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Stop Being Boring

Are your friends calling you boring? Are your friends calling you boring?

No one wants to be bored, do they? Of course not. Then why is it that I see guys every single day boring their girls like crazy? I just don’t get it. They do absolutely nothing that could stir her up. They say nothing that could even be interpreted as funny.

They say she’s looking good. They are being polite. All that boring stuff that your momma told you to do.

I am not saying that being polite or giving compliments is bad by itself, but when you do this stuff, usually you’re a very specific type of man.

You are a wuss.

And you really need to stop being that. Do something that will make her actually feel anything. Make her happy. Make her sad. Make her think about you. Be a little unpredictable.

This was a really short post, I know. I just wanted to bring this subject to the blog. More about wussies, and how to stop being one, in next week.

Take care guys, and stop being boring! ;)

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13 thoughts on “Stop Being Boring

  1. Carl

    This is interesting. I like the idea of making her feel “something” – sometimes friction is a good thing.

    I often find when I’m sarcastic with women it builds far more attraction than being “a super nice guy”. I’ve done both.

    There’s a big difference between building “friction” and being rude though!

    Awesome post.

  2. Alex Kay

    Being sarcastic with women often triggers attraction since it demonstrates a lot of great values – Humour, Wit and Power. Not bad!

    Being a “super nice guy” as in gentleman is not bad though. I know this is a cliché, but check out some James Bond flicks. This is exactly what I’m talking about! Holding the door with a sly smile – priceless! And you get to look at her from behind…

    Just kidding.

    Thanks for your comment Carl :)

  3. Michelle

    I just found your blog and it’s amazing! I actually typed in “how to meet great guys in a place other than a bar” and found you. There is no way I’m dating a guy I meet in a bar. Anyway, I’ve read several of your posts and this one especially was true for me. I dated a guy who constantly complemented me! Wouldn’t stop. I even told him, please just stop! He told me I couldn’t take a complement and I was cute for it. Blah.

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  5. Alex

    Haha, gotta love female comments… Men can be so stupid sometimes! (Not in regards to manly comments, but regarding your comment)

    Jay: That’s great! Looking back, you can always learn something from everything :)

  6. Alex

    Boring kills blind dates. I had a date talk to me about his cats! His cats! His cats that sleep with him on the bed. He said they were his world…

    You can see why we never went out again

  7. chris

    hi, i just found your blog, and may i ask if you can help me out a little more. i have been dating a beautiful angle for a week now and she is alreaddy calling me bouring apart from when we like play around. she is the best girl i will ever have a relationship with, im afraid of lossing her. what im askin is what should i do exactly and can you help me save my relationship because i dont want to f**k up?