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What You Absolutely Must Know to Have Success with Women + Giveaway!

How to get success with women How to get success with women

This post includes the answer to what you absolutely must have to have success with women, and an Astroglide giveaway at the end. Dig in!

There is this one thing that every guy out there has to know to have success with women. Not only is it needed for success – it is also the only real measure of it.

You have to know what you want.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? So did I think at first when I sat around wondering what advice I could give that would actually help. But then I pondered it a bit more. Knowing what you want… It’s the premise for getting anything you want, is it not?

To get what you want, you have to know it first. Otherwise you cannot tell whether or not you wanted it in the first place, right?

Sure, there are exceptions. I could walk out and find a lottery coupon on the street and win a million dollars and have a big fucking smile on my face, without ever having wanted to win the lottery.

Real success

But that’s not real success, anyway. Real success to me is working towards something, learning on the way, and then getting some kind of result. The result could be dissapointing, best example being not hitting it home with a girl, but if you grew in the process I would still call it a success.

Sure, perhaps a bigger one if it actually went real good with this cute girl. But hey, we also learn from our mistakes.

So I know that this is not a long post today folks, but I just really wanted to get it out there. Know what you want. Really know what you want. It is not easy, and it takes more than a few seconds to figure out. Be honest with yourself.

Some of us will never really know, but that is a part of the journey, too.

Don’t just do stuff because it is what you are supposed to do. Think it over. Search deep. Real deep in some cases.

Know what you want, and then go out and get it.

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Be good,

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2 thoughts on “What You Absolutely Must Know to Have Success with Women + Giveaway!

  1. Jamiro

    Yeah I think youre right, knowing what one wants is very important to reach any goals, whatsoever. If not, as you say, you wont know if you have reached them!