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Stop Training like a Bodybuilder and Start Training like an Athlete

Train like an athlete if you want to get real results Train like an athlete if you want to get real results

If you get stronger, you will also look stronger.

Doing single-jointed exercises like the dumbbell biceps curl might feel good, and sure, your biceps will get bigger over time.

But what if I told you that all the time you have been doing biceps curls, you could have been doing multi-jointed exercises, and by now, you would have packed on twice the muscle?

By using more muscles to move the weight, you’ll also be able to handle more kilos, increasing performance, burning more fat, minimizing injury and making you look better.

Train like an athlete

So if you start training like an athlete instead of training like a bodybuilder, and focusing on getting strong, instead of just looking strong, and you will gain lots of benefits.

It will be easier to see your progress, too. If you measure by how much you can squat, you can’t make any mistakes. Either you squat 100 kilos 5 times, or you don’t. You could say that there is no room for error.

On the other side, if you train more like a bodybuilder and only measure by inches and by looking in the mirror, there’s a big room for error. Mirrors can lie. Kilos can’t.

So what can you do?

Simply, start switching as many single-jointed exercises as you can with multi-jointed ones, training the same areas.

For example, instead of doing leg extensions or leg presses, start squatting or deadlifting.

And stop doing dumbbell chest flies, and start bench pressing.

Or instead of the preacher curls, start doing some pull-ups.

You get the drill.

I am no fitness expert, and I am therefor not in a position to tell you exactly which exercises will train specific parts of your body.

But I do know that if you start switching your isolated exercises to the compund exercises, you will both see and feel the difference on your body.

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6 thoughts on “Stop Training like a Bodybuilder and Start Training like an Athlete

  1. tQ

    Take martial arts. Not only will you get a nice toned body and impressive muscle definition, but you will gain a lot of confidence as well (Depending on how dedicated you become). It always turns girls on when I tell them I’m black belt.

    1. It tells them that you are dangerous
    2. It tells them that you take care of yourself
    3. It tells them that you probably have nice body

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  3. theo van den Hurk

    If this is true then why do the guys at the gym who do clean and presses and endless sets of bench press look like crap. Training like a bodybuilder and isolating muscles will build you a good physique and training like a power lifter or ‘athlete’ will make you look like a power lifter. This will make you stronger sure but won’t give you the body of a body builder. I used to lift heavy on the flat bench on every chest day and my chest looked like garbage, I cut out flat bench all together and moved to incline and dumbbell flies and I got the shape I was after. This is nonsense

  4. Ripped ab workouts

    hey i want a little help with creativity. im working to have really big abs. i already have a good stomach id say, but yea the thing is i cant find a workout thats challenging. i do it all, weighted crunches, i use 60 pounds, and 45 pounds. i do hanging leg raises and hanging crunches with ankleweights on, i do dragon flags with the ankle weights, i run, i pretty much do anything i can muster, and nothing really challenges me anymore, so i get really bored, like i can do workouts with weights that normal people cant do without weights, so please help me out if you know any really complicated workouts please tell me. thank you :)