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Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day… And Other Things You Really Don’t Want to Hear

Read on if you're brave enough Read on if you're brave enough

A different kind of title to a different kind of post. Clever, huh? On this one, I’ll speak freely. More than usual. See it as my summer gift to you.

You are a man.

And so am I. So stop apologizing for it. I see it every single freakin’ day – men walking around like pussies, looking into the ground and blaming everyone but themselves for their unsuccessful lives.

It is ALL your fault.

I know that this doesn’t sell. And I know that it’s not what you want to hear – but it truly is. You HAVE to start to take responsibility for your own life and for your own actions.

Man up.

Grab life by its balls. You have two of them at your disposal – so use them.

  • A real man is f*cking honest. He speaks his mind freely about things that concern him, but he also takes into regard the feelings of others.

    He lives by the rule of never harming anyone intentionally (more than needed, of course. In a few cases, like a break up, some ‘harm’ is needed).

  • A real man doesn’t need or seek approval from others. You probably know this; so why do you keep doing it? Start living your life with integrity and you will see that you do not need the approval of others; that, in the end, it is ONLY your opinion that matters.
  • A real man trusts his instinct and his abilities. But at the same time, he is HONEST about them. If you know that you are not skilled enough to, let’s say, climb a mountain, you have two choices: Either, you learn or acquire the skills needed for the task OR you back out and direct your attention to another matter. It is as simple as this. Two choices, nothing else.
  • A real man is totally upfront with his intentions. He doesn’t apologize for being a man and for wanting sex – it’s perfectly acceptable.

    If he feels that the time is right for getting more physical, he goes for it without hesitation.

  • A real man also has only two choices regarding something he fears, like doing a bungee jump. Either he just does it, OR admits that he won’t do it.

    Usually, we walk away from things we fear with guilt. This is not a choice for the real man, the just keep the change man. Either he TAKES ACTION, or admits that HE WON’T. There’s no middle ground.

    Really wanting to do something, but succumbing to your fear is WEAK. Don’t be that guy. You will grow if you take one of these two roads, and you will shrink if you pussy out.

    In 90% of all cases, just do it. Breathe deep, and tell yourself that you’ll live. You will… In the other 10%, be sure that backing out is the smart thing to do. It might be you wanting to approach a girl, but you being too afraid to fuck it up, you freeze like a Popsicle on the south pole.

    You do nothing, and you beat yourself up over it afterwards. THIS IS WRONG. Either, you approach her, or you admit to yourself that you won’t do it and be happy with it.

    Maybe, you don’t approach this girl, but smile and say “hey sunshine” the next time you greet that cute girl at your local supermarket instead. But don’t let it become procrastination, instead, learn which battles to fight. Which brings me to…

  • A real man takes baby steps. Or at least he takes action.

    A real man doesn’t sit around on his couch reading advice that he won’t put into practice (if he really believes it, that is… Of course you shouldn’t take advice you don’t believe in at all).

    But I challenge you to try. How else would you know for sure?

So please, go out NOW and do something that you
a) want to do or
b) fear to doing.

Often these two overlap. Start out by smiling and looking every girl in the eyes that you see today. After a couple of times, start saying hello, maybe getting their name in the process.

Soon you will find a girl you like, and you will ask her out. No tricks, just you and her. You will go for the kiss, and you will take her home if that’s what you both want.

It takes balls my friend.
Good thing you have ’em!

Image by David Urbanke.

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7 thoughts on “Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day… And Other Things You Really Don’t Want to Hear

  1. Brent G

    You spoke the truth in so many ways.
    It was soo good that it was disgusting lmfaoo!!
    For others reading this comment, you know you not being manly if you do not follow this advice. Because people, if you look at the advice, love it, but dont follow onto what the advice said. Your not completing your task you needed help on. You are being a pussy, clearly. If you follow the advice and do it and If things work out or not, you still came out of the situation a man.
    Alex, this post is E P I C. :D

  2. OmegaRadium

    Soo many other people will offer the “man up” advice, but never take the time to further explain or even mention the baby steps approach. I hope this helps someone, I myself have been baby stepping my way to success in many aspects of life.

  3. Alex

    You hit the nail right on the head there, Brent. Glad I inspired you! :-)

    And “OmegaRadium”, you’re right. Often this type of advice is accompanied by a motivation to do everything at once and “finally get this part of your life handled”… But it just doesn’t happen this way. All the parts in your life are fluid and fit perfectly together to form you. You can’t change one without changing the other(s) in some form or way.

    Thanks guys!

  4. Anthony

    Alex……WOW! From a man that is rarely speechless, this (how you Americans say) “rocked my socks” haha. I utterly and wholeheartedly agreed with EVERYTHING you said on this post and is my new JKTC personal favourite!

    I am going to revise it every day, yes humility is a virtue and timidity certainly IS a disease!!!


  5. Sebastian

    Yes, honesty with yourself and with others is the way of be a true man. And courage, there’s not enough place for cowards out there. Less words and more action.

  6. Joe

    That’s a good article dude, but it’s really for people who live in civilised areas – lol. I live in the UK, where random smiling and saying “hello” to strangers is considered both socially unacceptable and pervert-like, almost rapist style behaviour. Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh, but all the girls I know wouldn’t want to be approached like that.