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What’s Your Motivation?

What's your motivation? Motivation... What a wonderfully cliché word

What got you out of bed this morning?

Do you wake up just to go to a shitty job or a boring education, just to survive another day? Or do you wake up filled with happiness, ready to take on the day and its challenges in all its glory?

And I know that we all have both our good and our bad days. But try to look at your life on a greater scale than just the last week or the last month. Are you motivated?

I would really like to know what gets you up and going every single day. Your drive, so to speak. Why do you do what you do? Later on, we’ll dive deeper into this question and explore the exciting realm of beliefs.

Personally, I try to make the world just a little bit better everyday. I don’t take the weight on my shoulders and take responsibility for every bad thing happening to everyone all the time… Nah, that’s not my style.

Make ’em smile

But I do try to make at least one person’s day just a little bit better, everyday. I usually keep the little sentence “make ’em smile” in the back of my head when I go through my daily errands. I say that my day is a success if I made just one person smile.

I feel that we are all obliged to improve the world we live in with our best capacity and ability to do so. That’s also one of the reasons that I’m writing this blog: to enhance, fine-tune, boost, upgrade, relieve and contribute to the lives of my fellow men. That means you.

What about you?

And so I would like to know your motivation.

I would like to know what gets you fired up. What gets you through the day. Your dreams and aspirations. Just a paragraph or two, it doesn’t have to be detailed.

The better I know you, the better I can help you, entertain you and create better value for you. So if you just do this one thing for me, I’ll take care of the rest.

It’s actually a pretty simple question :-)

What’s your motivation?
Let me know in the comments.

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14 thoughts on “What’s Your Motivation?

  1. Victor

    I always tell myself to keep going, to keep pushing, and to never give up, because after all, I can accomplish absolutely everything I want. I make it very hard for anyone to tell me otherwise, because I know myself best. I use anger when I have to in order to get motivated. It took a long time to believe in myself though, years actually. Part of my problem used to be that I didn’t trust that I’d make good choices, and I blamed myself for all the mistakes I made on top of that, which eventually led to me not trying any new things. It was a long time before I figured out that making mistakes was by far the best thing I could do, because then I could learn from them!

    If you’re at home not trying anything, some jerk (like me) is out there hitting on that cute girl you have a crush on. That’s a sentence that should bother you, and it should piss you off, and it should start a fire in you that screams “I will be the one dating the hot girl! I will be the one who lives best! I will be the one who NEVER GIVES UP!”.

    Hope that helps, I got a little passionate there, but then again, thats what’s needed to stay motivated sometimes :)

  2. Alex

    Victor, I love your attitude man. Especially about making mistakes – that they’re opportunities for learning and not something negative and to be avoided. Brilliant…

    And yes, passion is sometimes what is needed to stay motivated.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Brent G

    To have motivation. I have to be inspired by something. I love Art and liteature and Film. They all are my inspirations majority of the time.
    Sometimes, people talk about things that seem real intresting and makes me want to do those things too.
    To get me to comeplete that goal, and keep my motivation going. I will need lots of support. I try getting lots of information to help me out and talk to my friends and ask them to help me out too.
    And now and then, I ask God to support me, guide me and help me keep being motivated to comeplete this goal.

  4. Alex

    Brent, I love the fact that you use others to help you through tough times. Us men often have a hard time doing just that…

    Thanks for the contribution, it’s much appreciated. Your comments are always very interesting to read!

  5. Peter O.

    Hi Alex,

    Another great and inspirational post. If only we all asked ourselves why we’re doing the things we do, i.e. “What is our motivation?”, then perhaps we’d be able to live a more efficient life. As Victor says, mistakes are actually opportunities, which I totally believe is true, then instead of using our mistakes to sit and wallow in self-pity and misery, ask ourselves instead, “How can I use this to learn and therefore motivate myself to become a better person?” whether we use it to meet hot chicks or just make a minor change in our own life, I think this may help.

    A few weeks ago you wrote about books and one book that I feel is very apt for this post, is “What Should I Do With My Life?” by author Po Bronson, which really addresses several issues and stories of people who answer this ultimate question, and what motivates them, WHAT GETS THEM OUT OF BED??? A really good read for anyone at anytime who just feels that they could use a different perspective on work, life and general attitudes…

    What gets me out of bed is money. And a desire to make more of it to live a life with more freedom to make choices based on whether I want to do something because I’d like to actually do it, rather than whether I can afford to do it. And because I want to eventually help provide for my new girlfriend!! If you remember Alex, from the Usain Bolt article, I went out and bought a flight from London back to Australia for us both, because that article, amongst other things, inspired me to take a leap of faith!!

    Anyways, thanks Alex, hope some of what I’ve written has been useful…

    Peter O.

  6. Alex

    Hey Pete!

    Love the comment man, thanks for the recommendation on the “What Should I Do With My Life” book. Just checked it out, it looks really interesting. Here’s an Amazon link for the lazy of you: http://www.amazon.com/What-Should-Do-My-Life/dp/0375507493 :-)

    And I’m so glad that your flight brought success – and yes, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.

    Please do continue to live a live full of integrity, Peter. Take lots of care, and be sure to let me know how it goes!

  7. Eric

    Hey Alex, I think this important. Most guys that I meet are all about improving some external factor of themselves. Money, Clothing, the car they drive etc etc. But really I think that improving yourself is the most important.

    You can learn so much about yourself in the every day and that’s really what motivates me. I love to help people and see people grow, but I also really enjoy watching myself grow, learn and improve. It gets me up in the morning, it gets me working on the next big step, and it helps me to put my whole life into perspective. I always want to be the best me I can be, and I think that in doing so we can all help others do the same.


  8. Alex

    Hey Eric,

    thanks so much for your message. I agree – changing the external doesn’t necessarily change the internal.

    Great site by the way!

  9. Pavel Zaitsev

    Sometimes in a rut, I sit back and wonder what would make me happy at that moment, something trivial. Like getting up and jumping up and down, flailing arms around and exhaling, ‘whee!’. Or eat some ice cream. Because without happiness, focus and motivation is something of an everest peak. With it, it is in the arms reach.

    When task at hand is complex and difficult I withdraw, look over it with a thought in hand – I already know this – looking deep into myself. This sort of assertion enables my memory and opens me to try many new things, to move ahead, usually far ahead and with very few actions and much ease.

  10. Anthony

    What motivates me is knowing that I have yet to reach my potential. Every day in every way I test myself and strive to do better, learn more and become a better person….until it just “feels” right.

    Truth be told I have slept in the last few days with exception to today as I struggled a bit with motivation as I was too busy focusing on what I dislike in my life (major error). Tip: Make yourself a “dream board.” What do you want? That ripped body? That car? Cut out the pictures and stick them on a pin board and keep it close by your bed to remind you why you shouldn’t press the snooze button!

  11. Alex

    Haha Pavel, I get the picture! Thank you so much for sharing… And by the way, what’s up with your site being down?

    Anthony, I like your idea about a dream board. But the high aspirations can also wear you down – remember to cut yourself some slack from time to time!

    Thanks for your comments guys :-)

  12. Cody

    Well, when i wake up, the first things that goes through my mind are like what am i going to wear, i know that sounds a little bit female, but still why shouldn’t men be able to wear nice and good clothes. Anyways after i get my clothes changed and everything else done. I most of the times think about the girls at my school or the ones that always accompany me on the way to school. i dunno why but just thinking about the girls is almost a motivation for me in some kind. In addition when i think about all the fun we have at school, i dont think school as some kind of wasting time, to be more specific sometimes school is my motivation. I mean its not like that u are very busy at the age of 17 and have so many business to do. That is why school and girls are my motivation! although this sounds weird thats how i am :)

    sorry for my bad english… i should probably spend more attention to the english class

    best regards cody

  13. Ryan

    What gets me up each day is school or practice. I hate letting people down when they expect me to be there. However, im not sure this is a good motivation because i shouldnt want to let my self down by missing school or practice instead of others. When i would work with my dad he could never get me up i would always sleep in, probably because i didnt really want go work or work with him. Thats when i knew i didnt want to do what he did because i didnt enjoy it.