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The 5 Most Common Kissing Mistakes Men Make

Avoid making the most common kissing mistakes Avoid making the most common kissing mistakes

This is part two of the 5 tips from 5 women series.

In this part I have asked the exact same 5 women about what a bad kiss is and as a summary I’ll write up the mistakes you can avoid making.

I asked them:

What’s a bad kiss to you?

Unfortunately, a bad kiss can be found in many variations. Personally, I think that the worst one is what I call the spinning propeller – where his tongue is just splashing around, not knowing where it’s going.

Another really bad one is the dog kiss, where the tongue is everywhere but in my mouth. Really not pleasant to experience… and very wet.

Once I was with a guy who just couldn’t hold his teeth in his own part of the field. The feeling that goes through your body when your teeth clash is just really, really uncomfortable. Try to avoid this at all costs!

A bad kiss is a kiss where the tongue either comes in too hard, or too quick.

It just keeps swirling around, like it has to clean my whole mouth or something. Focus on the lips and mouth muscles, and just let the tongue do its thing guys!

Once I was at a high school party, where I mistakenly had let a boy who was one year younger than me (that in itself, yuck!) seduce me. As the night progressed, he eventually went for the kiss. But every feeling I had had for him just flew right out like air from a balloon when he kissed me… It was so disgusting. His tongue was everywhere, and there were no feelings in it whatsoever.

A bad kiss is a kiss where his tongues slogan is something like “the faster the better”. It’s dry lips, bad breath and it’s unfocused and unconcentrated.

If the focus is on the television in the background, or in his hand on my ass, the kiss is just not going to be good. He should at least be able to pretend that it’s the kiss it’s all about!

A bad kiss is a kiss without feelings, and without “team play”.

You just don’t feel “it” for eachother, and the kiss is a perfect judge for the case. A bad kiss is so much more than just a bad kiss.

Physically, a bad kiss is one where everything is fast and aggressive. A tongue down the throat is disgusting.

Personally, I would never waste my time with a bad kisser.

The bad kiss is the one where the lips is way too small and cold, when the tongue is too quick, too insisting.

And when the hands are totally away, or headed right for the “erotic zones” – way too fast!

A bad kiss can kill all parts of an initial attraction, so go slow, and turn it up as you go along.

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The 5 Most Common Kissing Mistakes Men Make

  1. Speed men, speed! The way I see the big picture on kissing, women really like it slow. Not just slow movements, but also slow progressions.
  2. The delicate balance of the tongue. This is the tricky part, when should the tongue come into play? The best pointer is that it shouldn’t be forced, and it should feel very natural. Try to stick it out just a little bit, and see if you can a reaction, before you put in the whole cavalry.
  3. Fix the lips. Cold and dry is what you want to avoid. A little bit of Vaseline or similar everyday should do the trick.
  4. Control your hands. This is really important. You should know where she likes your hands to be placed, and for most women, it’s not the breasts/butt (right away).
  5. Fix your breath. Also really simple. Drink some water; chew a chewing gum, anything. Alcohol and cigarette breath is the worst, fish isn’t too pleasant either.

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22 thoughts on “The 5 Most Common Kissing Mistakes Men Make

  1. Tom

    Are we men just too prone to being like the boy in that great scene from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life: “You don’t have to go leaping straight for the clitoris. Give her a kiss, boy!” Apparently that would be a slow, passionate, moist kiss with a delicate balance of tongue!

  2. Jason

    Gawsh, talk about a common theme in these. It’s kinda funny, because the women I’ve had bad kissing experiences with made the same exact mistakes. So I think it’s universal for men and women, but I’m guessing guys make these aggressive-tongue mistakes more often… I don’t want to make out with any dudes to find out though.

  3. Zack

    Come on men, quit trying to be manly. Show her that you can be soft and slow and gentle and loving.

    I think that if a man kisses badly, the woman should be able to show him a better way to kiss or vice versa. Then, hopefully the poor kisser should learn from his or her mistake.

  4. JEMi - Tips for Life, Love, You

    Oh cripes

    Reading this has brought some horrifying memories to me. I remember being particularly sad once when a boy I liked very much nearly killed me with this ‘kiss’ that was more of a super long tongue that had the muscle of a bicep forced down my mouth with a huge mouth swallowing my face. Not lips to lips, lips to face.
    Oh god…
    The worst thing ever is when said guy is deeply pleased with himself and is trying to engage you in a long gaze and a deep “knowing” smile, SUPER confident you want more.
    Had the teeth thing happen to me too.. Oh and bad breath? Forget it.

    But as we all know, not all guys hand out these doozies. I’d say I’m lucky enough to have experienced a few for the books. That’s when you want to swoon because you had the life knocked out of you bc of an amazing experience.. Not because he’s blocking your airway

  5. Alex

    Hahaha, nice stories JEMi!

    I think most of us has been through these… Yuck!

    But that’s also some of the excitement – sometimes a kiss can just be the most amazing thing ever.

    Great comment :)

  6. Alex

    I don’t know if it was mentioned but guys when they first pucker up do it for too long. They get the first kiss and are kinda shocked they got in there and go on for a whole makeout session.
    This is bad because it will overload the girl with emotions.

    Kiss her and pull back after 5-10 seconds and let her enjoy the emotions without overloading her with too much. If you don’t the girls circuits will get fried and send her running for the hills-too much attraction

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  10. David

    Thanks so much for these posts I tried to kiss like u say to in these post and my girlfriend said I improved ten fold since our first kiss she even declares me as a good kisser now and she’s the only girl I’ve ever kissed thank u so much there’s a qustion I have tho, shesays that I need to learn how to be a sensual kisser does that just mean to kiss her neck or cheak or what?

  11. oscar

    These are good ideas, but as the very good kisser that I am, I can tell you that the lady’s need a lot of work on this area as well, so when you actually do get to kiss her, be on the look out for her mistakes and maybe you could play the role of the kissing teacher which is pretty fun to. Sometimes people just have a different levels of arousal or one is more experienced than the other, and this could make both of them believe that the other is the bad kisser. I think people that are bad kissers make the mistake of kissing without FEELING fist, they are to caught up in the technical part.

  12. Sirhayatu

    Hello every one, there is this girl of mine called Amina who always demand my kiss, but despite the fact that i really love her very much i reject her request cos i am the type person that dislike kiss and with no any purpose. What can i do to like and enjoy kisses.

  13. ssewanyana

    hi i just dont know what i was waiting for finding this website cos its so wonderfull now i know how to become agood and aperfect kisser.Thanx very much lady i my self i apreciate .so much.

  14. Sabina

    To add to the already excellent list above: a man who kisses WITHOUT using his tongue. I had the WORST experience with a grown adult who kissed me with an open mouth but never used his tongue. Like a fish gasping for air. UGH!

    Men… the best kisses start out slow and build progressively with gentle teasing. Get her excited and wanting more…. and use your tongue gently and sensually and slowly tease her….just remember, her face is not a car wash experience and you’re not a Saint-Bernard.

  15. Krista

    Uggg! Unfortunately, I’ve had men make these same mistakes: tongue everywhere in my mouth at once, tongue too far down my throat, tongue moving too fast… it’s just gross! Yesterday I made out with this dude, and he kept groping at my chest and crotch and NOWHERE else – like, hellooo, I have a body, not just those parts?? He seriously made out with me like he was in middle school. And we’re both upper twenty-somethings. It was disgusting. I’m already devising ways to avoid seeing him ever again…..

  16. Lulu

    Have you ever been kissed by a guy where it was all teeth and almost no tongue? I felt like he was biting me rather than kissing me. Not only that, but he turned out to be a real jerk in the end so it wasn’t even worth my time to teach him how a girl should be kissed.

  17. Casey

    My guy keeps kissing me then his teeth are just all over the place. I love kissing him but…the teeth drive me crazy. Any helpful ideas?