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Numbers are Great for Calendars – Not for Grading Girls!

What's a 10 to you? What's a 10 to you?

Oh man, she was an 8.5!

The grading system. Most of us know it, many of us use it. Rating girls from numbers 1-10 based on their looks…

Isn’t it extremely childish? I think so.

Whenever I hear a man talking about that 6, 7, or the rare 10, I just shake my head. Ratings girls is for boys. Not for men.

Because grading is really all about acceptance. You only get high-fived by your pals if she’s an “8”.

Seeking others acceptance is a bad trait. It’s a big red sign of insecurity. And what’s the opposite of insecurity? Confidence.

And what is the number one trait that women look after in a man? Right. Confidence.

My 9.2 could be your 7.6

Just because you think that someone looks good doesn’t mean that I will. And that’s another flaw of this “system”.

Because really, who cares about what I think about the girl that you like?

Stop all the grading and rating.

Numbers are great for calendars. Numbers dictate a lot of stuff in our lives.

But they shouldn’t have anything to say about who we choose to be with!

So I present to you a new system

It’s so revolutionary, you can’t even imagine.

What about grading girls by a yes, a maybe or a no?

If she’s a yes, go get her tiger.

If she’s a no, don’t worry about her.

But if she’s a maybe – you have to change her to either a yes or a no! And how do you do that?

You go over and talk to her!

Simple as that. Find out if she’s a yes or a no. How will you ever know anyway? Going over to talk to her is the only way to be sure. She might have a great personality, a smile you didn’t notice right away, or something else.

If you have talked for a little while, and still isn’t sure, just get her number. Take her out to coffee someday day and continue the conversation. It really is that easy.

What do you think?

Let’s start up a little discussion in the comments – Is it childish, or is it perfectly OK to rate girls?

If yes, why?

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* The “yes, maybe, no” system was not “invented” by me. I first heard it in a David Wygant podcast.

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13 thoughts on “Numbers are Great for Calendars – Not for Grading Girls!

  1. august

    The rating system is not to be taken seriously. Even though boys/men use it, it doesn’t control our lives. That someone puts the label “six” on a girl doesn’t mean you are a loser because you take interest in her.

  2. Alex

    Yeah, some people do.

    And I know that a lot of guys don’t take it seriously, but what does that matter?

    Serious or not, it’s still a bit stupid and immature (in my opinion).

    If a guy that hasn’t been with a lot of girls and is kind of shy hooks up with a “4”, and he finds out that he’s friends thinks she’s a “4”, it can really hurt him.

    But really, he should be the only one caring about how he feels about her.

    That’s just how I see it.

    I would love to hear more opinions!

  3. Alex

    That’s great to hear Jay!

    Let’s spread this wonderfully simple solution to as many as possible, and create a more powerful and intelligent human race!! mwahahaha…

    No seriously. I’m glad you do ;)

    Thanks for your comment.

  4. Jim

    I think that for just hanging it with your friends, talking shit, “grading” girls is cool. It’s just playful.

    But when it comes to more serious stuff, it should be avoided.

    good post

  5. JEMi | Tips for Life, Love, You.

    Some guys do take it seriously – I’ve got male friends and sometimes when I hang out with them in their man groups..one might want to tell them to kick rocks in their deep convos that begin with “She’s a 7 so I dont know…”

    I love your yes or no system instead.
    In fact.. I love this entire article. But I imagine alot of us women would appreciate it :) so thank you Alex.

  6. Alex


    thanks and I do agree. For the beer times when you’re just hanging out and “spitting shit”, grading a girl or two won’t really hurt…

    good comment.

    And good comment you too JEMi, always puts a smile on my face :)


  7. Alex

    I see shy guy, whatever works for you… Good luck with the practice!

    Anderson, thanks man!

    Yes, I thought that was one of my good points too ;)