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Know When to Make your Move and How to Do It when She is Ready

How to go all the way with a girl you really like How to go all the way with a girl you really like

Many guys ask me questions like “when should I make my move?” or “how do I know if she is ready?” and as everything else regarding women, the answer is not simple.

In part one we talked about turning girls on, and that many women are like “volume knobs, needing to be turned up slightly, one nod at a time”.

Patience is key, and you have to really act like you don’t need it. I know that this sounds paradoxal, but if done right, it will create a lot of sexual anticipation.

Lean back, and let things roll of for themselves. Women like sex as much as you do, they just need more turning on, so if you do something that works, keep doing it.

Keep teasing her, keep talking sensually, keep up the kissing, in other words, keep her hot. And at last she will “give in”, being completely sexually aroused.

These are 3 common signs that she is ready to take it one step further:

  • She starts taking her or your clothes off.
  • She grabs you down there.
  • She says something like “It’s getting hot in here”, or “I am really getting turned on”.

It could also be the way she looks at you, or the way you kiss. It shouldn’t be too hard to know when she’s ready.

When she is, it’s time for you to act. No more leaning back, it’s time to take some action, man!

  • 1. Run your hands slowly over her ass.
  • 2. Pull her shirt up a little bit, just enough to expose her lower back and stomach. Start touching and stroking her sensually around these areas, avoiding the “sexual ones”, and remembering what I said in part one about touching.
  • 3. If the “It’s hot in here” signals keep coming from her, keep doing what you’re doing. Keep kissing her and touching her, slowly and sensually. If not, take it a few steps back and go back to create more anticipation.
  • 4. Remember to stop once in a while. Look her deep in the eyes and smile. Kiss her lightly and continue.
  • 5. Take of her shirt. Touch around the edge of her underwear, kiss, and keep doing what you’re doing.
  • 6. Kiss around her neck, her shoulders and her back. Add some mini-biting and tasting if you want.
  • 7. It’s time to go for her breasts. I assume that she is wearing a bra, so slowly turn her around and take it off. You can whisper in her ear a little while doing it, or smelling her neck and shoulders.
  • 8. Kiss some more. Remember anticipation and stopping once in a while.
  • 9. If you’re doing everything right, you should keep seeing some of the “I’m getting turned on” signs.
  • 10. If she’s still wearing pants, help her take them off. Keep touching, kissing, smelling and tasting her.
  • 11. You should also wear very little clothes by now.
  • 12. It’s up to you what you are going to do next, but I guarantee you that if you follow this sequence in the right order, and keep up with the anticipation, gold will rain upon you. Or something like that.

The old saying “Everything comes to those who wait” is true in this case. Keep doing what works until you feel that it’s time to move on. And remember to not rush any of this, the slower the better. Good luck!

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4 thoughts on “Know When to Make your Move and How to Do It when She is Ready

  1. Ari

    For a young guy, you’ve sure got this down, Alex. Very DYD, you’re right he’s a great intro and is still improving, but Stephane and David Shade are even better as I’m sure you know. People diss Mystery all the time – the bigger you are the more it becomes fashionable to criticise you. He’s like the George Bush of seduction lol. I’m listening to him on DYDs body language DVD behind me right now and he’s good on positioning and the fact is he’s slept with a *lot* of beautiful women, and is by far the most well known PUA, the only one, so far, who’s really broken into the mainstream. And he came from behind to do it. But the thing is, he’s done the work of it. Whether you agree with his system and personal style or not (I very much don’t) like Stephane and Ross Jeffries, he’s done a massive amount of work on it over years, like I have in the spiritual field. Since my last LTR finished in Jan 07 I’ve been playing mad catch-up on the attraction, PUA side. As a young guy it just happened automatically, but twenty plus years later and 30lbs overweight things are different. Whatever anyone says, it is not just in my head, but I’m getting it handled. The Net’s great because you can skim all the cream from the best and make your own trifle :)

    but dammit, I dropped the ball with my gorgeous young Angelina Jolie clone through being too honest. For 90 minutes I was getting massive buying signals, she was super-qualifying herself to me, ‘Should I get a tan?’ (no!) ‘Should I dye my hair blonde?’ (No!) and then.. as we were arranging to see each other again (my sixth sense must have told me we were being CCTV’d – she’s only 17 and 3 months, so I didn’t kino her at all, even though she’s well legal where I live, and she had badboy’s (who she laughingly referred to as ‘perve & pervier and rapist – doesn’t realise how right she is!) hands all over her on holiday abroad a year ago.

    I want so much for her to have a cosmic first experience and relationship (with me, obviously) the worry being that since she gets ribbed over her virginity at school (‘girls can be very cruel’ she told me) she, or her best friend, are gonna get her drunk unintenionally on purpose on holiday this summer and she’s gonna get copped by a guy who can’t control himself in the face of her extraordinary beauty. It seems to be what happens to them more than everything. She’s so scared of men, she told me, that I’m pretty sure the only way she’s gonna get got is by someone getting her soused. Not like I’m attached or anything ;) Nah, not at all.. I just have to trust God to look after her because she is *such* a precious little thing. It’s my fault. I severely dropped the ball and attraction dropped to zero. I told her I’m reticent (or too shy, I forget which) to ask girls for their number (trying to look a little vulnerable, in fact it’s a conscious strategy adopted from Brent Smith), I give them mine instead, but they don’t call because they are used to guys doing the chasing. She said, ‘yeah, calling guys is weird, you should start asking girls for their mumber’. Then realising I might ask her, she immediately got up and went to the water cooler. And she realised I’m not really a player, obviously I’m not getting chicks. She came back and said, ‘It was nice meeting you’. Hoping it wasn’t as over as it felt, I pushed slightly to get her to give me a time and day. But of course she didn’t show.

    Damn! 90 minutes I was on it, things were going perfectly, and just one stupid mistake and I blew the whole deal. I got trapped in the conflict between radical honesty – which in this case didn’t serve me – and women’s biology and pscychology being attracted to guys who get a lot of women and are popular. It’s so counter-intuitive, because if she’d had a lot of guys it would have lowered her value in my eyes. It’s like we’re opposites in that respect.

    I really should know by now. Years ago I walked home from a radio station with two students, close friends, holding their hands, messing with their fingers in my pockets. When we got to their hall, I can’t remember how I ended up with the one I did, but we were in bed, half undressed, and I somehow innocently let slip ‘It’s been a while’ (since I’d had sex). IMMEDIATELY it killed it. “Well you’re not taking your frustration out on me!” she said, and got up. Fortunately I was cool with it, but by god I should have learned a lesson from it. I can’t understand why cute, innocent (virgin) girls are attracted to guys who’ve been with hundreds of women. It certainly doesn’t happen the other way round for me. Still, that’s how it is.. so it’s about time I learned a lesson and went with it. Keep up the good work. GREAT Site.

    If this comment’s too long, just treat it as a personal email, and edit the comment as short as you like.


    1. Brittany-TheHippie

      as being one myself…teasing them and making them feel like they have power over you is good..but as soon as she thinks she has the power, show her you have the power. yes, you can eat her out, but be sure tht if she is interested…to nibble a bit. fingering is also a great thing to do. eating a virgin out is definitely not a waste of time. it will intrigue her and given the girl , she may want to try more.