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How to Win at Arm Wrestling, 5 Easy Tips

Arm WrestlingBlood, sweat and tears. The ultimate manhood test. Are you up to the challenge?

It’s saturday night, you’re getting a beer or two at the bar. You look at the wrong girl, and a big guy comes over to you. “You lookin’ at my girl fool?!”He says.

You answer steadily with a “let’s armwrestle”. He agrees, and the whole bar is watching. You win easily. Needless to say, you walk away with the girl, and the total respect from everyone in the bar. The big guy sits and cryes of shame in the corner. Buhhuu, this is how you did:

You trained your grip

Grip strength is one of the most important factors in winning at arm wrestling, gripperand who doesn’t want to be that guy everyone turns to when they need help opening the cookie jar? Grip training is most easily done using a handgripper, I personally recommend the Altus adjustable hand grip, which can be found at the bodybuilding.com store, where you can also find additional information. Right now they are sold for a mere $7.49.

Your feet were positioned right

ALWAYS have the right foot in front of your left one (If you’re right handed). A good rule of thumb is to position your foot as far against your opponent as you can. This is done to make use of all the power and force you possibly can.

You wrapped your thumb

Wrapping your thumb is a very simple move which can grant you a lot of power over your contestant. Here’s how to do it:

1. Wrap your hand as if you were about to punch someone.
2. Instead of having your thumb on the outside, move it “under” your fingers, so you can only see the knuckles behind your fingers.
3. This is wrapping your thumb. Practice doing it with a friend to see what I mean.

You trained the key arm wrestle areas

The shoulders and upper back for offense, biceps and pecs for defense.

And used the right muscles

Most people arm wrestling foolishly use their biceps to crush the opponent. This is wrong, as it is a relatively small and weak muscle. Instead of using the arm, try using your back and shoulders to force your opponent down.

These were just 5 easy tips to winning at arm wrestling, but if you take advantage of them, I am willing to promise you better results immediately. Arm-wrestling t-shirtEspecially about that gripper, it makes a whole world of difference. Good luck winning out at the bars! And if you really feel cocky, what about smacking on this t-shirt?

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36 thoughts on “How to Win at Arm Wrestling, 5 Easy Tips

  1. Bryan

    Hi Alex. Great post, I can’t wait to beat my friends in arm wrestling now! That thumb thing is actually a huge advantage, and foot position is also very important. Take care :)

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  3. Alex Kay

    Hey Matt,

    try to practice it while reading what I have written. It’s not too hard, you just need two “sets” of hands to grasp the point.

  4. joey

    hey alex, i am 18 years old and i really am into the armwrestling sport…and i have won many and lost many….but with good exsperiance i have came along way…but i would like to ask you a question or two…what should you do to work on your take off speed? and my question number two is… what should i do if my challenger is faster and has strength? please leave me a email on what your opinion would be if you would not mind…my email address is (email disclosed)

  5. steve smith

    Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

  6. Coots

    You should put a few more ads on your website as you could likely make a great deal of money. This is essential writing.

  7. Antique Ring

    I usually do not comment on blog posts but I found this quite interesting, so here goes. Thanks! Regards, P.

  8. roy saldana

    ***Take off speed:the call is Ready Go!One important trick i picked up is to make sure that u hit on the Y of readY.This really works & your more experianced oppenents will be suprised.Remember dont hesitate,u must perservere in order to endure.good luck.

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  10. jon

    great tips. i just lost to my younger cousin and was humiliated! i put up a good fight though, if i had only used my back and shoulders for offense instead of just relying on my biceps. i’ll go again today.

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  12. Andrew

    hey btw the link to the body building store is useless cause when you open it, its says that they have discontinued it.

  13. Salim

    Hey, fuck you Andrew you big fat cunt.. I’ll discontinue you if you don’t shut the fuck up… Prick… I’ll bomb your caravan you wankstain

  14. Salim

    Oh, one more way to win an arm wrestle.. You take your hand that you’re not using, and you slap the bollocks right across the face… Instant win

  15. Bo

    nice tips …i almost know all of em, i have no muscle and i amm still wining, this was before i read this new tips…i will try now to see if it will improve me.
    and i don’t know verry well but at “defense” i don’t use neither back or shoulders. lol and i still have a good defense.
    or my oponents are to wek? [i armwrestler with my scholl mates of the same age]some of them really have nice muscles :/

  16. Alex

    Yesterday I was arm wrestling agasint a friend in a bar, my biceps and muscles are relatively bigger then theirs but they were holding my arm half way down throughout most of the match until the end when they slipped and I slammed them down. I was wondering how they did it and that’s when I realized that they had longer arms, therefore they had the advantange of getting more pressure from higher, if it wasn’t for my good defense muscles, I would’ve been dead. But thanks for these tips, will try them later.

  17. Adam

    Hey i cant wait to try this out but i have a few questions. How do you use shoulder and upper back instead of biceps? And with the thumb wrap do you just pretty much make the tip of your thumb touch the palm of your hand and have it tucked under opponents hand? Thanx

  18. Sniper

    I am really good at arm wrestling but i lose to a guy always who has bigger wrists than mine although he is not as powerful.. Why is that?? Any suggestions?

  19. PERCY

    Hey thanks a lot! i m twelve and i can win against any guy in my class but there is one guy. whenever i play with him it always ends a draw, once we kept arm wrestling for 30 min. i use the hand gripper and i do pull ups and 100 push ups. i always use that hook technique. now that i ve learned this i gotta beat that bastard!