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Success Story: How Vincent Got Over His Ex

If Vincent got over her, you can too! If Vincent got over her, you can too!

Note from Alex: This post feautures a success story from Vincent Miller regarding how he got over his ex-girlfriend. As you’ll see, a lot of the basic ingredients from my approach were the things that helped him out the most. Read on to hear his story.

Vincent Miller: “Your website helped me out a lot. The initial fact that a bunch of people out there were feeling the same way I did made me feel better immediatly. I’m not saying that this cured the whole situation, but after the initial breakup, that helped out a lot.

There is no formula to where we can plug in numbers and find out how long we will be suffering. The suffering is a part of life and we have to go through it to make us the person that we will one day become. You have to look at that suffering as a way of personal growth. That is why I believe that time is the most important factor in getting over someone.

And what does along with time is the absolute need for no contact with the ex-girlfriend. It’s like ripping off a bandaid; when you tear a little bit at a time the pain continues and it hurts everytime you yank at it, but if you just rip it off and turn the other cheek, it’s much easier to move on.

Another thing that helped me out was my career. We broke up a little over a year ago and I had one year left in college before I graduated (including one internship to do) So when I looked to do an internship I looked to the coast and got an internship on an island working outside all day. This took my mind off of everything. I won’t lie – there were days were I would feel sad, however I gave it time and it would pass in a day or two and i would feel better than before.

I was working eighty hour’s a work weeks at a job that I absolutely loved, therefore my mind was instantly taken off of the bad situation. That helped tremendously. Another thing that helped was meeting new people and making new friends.

When I came back from the island I had one semester of school left and moved into an apartment building where I didn’t know anyone. I instantly made a new group of friends and hung out with them all the time. I have also slept with a handful of girls since then which also helps and they are still friends as well.

I would say that these are the most important things that helped me out with this. You have to give yourself time with no contact, you have to do things that you love to get your mind off the whole thing and you have to get out and make new friends. Don’t desert your old friends, just make new ones so that you have options on a lonely night, and get with girls. Don’t just go and expect yourself to start hooking up with a bunch of girls right away, that wouldn’t be healthy. Instead, give yourself time, and when someone comes around who’s worth a shot, you’ll know and you’ll take it!”

“Now I am completely over my ex girlfriend, I rarely ever think about her anymore! It’s awesome because a year ago I was a mess and sick to my stomach to think that I would live without her. Now my life is 10X better; i actually want to be single. I have like two or three girls right now constantly texting me that I could start a relationship with right now but I choose not to. i love everything about being single and this is where I am right now. My standards on women have sky-rocketed, and unless she is something very special, I will not even give her a second look. We might be friends but nothing special. I lowered my standards tremendously for the ex. My life is amazing and I wouldnt change it for a thing, thanks Alex!”

What to take away from this

Vincent says it himself pretty clearly: What helped him the most was to cut off contact with his ex along with experiencing new stuff (both career-wise and girl-wise)

He also touches on an important point right at the end, which is that you shouldn’t jump on the first girl you meet. You have to give yourself time – both to get over your ex, but also to find a girl who you perhaps care for for more than just a one-night stand.

If you’re hurt and think that you won’t become happy again, you’re wrong. I have hundreds of these stories, and I can tell you for sure that you are not alone. It hurts, yes, but you will get over it. If you want to speed up the process and learn all the dirty little tricks, check out my Ex-Girlfriend Solution by clicking here.

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3 thoughts on “Success Story: How Vincent Got Over His Ex

  1. Jonah Brown

    Thanks for sharing your story vincent. I wish I was in your situation! My girlfriend of three years just broke up with me just two months ago, and it hurts like hell. Sometimes i can’t sleep. The posts here help a lot though!

  2. Stevester

    Thanks to Alex for sharing Vincent’s experiences. To me all this stuff came at the right time when I needed it most. I broke-up with my girlfriend three months ago. The main reason for the break-up was that I felt ready to get married while she had loads of counter marriage influences from her family, mainly her mother and elder sisters of which some are married. True it is, the pain is unbearable. Hearing that there is better life after all this. Yeah I give in, I have now decided to move on. Time waits for no man and the world is mine to explore!

  3. Ryan "Trump" McCloud

    I would really like to feel this good, but I just don’t. I guess that time heals, but still, right now I feel like this. This blog helps, and it’s nice in some way to know that I am not alone, but still… I want the pain to go away.