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What You Wear On Your Wrist Matters, So Do It Properly – Or Don’t

A right man has the right watch A right man has the right watch

The following is an article written by my friend Fred Stepanov. It’s all about watches – the why, the what and the when. Enjoy!

Let’s be frank: wearing a watch is not really necessary anymore. If you want the correct time, consult your cell phone, your TV or your computer. Why spend money on it? Why even bother?

I’ll tell you why.

What you wear on your wrist is not only an object to tell the time. It is a statement, telling people (and girls!) around you a lot of things. Is this guy into sports, the rough guy, a businessman or a connoisseur?

The sportsman

The sporty fellow is wearing something like a Swatch, maybe one of the new Chrono-Plastic models with an all-plastic body and straps. Cheap, durable, no frills and with an electronic heart that will run forever…or until the next battery change. This is fine to wear at work and in bars and clubs.

Wearing one of these running watches that are connected to a pulse belt is bad style. Sure, it is sporty, but still…wearing one of these on a date indicates that you think it is all right to bring a very sweaty item, no matter what. Better leave it at home.

If you’re not a diver, don’t buy extreme divers watches. Go for Swatch, Seiko, Suunto. Chronographs are more than accepted, plastic is perfect, don’t go for anything golden. Black is OK, as is metal.

The JKTC pick: The Suunto t3c

The rough guy

The watch for guys like police officers and fire fighters. Men need something rough and dependable, something that can tell the time and occasionally help with hammering down a nail.

No frills and no woman-sized items here. Citizen, Oris, Fortis are generally good buys, and don’t go below 40 mms. Get a black rubber strap or go for all-metal.

You want your watch to be as tough as you are, so choose something that looks dependable.

The JKTC pick: The Citizen Pro-Master AJ9230.

The businessman

Only one brand gives you the right image: The all-classic Rolex.

It can be old, worn and torn, a GMT-Master or a Submariner, an Explorer or a Milgauss, the Rolex is just… a Rolex. With this watch, you never go wrong.

If you are a more artistic guy, a Dubey Schaldenbrand, a Jaeger -LeCoultre or a Franck Muller could do it, but choose a curved model. This will embrace your wrist in an elegant way, perfect with a white shirt and a grey jacket.

Gold is OK, chronographs are not. Go simple, this is not a tool watch but more jewellery. Do not mix steel and gold.

The JKTC pick: The new Rolex GMT 2. So simple, so nice. This will land you any contract.

The connoisseur

Now we’re getting somewhat nerdy. Your watch goes from being a tool to an obsession, or a conversation piece.

On a normal budget, any mechanical watch from the sixties or seventies are fine, but an Omega Seamaster or Speedmaster or Flightmaster is creme de la crème.

Maybe a Russian or American army or divers watch could do it? As long as it looks original and mechanical, people (people equaling girls) will notice that what you’re wearing was not manufactured yesterday or something that not everybody can find, afford or even like.

You might want to go Italian: Officine Panerai from Firenze makes big-sized watches that look great on a hunky wrist, or go for some obscure Swiss company making watches in very limited numbers, like Roger Dubuis or Ulysee Nardin. An IWC from the sixties or seventies is also ok.

The JKTC pick: The Omega 300 Seamaster with a broad mesh band from the mid-sixties. 100% James Bond, but still affordable and with so much style. If we had the money, a Panerai Radiomir 8 days 45 mm could also do it…

Are you a watch guy?

Do you wear a watch? If yes, which one? And when? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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14 thoughts on “What You Wear On Your Wrist Matters, So Do It Properly – Or Don’t

  1. Sebastyne

    I’m a chick. There is only one time that I have paid any attention to the guy’s watch, and that was no ordinary watch. Every time he checked the time, he had to slide over a cover that looked like a barrel of a gun, quite thick at that. But that was the 90’s, when you still had an excuse to wear a watch. I don’t like watches… It’s a mechanical piece wrapped on your wrist to let you know when to be with someone MORE IMPORTANT THAN I AM. When it is TIME to STOP the passion. You get where I’m going with this? Of course I realize that everyone keeps track of time for a reason or another, but bringing a watch on a date is a bit like telling me you can’t wait until it’s over.

  2. Jefferson

    I agree that a watch can be a nice enhancement to a guy’s image and indicate why kind of guy you are (sporty, classy). At the same time one doesn’t need to wear one to “show his style”. Ironically, one of the first things I do when a girl comes to my place is to REMOVE both our watches. I think wearing a watch can often keep our focus away from the present moment. Think about it, you don’t look at watch to see what time it IS. You look at a watch to see what time it’s NOT.

    Another point is that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a watch! You can wear a decent watch from Citizen, Seiko, even Fossil. Just make sure it’s a not TOO trendy. Focus on a classic look that won’t go out of style in a year.

  3. Abe

    I wear a simple and elegant $250 Luminox field watch. It’s big and manly while still fitting nicely under a dress shirt sleeve. It has a black leather strap, date window, black bezel, and it’s Swiss. The greatest thing about the watch is that it has tritium gas lights that are always glowing so I can read it in the dark without pressing any buttons. This is perfect for dark movie theaters and girls are often interested in it and it has been a conversation piece. It’s versatile enough for the office and dates and anything else although I avoid wearing it in water or sports because of the nice leather strap.

    I bought mine about 3 years ago and it looks kind of like this one: http://www.luminoxshop.com/ludrfiwasebl.html

    For affordable quality watches I also recommend swiss army. These watches tend to be very thin.

  4. Fred Stepanov


    you’ve got a point! If a guy doesn’t wear his watch to the date or dinner, this is indeed a sign that he decided to pay attention to you and you only. But also remember, that we men can’t use very much other jewellery, make-up or other things that shine and glitter. See Robs posting, by the way…


    Tag Heuer is OK, but in my eyes a little overpriced, and I can’t think of what money they use for hiring Brad Pitt or Tiger Woods to advertise for their watches. The Heuer models I like include the Monaco and the new Carrera, and if you can find a vintage model, like the funky 1970’s Jacky Ickx – buy it, good investment, trust me on this one.


    you are on wavelength with Sebastyne. Maybe you should meet and remove your watches? And you are perfectly right: The pricetag is not important at all, it is how the watch fits you and your personality.


    you have chosen watches that go with your style and field of work. Way to go!


    your Luminox or a Swiss Army watch are exactly the kind of watches anybody could use for work or play. Simple, durable, a toolwatch for any occasion. Good choices, both of them. But one day you just might just wanna take it a notch higher and take a look at a Rolex Submariner? But watch out, once infected you can’t stop…and you might end up a collector.


    I must be frank: Don’t like it, as little as I like mens watches with diamonds. But again, if it works for you…maybe I should try it out? I guess I’m to conservative and stiff, and being an office guy (but still nerdy when it comes to watches) this would not work for me. But I do have to say this design is futuristic and brave!

    Thanks for the comments –

    Best regards


  5. Alex

    Hey Rob,

    I see your point, but I just think what Fred meant was the “fireman” type; and sure, a fireman can wear a watch after hours!


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  7. Mark

    I currently own/wear three Oris Dive watches. My most recent Oris purchase is the Oris ProDiver Chronograph (http://www.oris.ch/collections/collections_detail.aspx?watchid=75&ln=en) which is by car my favorite. It’s functional, bold & very noticeable. I’ve received several compliments. This particular watch is extremely hard to acquire right now. The other two Oris watches I own are the Oris Regulateur Der Meistertaucher and the Oris Carlos Coste Limited Edition. As you can see I’m a huge Oris fan however I used to collect Breitling watches. My collection conisted of the Emergency, Super Avenger and Chrono Avenger M1. I’ve sold those watches and basically converted to Oris. Hope this helps!

  8. Rahul

    I wear a Tissot Seastar 1000 mechanical diver – I guess that would make me a “connoisseur.” I love wearing this watch and wear it all the time everywhere; it enhances my presentation. I get compliments all the time and people are shocked at its weight.

  9. Mark

    I wear a Swatch Black n Red, currently unavailable. It is a black ion-plated aluminium chronograph watch. It is very precise and makes an statement because it is reminiscent of tactical ops / stealth aviator watches like those made by Sinn, but at a bargain price. I use it at formal occasions and always receive compliments from women, who seem fascinated by men wearing black sporty watches.