out of my mouth, Jason! :)

    You’re right about girls wanting a passionate guy… You can’t really attract and *hold* a girl, if you’re only “sexy” when you’re physically with her.

    If she sits at home, thinking about you, it’s so much more attractive if she knows you’re, let’s say playing guitar or basketball, instead of sitting at home watching television.

    It’s all part of your identity.

    Being average at everything getting you nowhere in life is also a great point.

    Thanks for your comment mate :)

  3. Tommy

    Interesting Alex!

    I have a big interest in making my own sushi. I know it’s kind of strange, but girls really digg it, and I love it myself!

    Having a passion is really sexy to women :)

    (as long as it’s not something really weird)