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The One Thing You Absolutely Must Do to Have Success With Women

Look into her eyes! Look into her eyes!

There is one trick – known by many, used by few – which, if used correctly, works like a charm every time.

It’s called looking her in her eyes.

Ever since I have given women intense eye contact while being with them, my love life has completely transformed.

Old, rugged sex without passion suddenly turns into hot all-night sessions.

Now don’t get me wrong – there’s more to women than just looking them in their eyes. It’s not a magic trick, but it is a necessity.

And not all eye contact works the same – a creepy stare is for many females one of the biggest turn offs. So read on, and learn how to give a woman some sexy eye contact. It’s one of the most important things you’ll ever learn.

Why eye contact works

There is a big difference between locking eye contact and staring. Staring is creepy, eye contact is sexy.

I have a little theory that the eyes are the window into the soul. When you look intensely into someone eyes, you actually “get” a little bit of them in return.

Try and notice the next time you watch a show where someone gets interviewed. If it’s a skilled interviewer, there’s a big chance that he won’t look at any other place than at the interviewed persons eyes. Most likely, he will rarely blink, either.

This behavior stems, like almost everything else, from our caveman days. One of the strongest forms of communication is eye contact, and when deciding which man was the alpha man, it was most likely through something like who looked away last.

I don’t say that they had competitions with this or anything like that, it’s more of a subconscious thing. It’s used the same way today. I’m pretty sure, that in your company, the chubby secretary gives you less eye contact than your boss or another, more powerful, person.

To hold a gaze is simply a sign of dominance and leadership – and you can use that to your advantage.

A woman will instantly see you as a confident alpha male if you give her strong eye contact through the room, down the hall, or when you talk to her. It’s written in her genes. It’s a classic sign of a wussy if you can’t hold eye contact for more than a few seconds – we all now that guy; fiddling with his fingers, looking away nervously, stuttering. Don’t be him :-)

Holding eye contact also makes you quite vulnerable and penetrable – that’s why no one looks each other in the eyes in the metro or in any public transport. It’s an open invitation between two human beings.

How to do eye contact just right

There are a couple of things you do not want to do. First of all is that, when you have locked eye contact, you do not look away before she does. And even if she does, ask yourself what you will gain by looking away.

Most likely, you have everything to win by holding the eye contact and everything to lose by looking away.

Eye contact does not only signal confidence, it also signals interest. Most women love a good listener – and a strong gaze is a huge sign of just that. Your attention is with her and with no one else; in other words, you make her feel special and important.

Confidence + interest = instant sex appeal.

Better is, when you lock eye contact, you force yourself to only listen to her. No distractions – just you and her. That’s sexy as hell. Ask any women out there.

Here’s how to hold that eye contact we should all be striving for:

  • Pick one eye and hold eye contact at that. Find out which eye works the best – believe it our not, but there is usually different “energy” between the two eyes. One is usually “hotter”.
  • Try to “feel through” her.
  • Listen intensely while she is talking.
  • Relax at the same time. Don’t strain yourself or hold tension in any muscles.
  • DON’T look away. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose by doing so.
  • Breathe. Always breathe. Through the nose, nice and deep… Ahh.

That’s it. A bulletproof recipe for success with women. Now get out there and give women some sexy eye contact you stud!

By the way…

I just found a little experiment done by my friend David Shade. It’s a article on the website Fastseduction.com, and I really think that you’ll like it. Eye contact experiment by David shade.

I’ll also be gone for about two weeks on holidays – take care guys, and make me proud!

Image by David Urbanke.

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12 thoughts on “The One Thing You Absolutely Must Do to Have Success With Women

  1. Brent G

    Eye Contact is the key to success to everything You want to be successful in. For women, eye contact brings this sort of ray of integrity and intensity to them. It makes them feel different from other guys. The difference for the man giving the stare is a huge turn on to woman.
    Also, for job interviews, having a continous sharp eye contact shows you are cunning and have exprience, sort of. It just mostly tells the interviewer you know what the hell your doing more than she or he does.
    Also, for me it helped alot, I saw a hot girl down the hall from me at school at our lockers, Every now and then, I would look at her into her eyes, and when she saw that I did, we instantly shared the eye contact, she was intrigued. After doing it a few times, walking down the hall and seeing her with the corner of my eye, she was looking at me. This shows, she is clearly interested. If you do that, after a few times, its guarenteed safe to smile at her. She will either smile back, or say Hi. And you could work on from there
    Nice tip Alex, this will help lots who never knew this was possible.

  2. Alex

    You’re absolutely right Brent – looking someone in his eyes also works in a business environment on a job interview. I would acutally go as far as to argue that looking someone in his eyes works in every communication between two human beings.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. William

    Hi Alex

    Great article again.

    I’m pretty good with eye cntact, I just start smiling when I’m gazing into the ladies eyes.. is that normal? Good/bad?


  4. Mario

    I normally smile after we are both looking into eacothers eyes . should I not? should I wait for her to smile
    first or what?

  5. Alex

    William and Mario, there are no rules for this.

    BUT – I would say that a smile done wrong can ruin the mood a little. So once again, as to most questions, the answer is: it depends.

    A little sly smile can make the whole thing sexier, but it can also be creepy. So it is your job to feel the situation and do the right thing.

    I’m sure you both do, so just keep doing what works!

    Take care guys,

  6. Scott D

    Eye contact is good in all sorts of scenarios. It is a necessity at job interviews like Brent mentioned, as well as when you are meeting someone for the first time, whether it’s a guy or girl.

    If you seem unable to hold eye contact, you need to practice. A good way to start is with your dog, as outlandish as that sounds. Most dogs have a tendency to avoid eye contact, and by trying to hold it with your own dog you’ll gain confidence that you can lock eyes without looking away first. Then move on to people you know, friends and family. It’s not a staring contest of course, but hold their eyes when you speak and when you greet them. After enough time you’ll see eye contact is a small thing that gains you a lot of respect from your peers.

  7. Alex

    I actually really like your idea with the dog Scott – it reinforces the idea to take baby steps to everything you want to accomplish.

    Kudos on that and thanks for your comment man! :-)

  8. Bret Hollander

    A common reason for a girl to break up with a guy is that he was too much of a follower. A woman’s mood may constantly change, and she has a lot of whims. If the guy follows her whims, she’ll lose attraction for him. A woman will say and do things based on a negative emotion she’s feeling at the moment, and if you react the wrong way, she’ll lose attraction for you. Although a woman’s mood fluctuates, it’s up to you to have a calm, stable inner state so that she too can feel calm, stable and safe with you.

    The first step to regaining your power after a woman has left you is to break out of the state she wants you to be in right now. What does she want? Since she’s broken up with you, she wants you to feel lost and lonely. That way you are completely unattractive to her and she can feel okay with her new life without you. She wants to have no reason to be with you anymore. She wants you to be the repulsive beta male. This is the secret psychology of human beings. Knowing how we think gives us great power.

  9. Lee

    Alot of the women I have dated in the past, I got them initially from eye contact. We would lock eyes, and look away, then a minute later, or a few minutes later, we would do it again longer. When I DID go up to her, I didnt care what happened, if she liked me or not, I have strong inner belief that I AM THE PRIZE. lol So i pretty much would say anything to her, but always when I said something, the girl would smile big or giggle as if she was starstruck and happy I actually told her something. This happened alot to me with different women.

    But your mising the fact that you cant FOCUS on eye contact too much in your mind, or you will be paranoid and awkward. Be like giving a bear a ps3 controller in front of a fkn tv. You will always do eye contact creepy then. It;s gotta be casual and normal.

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