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Warning: Are You leaning In when Approaching Girls?

Lean back in front of leaning in! Lean back in front of leaning in!

No. 3 in the series “What everybody ought to know about dating“.

Most guys lean in when talking to and approaching girls. They do it subconsciously, but by leaning in, you’re not only making yourself “lower status” than her, you’re also showing off insecurity, which is a bad thing. So here’s my simple tip for today:

Start leaning out instead of leaning in!

Simply lean back, be relaxed. This commincates a very attractive “I don’t need you” attitude, and forces her to lean in towards you, which tell her friends and everyone around you, that you are a “powerful” man, and that she is interested in you. And last not but not least, your voice will be deeper, and more masculine.

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5 thoughts on “Warning: Are You leaning In when Approaching Girls?

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  3. big beef

    Lean back so far that you fall off your chair. Then she will laugh at you, pick up her things, spit on you, and walk away.