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The #1 Secret to Get More Girls

Follow this tip if you find it difficult to get dates Follow this tip if you find it difficult to get dates

Today I will share a secret with you. If it seems like you can’t get any dates, I am pretty sure that this secret, if implemented right away, can help your success with women tremendously.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t have a clue about women and dating. But knowing this simple little thing will instantly put you way above the rest.

Here it comes. The #1 secret to get more girls is to actually approach them. Not just one girl per week or one per day. No, you should approach girls all the time.

In future posts we will discuss more thoroughly how to do this with success, how to eliminate fears, exactly what to say, body language etc.

But right now, I want you to focus on approaching girls.

An approach can be many things, but the next time you see a cute girl, smile at her and say hi. This is a big first step.

If you don’t feel too nervous about the situation, and if she responds positively, carry on with the conversation. Just a few words will do, and if she seems really nice, you can always ask for her number.

This way of thinking makes you the decider. You decide if you want to see her again. You decide if you like her. Not the other way around.

So what I want you to do right now is to go outside, and talk to women. Every single one you see. And if there are no women, talk to guys.

The next time you are at a party or at another social event, go around and meet people. Just say something like this: “I am out meeting new people tonight, what’s your name”?

That’s it.

You just want to come of as a guy who loves to talk to people.

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4 thoughts on “The #1 Secret to Get More Girls

  1. fazzel

    this is the key to meet girls! wicked post

    but it is the hardest to approach a girl..
    me personally i dont go out clubbin nor drink or go to the pub

    so i found it very hard to meet girls.
    i only knew the girls from my course during uni. other than that i never came across only sometimes in town i see girls.

    its really weird because but when i wana get a girl i play hard to get? is that a good thing to do…
    and when i get a girl, i become a real softy…why is that?
    hmm i think its because i get too emotional
    any help…or guidance