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The Best Way to Meet and Attract Women

The best way ever to approach beautiful women The best way ever to approach beautiful women

Forget about every “routine” you have ever read, forget about “pick-up lines”, and let me take 2 minutes of your time to demonstrate to you, the best way to meet (and attract) women.

It’s actually really, really, simple.

Have you ever gained eye contact with a woman, and you both smiled? It may have lasted less than a second, but THIS IS human attraction in a nutshell. The thing that most guys do wrong in these situations, though, is that they DO NOT TAKE ACTION.

I have witnessed it too many times. A man and a woman standing in line in a supermarket. Eye contact. Smile. Bam, they both feel it. But none of them do anything. A “hi” or “hello” is enough.

So in my book, the best way to meet and attract women is to actually talk to them. Gain contact, and take action.

Of course, a hello won’t lead too far; you need to continue the conversation.

Ask her what she has bought, ask her for her name, ask her how her day is going, ask her anything. Hell, talk about the weather! I do not recommend this, but it sure is better than NOTHING.

And remember that the conversation doesn’t have to lead to a phone number exchange. If you think she’s cute and you would like to see her again, ask for her number or email. If not, don’t. You’re in control, man!

So the next time you experience a little moment like this, you and a woman smiling at each other, please promise me one thing.

Go say hello.

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16 thoughts on “The Best Way to Meet and Attract Women

  1. Harrison

    Hi Alex, good post. But I can’t promise you to say “Hello” after the smiles. I think I will be too nervous to do this. I experienced this before. :)

    But I can promise you that I will give this a try when I meet a girl that I really love….

  2. Alex Kay

    Thanks Mwangi :)

    And Harrison, why is it that you get nervous? You’re not saying “Wow, you look pretty” or anything like that, you’re just saying hello. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Try it out my friend.

    And Mat, haha, thanks man ;)

  3. Sebastyne

    Girls opinion; This works actually… AFTER the eye contact. Too many guys use this as an opening before a girl has even noticed he exists. (After which the best the guy can expect is a return of a “hi” spiced with rolling eyes…) After the eye contact – prolonged one, a glance is not an eye contact – pretty much anything goes… Except complimenting on her boobs or her ass.

  4. Alex kay

    Hey Sebastyne,

    I agree with you. Gaining eye contact, and maybe a smile is really crucial not to be viewed upon as a “stalker”. Complimenting on her boobs or her ass might be a little risky… But c’mon, if Brad Pitt walked up to you and said “Nice ass” with a smirk on his face, wouldn’t you laugh?

    Thanks for your comment :)

  5. Sebastyne

    Well, actually I think Brad Pitt is probably too dull to come up with anything better so I would probably roll my eyes at him too… Robin Williams though, I’d giggle like crazy. But I get your point, it’s allowed to the best of guys, but they don’t need your advice anyway, now do they? :)

  6. Alex kay

    Haha! Yeah, I see where you’re coming from…

    I guess not, lol :)

    And if I ever get to Finland, and suddenly runs into you on the street… I think I’ll take my chances and give you a compliment on the bottoms ;)

  7. X

    Funny you mention this, because I’ve always thought that “hello” is a far better option than any pick-up line. It always worked for me.

  8. Sahar

    Hi Alex..Tnx for ur comments..I agree with u but Most of the times it dosent work coz I think they afraid to say hello to girls..they try another abnormal ways
    keep it on I love ur blog buddy;)

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