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My 10 Favourite Graffiti Pieces from Around the World

Great graffiti from around the globe Great graffiti from around the globe

Even though most people have mixed opinions about graffiti, it’s very hard to deny that it can be absolutely gorgeus.

Something is just beautiful about the fact that these people have used their money, their time and most of all putting themselves at risk, just to create a piece of art for others to look at. I don’t know about you, but I really admire that courage.

Here are my 10 favourite pieces from around the world:

live earth# A piece called Live Earth. I really like the colouring on this one.

# Stunning piece from Germany.

# Out of the silent planet.

# Spotted in LA. Amazing!

beach blastin
# Beach Blastin’.

# The three eyed fish from the Simpsons jumping out of a hole in the wall. Clever!

# Interesting sci-fi theme.

# A blue monster on a wall in Istanbul.

# Blue, blue, blue.

# Sonic piece.

What’s your favourite?

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26 thoughts on “My 10 Favourite Graffiti Pieces from Around the World

  1. joe

    thats all?

    you never can say, that this are the only 10 favorites.
    whats with the over million others?
    Trains? Bombings? Streetart? Isn´t it graffiti?

  2. Alex Kay

    Ryan: Yeah, Banksy has done some great stuff indeed!

    Henri: Hehe, it’s never too late to start!

    Joe: I see your point, but I couldn’t put up 100’s of graffitis, even though I wanted to. In my opinion, graffiti is what you make it.

  3. Sol Lederman


    Alex, these are some awesome pieces of graffiti, better looking than the graffiti I grew up seeing in New York on the subways.

    I’ve stumbled your post. I hope the whole world gets the sense of awe I experienced looking at the works of art.

    Also, I want to compliment you on a really great web site. Very nice design!

  4. Alex Kay

    Yes, usually with subway graffiti you can see that they were really in a hurry to finish. Thanks for the comment and for your very kind words, they are much appreciated Sol.


  5. Karen (Karooch from Scraps of Mind)

    Grafitti can be a superb form of urban art. I think it’s a bit like calemare (squid) though: when it’s done well it’s superb, but when it’s not…it’s just crap.

    I’m a bit of a trompe l’oeil fan so i think my favourites in uyour selection would be the Simpson fish and the German one.

  6. SimoneM

    Hi Alex,
    I have to admit you have opened my eyes. I’ve never been a fan of graffiti, but I’ve decided that this is because of the poor quality of the examples around where I live. Your selection here is brilliant.

  7. Alex Kay

    Hey Simone!

    I am very glad that I did! I think graffiti has got a really bad reputation because of all the crap that some people make. Yeah, it’s illegal too, I know, but if every graffiti piece was like some of the above, I don’t think that many people wouldn’t like it.

    Thank you :)

  8. Wangari

    I am the sister to Tony who owns the displaced African. I think the top 10 grafitis from the around the world is really kool….and if u wer abl 2 giv me resources on how to be as skilled as them grafitis i wyuld realli aprecaite…..i wyuld realli lyk 2 get into drawing grafiti…..it is spectacular ART….

  9. Alex

    Hey Wangari,

    Sorry, but I am not really able to give you any resources. I think that your best choice is to search abit around on the web, maybe look on some forums. Don’t do anything illegal, though ;)


  10. Alex Kay

    A lot of people really like that one. Myself included!

    Something is just sexy about those lines, it really looks like it sticks out of the wall. Thanks for your comment :)

  11. Budapest

    Hey Alex,

    Great collection, you could post more of these :).
    Maybe one day I will post some graffiti from Budapest, but I’m not encouraging to make them everywhere!!! I’m sick of repainting our house’s front wall… but I like art, it would be great if everyone who makes graffiti have had a great sense of art and aesthetic.
    Thanks again for posting your favorite ones!

  12. sam

    this isnt real graff, this is the shit that companys buy so a couple of artists can earn some cash. you need more of the underground dope thats been sprayed onto a train or a shopping centre, what you have here is a downer for the real graffers out there