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  37. Fabian

    your so right understanding women, we men may never conquer, “this is a man’s world, but we are nothing without a woman or a child” so it goes….huh
    my reply is mostly in regards of one of your comments were you state so sure & I quote ” it will never workout again” meaning to trying to get back together. of course it’s gonna seem like I am ignorant towards this but nevertheless for info I have done about 90% of what you have suggested regarding ex girlfriend contacting me. also the breakup and learned the hard way to let it be…. But I go back to what I quoted in first paragraph I am nobody without a woman or child . I would re invent myself and only in the movies you see that.. my point being is that nothing is impossible…. their is only your mind from impeding yourself from anything. make it short if a chance,. scratch that an opportunity comes up of getting back together take it it would be a mutual choice to do so though, just because studies and research so say that it will definitely NOT workout it does not play out like we walk our own path, nevertheless we take what we’ve experienced and adapt to progress.