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The One Thing You Need to Realize to Succeed With Anything

Get a head start on the competition Get a head start on the competition

I just realized that the first 10% are always the hardest and both mentally and physically the toughest. After the first 10%, you’re in the groove, and you just go with it. You follow the next natural step all the way to the end.

Am I speaking in code? Let me explain. When I go for a run, the biggest step I have to climb first is by far getting into my shorts and out of the door. When I have done that, running is the natural thing to start doing. And the first 10% of that run is always the hardest.

It’s in those first 10% that the little voice inside my head says to me that it is a silly idea to exercise now – it’s cold, it’s dark and I have better things to do.

If I can fight that little voice for the first 10%, I have beaten it. Sure, he tells me to stop when it hurts and I can’t breathe, and he says I need to slow down when I am going all out in a sprint at the end. But here, my momentum has built for so long that there is no way in hell that I listen to him.

motorcycle start

It’s only in those first 10% that he has any power

That little voice has nothing to say after the first 10%.

So what does that really mean? It means that half the battle is deciding that you want to do something, and then taking the first step. The rest is not that hard – it will just come to you. It’s those first 10% that takes creativity, ambition, strength and decisiveness.

It’s not only related to working out and physical activities.

It’s related to everything.

Walking up to that girl you find cute is much harder than actually talking to her and flirting with her when you are with her.

To shut off the TV and start doing your homework is much harder than actually doing your homework.

You get the point.

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It’s all an illusion

The way your mind works is often by figuring out the worst possible scenario, and then preparing you for it by showing it to you internally. That’s why you can see a picture of yourself getting slapped in the face by a girl, just for walking over and talking to her before actually doing it.

Or why you see yourself crying in the corner of your room after your girlfriend has broken up with you – before she even has.

These pictures are very seldom showing the truth.

They are showing twisted pictures of reality, just so you won’t by any chance get hurt. It’s all a defence mechanism. If you are safe right now, your body really does not want you to try new things. What could you possibly gain?

Doing the stuff you know well is the safe choice. It’s dull, but easy.

Your body doesn’t really care about things like happiness and joy. All it cares about is safety for you and your offspring. Your genes just want to survive!

But I know that you think differently. You want to do things, explore things, enjoy things. And that my friend, takes guts.

Back to the 10%

You are nervous before the race – but when you’re racing, you’re just racing.

The next time you want to do something, but you are doubting whether or not to do it, try thinking about those first 10%.

What do you need to do to get started? Pack your bags? Make that phone call?

Before starting, it always helps to have a clear idea on what you need to do get from point A to point B – with point A being where you are now, and point B being where you want to be.

If you do that, and you overcome the first 10%, you can already see the finish line.

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10 thoughts on “The One Thing You Need to Realize to Succeed With Anything

  1. cas

    Thanks Alex, I’ve been checking your website for updates for quite a wile and I’ve been missing your supportive writing. No matter how bad things are going, or how bad i feel your blog always makes me feel better. I started reading your blog about a year ago and it’s been priceless plz keep up the good work. Thank you.

  2. Scott D


    Long time no talk man. Glad to see your blog is still up. This post is very valuable, as are the rest. It reminded me of that phrase “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.” Change is difficult, especially when you’ve gotten into a habit for so long, but getting started is definitely the hardest part!


  3. Alex Post author

    I couldn’t agree more Scott!

    Change sure is difficult, and getting started is the hardest. Once you’ve overcome that, the world is at your feet… so to speak.

    Thanks for the support man,

  4. Alex Kay Post author

    Of course Tuplad! I have never stopped doing what I do – these recent weeks I have just been busy answering emails from guys needing two cents of advice :-)

  5. will

    Hello Alex!u r really amazing man,thats trillion dollars website,i cnnnnt tell u hw helpful was that for me,,God bless u Alex:)

  6. Martin

    Right, the hardest part is to start. Once you get into the flow, everything goes smoothly. I believe that the key is to stop hesitating – if you want to do something, do it now. The more you hesitate, the less likely it is that you’ll start (over-analyzing will stop you).