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What To Do When a Girl Doesn’t Respond to Your Text

Does your text message flirting not lead anywhere? Does your text message flirting not lead anywhere?

The situation is all too common. You have been having some contact with a girl that you like and you’re texting each other. Everything seems to be good, until suddenly it seems like she doesn’t respond anymore or if she does, she only replies in short sentences and only once in a while.

This post is not meant to fix the situation or to make her reply more often. No, this post is about you and about what you should do when a girl doesn’t respond to your text.

The first thing I want you to do is to take a look at yourself and ask what the problem really is. Do you get insecure because you think that she doesn’t like you anymore? Do you feel regret because you think that you wrote her something wrong?

If any of these sound just a little bit like you, I think I have the solution.

My opinion on texting

In my opinion, texting girls can be an absolutely fun and great thing to do. I see it as very possible to both make a girl smile over a text, to invite her out over a text and to thank her for the evening over a text.

My only problem with texts is just that a lot of people seem to text instead of actually being together, and to thereby replace real interaction and conversation with a few words on a screen.

So when we’re talking about texting, we have to keep your objective in mind. If you don’t really know what you’re doing and don’t have a clear plan in your head (or at least something that reminds of it), think about that first.

Are you texting this girl because you want to invite her out? If so, why don’t you just call her up and invite her out? Or are you texting her because you don’t know if she likes you enough for her to yes if you would invite her out? Well, take a chance, call her up and spare both you and her all the unnecessary texts.

I totally understand flirting over text messages, but I have also seen one to many times that flirting has led to absolutely nothing… But her not replying.

Female mentality

See, most women (and people in general) will feel that anything new is interesting. If you met a girl and you’re now texting her, you’re still new and haven’t screwed up anything yet. That’s great. So don’t let it slip out in the sand by not taking any kind of action (like inviting her to something that will let you become closer)

Because if you don’t, she will probably become bored. And because of your missing ability to take action, she will probably also lose respect for you. And a mixture of those two things can lead to her stopping replying to your texts.

What to do when she doesn’t respond

So what you need to do when a girl doesn’t respond to your text is first of all to sit down and think about why you’re texting her in the first place. If it is to gain something concrete, like a date, be sure that your texts have been guiding you to that goal. If they haven’t, you have to learn from it and do it better next time or start doing it right now.

If she doesn’t reply, my advice is to call her up or text her one more time commenting her absence. But don’t make it sound like your life depends on whether or not she replies – because it doesn’t, right?

Simply write something like “Hey, Kate, I’ll try again since it doesn’t seem like you got my text, or perhaps I didn’t get your reply. You can’t trust technology… But to get to the point; are you up for a cozy night this Friday?”

And then if she still doesn’t reply, that makes the situation really easy. Either she is plain rude, or she doesn’t like you that much. Both make it incredibly easy for you to forget about her and find someone nicer who also likes you better. To me, that’s a win-win.

But it all depends on the last text she didn’t reply to

When all that is said, there is one thing that I find is very important to add. If she didn’t reply to some text that she didn’t need to reply to, waiting for a reply is a plain waste of time. Don’t put too much thought into it, because when it all comes down, a text is just a text.

Sometimes she didn’t get it. Sometimes you didn’t get the reply. Sometimes she didn’t have the time to reply when she saw it and forgot about it. Sometimes she didn’t feel like it needed a reply. Sometimes she is just a woman and therefore unexplainable.

The last words

So in short, if you have a question that needs answering, call her up – that’s your safest bet. Or if you see her in real life, that’s even better. Just ask her whatever you wanted to ask her face to face.

Even though it may sound harsh, waiting for replies to text messages is rather immature, and it sure as hell doesn’t help anything. Instead, my advice is to take action and do something about it instead of sitting around all day waiting.

But maybe it’s just me. What’s your thoughts about the matter? Do you have any strategies for waiting for text message replies? Feel more than free to share them in the comments!

Image by Moritz Petersen.

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22 thoughts on “What To Do When a Girl Doesn’t Respond to Your Text

  1. Robben

    Makes a lot of sense Alex. A text is only a text…. real problem is only if she ignores you in real life!

  2. christine

    I quit texting with a guy because I want real communication. I am almost 40 and didn’t grow up on texting so I find it juvenile to use it for a replacement for communication. When a guy texts me too much it says either he’s a player or he’s chickenshit. Neither are what I need in a man. Real men WANT to speak to a woman. So now, I just text back “call me.” If they don’t then I drop them.

    And further if I call a guy and leave a message and he texts me back, well that’s a big old FAIL and gets the guy dropped immediately. That’s so very rude. Guys really need to get off texting and learn to date like their fathers did.

  3. Socialkenny

    @Christine-A woman who doesn’t like texting lol.Let’s toast to that!!But I guess since you didn’t come up in the 90’s,that’s not your thing.

  4. Socialkenny

    Despite being a PUA who coaches,I have my issues with Text Game.

    Up to 3 days ago,I embarked on a personal mission to delete every female contact from my phone book and e-mail.That’s the only solution for me right now since I’m jaded with all the no replies.

    1. Dr Badman

      As far as deleting women from your contacts: Thats fine if they are bad, but one word of advice, always leave the door open for good women. You never know when you will need them for mutual satisfaction. ;)

  5. caco

    hi! i need some help over here. A friend wanted to introduce me one of her friends so she gave me her phone number. i`ve been texting her since september but couldn`t date her yet because in the dating date she always had an excuse, so i thought she was not very interested in dating me. I stopped texting her and a week after she texted me. I asked her one more time if she wanted to hang out but the same thing happened, she had an excuse. The thing is… she keeps texting me but i don`t want to invite her out again because i feel i need to keep some self respect. I`ve never called her because i dont even know her face…
    What should i do?

    Great blog by the way!

    1. Jacob

      I would come right out with it over text. Ask her what her motive for texting you is and see what she says. Ask her why she’s texting you if she doesn’t desire any real interaction.

      1. george

        I have a dilema goin on this woman said im on her mind and stuff felled asleep replied next morning never got a response what should I do

    2. Advice giver

      Hey man I think you should just be straight forward, if she keeps dodging you just say “hey do you want to get a drink Friday night” and if she has an excuse for that then say Saturday

  6. Denish

    I have been sending early morning text to a girl ….it have been three days that u have send her text early morining but she haven’t replied….my text are like quotes type but also i expect a reply so….know i thought of send her text again and again..i mean like everyday day a single text ….early in the morning…..until she replies….how’s that knoe ?

  7. Ted

    I contacted her via social media, she won’t give her phone no. but she replied to my messages. Then it took awhile for her to reply, then more days and more. I gave her my email (because I don’t want to display phone no. to public!) but she won’t contact me via email, yet still replies to my messages. How can I contact her in person if I don’t get her phone no.? And if she doesn’t like me why does she reply to my messages? Girls are complicated, I know that now.

  8. Roy

    Thanks for this article ! I have been recently dating a girl who usually responds to my texts within a few minutes. So when she did not reply to my text for almost 3 hours and it was driving me crazy, I followed your advise and called her, and to my pleasant surprise she picked it up within 2 rings. . And we had our very first phone conversation ! Trust me, hearing her voice is way better than texting any day ! So don’t keep waiting. . Just pick up the phone and call her !!

  9. edwin

    Hey am Edwin i met This girl so attractive to me .when i call her she picks n hve the conversation buh she Never calls me or reply text me should i do leave here n move on.

      1. noni

        hi i have a boyfriend when I text him he don’t reply. Even when I call him he don’t reply, sometimes when his online he really dnt. everything was fine all off a sudden hi doing DAT… what must I really do his is still interested on me?

  10. Matt

    Haha, If anyone used your verbal communication script verbatim they’d be utterly and savagely destroyed. Are you a virgin or just trollin’? If the later then sorry man, keep on truckin.