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The Ex-Girlfriend Solution has officially launched!

Ex GF ebook

As you might remember, I proposed to write a book about getting over your ex-girlfriend, and well, now I have!

It has been a cool process, and I’ll definitely both write more books and update the ex solution later on. (If you buy it now, you’ll get updates for free – for the rest of your life!)

Anyway, check out the official page about the ebook here:
The Ex-Girlfriend-Solution

It includes a video with me talking about some things that you should avoid, and also what to do instead.

Right now, the price is only $19. Just so you know… The price will jump to $27 on January 1.

Check it out right away!

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3 thoughts on “The Ex-Girlfriend Solution has officially launched!

  1. Juan

    Nice video Alex. I just purchased it and I am looking forward to starting to read. I am almost over my ex, but I need that last nudge to get completely over her. I think that this book will help me do that!