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Why Bohemian Painters are Sexy as Hell and How You Can Become That, Too

Learn how to become as attractive as a bohemian painter Learn how to become as attractive as a bohemian painter

Who doesn’t want to be sexy as hell, exceedingly attractive and absolutely confident?

This article will tell you how. And it’s easier than you probably thought. But not easy in the ‘no-effort’ way.

No, it’s more like easy in the ‘simple to write- harder to do’ way.

The title of this post was inspired by the relatively new Woody Allen movie “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. Actually, the whole post is inspired by that movie. You’ll see why in a minute.

Vicky and Cristina

The movie is about two girls vacating in Barcelona, Spain, during summer. One of them, Vicky, is what you on first glance would call self-confident, secure and cold. The other girl, Cristina, is more of the adventurous type. She is not afraid to get her heart broken, and generally takes more risks.

So there we have it, two seemingly distinct girls. One night, they get approached by a sexy bohemian type painter. They have never talked to each other before, just exchanged a few looks at an art gallery earlier that evening, but now he’s asking them to go to a small Spanish city with him by plane. That evening. They’ll leave in an hour.

Cristina absolutely wants to do it. Vicky absolutely does not want to do it.

But they go anyway. The painter, who’s name is Juan, shows them around the little Spanish city and they have a great time. Cristina starts to fall in love with him, and they end up in his room. They start kissing, but Cristina suddenly gets an upset stomach. Apparently, she has had some kind of food poisoning, and it sends her to bed a few days.

Now, stay with me. I know this sounds irrelevant, but really, it is not. Read on…

Because Cristina is in bed all the time, Juan only shows Vicky around. Against all odds, they actually have a great time. Late one night they go to an outdoors guitar concert, and afterwards they have sex in the moonlight.

That’s basically the story. There are complications, though, like Vicky being engaged. But that’s not really important right now.

The question is this:

Why is Juan so god damn sexy and attractive?

Of course, there will never be an absolute answer to that question. And on top of that, he’s just a guy in some movie. But still, it’s an interesting question to answer.

I think that, in some way, he is everything that both Vicky and Cristina want to be.

In reality, Vicky is afraid to show who she really is. She is afraid to open up, to be vulnerable. Juan does this. He tells the girls about his ex wife, whom he loved dearly, and how she has this huge impact on him. He tells them that they tried to kill each other because they were so frustrated by love. Now that’s expression

Vulnerability and honesty

At the concert, Vicky also sees Juan cry. She sees that he is not just some fake Latino lover, but an actual, authentic man.

Later, when they stand face to face and are about to kiss, he tells her, not just with his words, but also with his heart and his whole body, that he thinks that she is incredibly beautiful. She melts. Again, she feels his authenticity. She feels that he is real; she feels that he is honest.

Cristina is not attracted to him for the same reasons. She’s attracted by his creative nature, the way he expresses himself in his paintings. Because she is struggling to express herself; she feels that she has so much to say, but yet, she has no talent.

She also feels Juan’s authenticity. She feels it down her spine, all the way into her feminine core. She knows that he has the ability to love with all his heart. That he can express whatever he feels in the moment in a true, honest, raw and sexy way.

She knows that he’s the kind of man that will scream in bed if he wants to. He will yell at her if that’s what he feels. Not in a angry or hateful way, he will only yell because he loves her.

Now that might sound like a contradiction, but in my opinion, love is really just the true expression of the moment.


But most of all, she knows that she has an impact on him. And that’s what’s attractive about Juan. He is impactable. I’m not sure that’s even a word, but what I mean is that you can impact him and feel it.

There is no bullshit with this guy. He can fall madly in love with you, leave you, and cry over you for months. But don’t confuse this with being a wuss. Because it is not out of neediness, not at all. It is out of confidence and love. An entirely different thing.

guitar man

So what’s the lesson?

Express yourself! If your girl looks amazing one night, don’t be afraid to tell her! Tell her how she has an impact on you. How you always feel warm when you’re around her.

But also, always be honest. If that’s not what you feel, don’t say it.

So the lesson is also to become in-tune with yourself. If you can’t feel what you are feeling, how will she ever feel it?

Self-expression can take an infinite amount of forms. Art is the most common, right along writing and playing an instrument.

You may not be creatively talented, so maybe it’s not for you. Cristina in the movie didn’t think she was. Right untill she found photography.

Expression can also be to take a long walk. Or to meditate. As long as it is real, and as long as it is you, it’s expression.

How to get to know yourself better

Start writing a journal. It doesn’t have to be chronologically ordered, or start with “hi diary” on every page.

Write in it whenever you feel like you have something to say. And when you write, do the following:

Write without stopping. This works best if it’s on paper with a pencil. Computer writing doesn’t count here.

Write without stopping for 15 minutes. Don’t ever let the pencil slip of the paper. And if you feel like you don’t have anything more to write, write that!

Actually write “It feels like I don’t have more to write”. Then just write whatever comes at you. It may be that, while you are writing, you are looking around your room. What do you feel when you look at your room?

Write it all. This is an incredible exercise for building a higher degree of self-awareness and self-realisation. Suddenly, you are not a stranger in your own body.

Before you go

Remember the lesson for today: Love fully, express fully. That’s all really all that is to it.

Let me know how it goes in the comments. Let me know your thoughts. Your experiences. Your comments.

See you there!

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Lovely top image by karpov. Second image by puja.

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13 thoughts on “Why Bohemian Painters are Sexy as Hell and How You Can Become That, Too

  1. Hamesh

    WOW! Increadible Alex. Fantabulous stuff. More than anything about love or Juan or Vicky or Cristina, you taught me and FORCED me to THINK today. I am kind of confused these days… I am about to change my job. Got a girlfriend whom I am meeting in a month, never met her till now! only online))) What do i tell her? How do I know what I want in my new job? All answers will come IF I KNOW WHAT I AM and that is what you led me to, today. I will honestly try your sincere advice, Alex. I just bought a diary to write my thoughts. And then thought I should tell you about all. You are my great friend, living far away and yet so close to my heart.
    Thanks & you have a great day.

  2. Alex


    I am so glad that I forced you to think. Buying that journal might not have been a big thing by itself, but it sure will change your life for the good if it teaches you to get to know yourself.

    It sounds like a lot of interesting change is coming to you these days my friend. It is almost impossible for me to tell you how to be when meeting the girl. And I don’t know what you want from your job.

    I think that you have come to the same conclusion that I am getting at: That only you know what to do.

    Read the other articles on the site to get a general grasp of what it takes to be a great man. Especially the article on bad boys and wussies.

    Keep in touch,

  3. Henry

    Very interesting post, Alex. But like you said, actually getting to the part where you’re “sexy as hell, exceedingly attractive and absolutely confident” will take a lot of effort. Even writing a journal will take some getting used to. But if it improves the way you express yourself, then it’s all worth it.

  4. Alex

    Ian, great to hear!

    And thanks Henry. It sure will, but as they usually say: “It’s the path – not the goal – that matters”.

    Take care guys :-)

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  6. Bindiya

    hey!! r u a Bohimian too??
    am doin a research on Bohemianism..if u are one,it’ll be of g8 help talking to u’ lemme know!

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