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How to Sexually Turn any Woman On Everytime

How to turn great women on How to turn great women on

When talking about sex, men are usually painfully simple. You see a hot woman,
and instantly (in just a few seconds!) you’re “in the mood”. Unfortunately, women and sex is just a lot more complex.

When a woman sees an attractive man, usually she won’t “just” become “in the mood”. She gets interested in him, she wants to “get to know him” better. I think that this concept is drilled deep into the female mind, from over 40.000 years ago, when the man had to be very protective and royal towards her. The woman is still the one that has to carry the babies, and therefore needs a lot more certainty about who she has sex with.

Good, so now we know that turning on a woman might have more to it than just looking at her direction. You have to work her senses right before taking it to the bedroom. She has to really be “in the mood”.

You might say that men are just on/off switches, whereas women are more like a volume knob, which needs to be turned up lightly, one nod at a time.

One of the best ways to get her in the mood is this little thing called foreplay. For many men foreplay is just something to get over with as fast as possible, where as for the majority of women, foreplay is actually more important, or “nicer”, than the sex act itself. Now think about that for a minute!

So let’s get right to it. Here are 8 tips in 3 categories for more sensual foreplay:

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They say a woman’s senses are the way to her heart. And they’re right.

Sexy VoiceYour voice. Voice tone and sensual (not sexual) language is really important in getting her turned on. Use your voice to describe what you are going to do to her, in a painfully detailed way. “I am going to kiss your beautiful lips all over, first a small kiss on the upper lip, then one on the lower lip, maybe I am going to bring in the tongue at some time, but at first I just want to kiss you slowly. Your lips feel so good; I could just kiss you for hours.” This is great stuff, remember that women love details.

SmellingSmells and smelling. Smelling is a big part of the woman’s sexual mind. Remember to wear a great perfume, maybe a deodorant if needed, and to just be “fresh”. Another thing women love is to be smelled. Just standing behind her, and smelling her neck up and down, telling her how well she smells. This can really turn her on in a big way.

CuddlingCuddling. Kissing, stroking, caressing and touching are all a big part of foreplay.

Notice I didn’t write anything about the sight? That’s because women get turned on more by the other senses, and that the visuals aren’t *THAT* important.


Women love to be waiting on the edge of their seats, they love to be surprised. Use anticipation in the right way and there won’t be any routes that are not leading to the bedroom.

SurpriseSurprise. And no, I do not mean surprise in such a way as having a plane write “I love you” in the skies. Tell her that you have a surprise for her that she is going to like. Tell her that she can’t have it just yet. If done in the right way, this can lead to massive sexual anticipation. When you finally “give in”, give her something sensual like massage oil, which you can use to rub her back (which is also a great “foreplay move”. Just remember to do it slowly and sensual, making her feel good.)

StopStop. If you are doing something that she really likes, like a back rub, or you’re kissing, stop. Pull away. Look into her eyes; blink if you’re feeling cocky. Do something else, and get back to the thing that she really likes a few moments later. This will also create a lot of sexual anticipation, and she will wonder why you stopped. Women loves having what they love taken away (sexually), and then given back to them.

return kissMake her miss you. This is not really “for the moment”, but if she truly misses you, when you’re travelling, when you’re at work, anything, you are going to have an easier time getting her to the bedroom. For all the time that you have been gone, she will remember you and think about you.

Simply having her think about you in a positive way will create sexual anticipation. When the you finally get home, the bedroom is almost always the first stop. This “miss” is rather hard to “accomplish”, you just have to know what’s going on. And you miss your woman when you’re away too, right?


touchingTouching. Gently and slowly are the keywords here. Use your fingertips and run them all over her body. Try to avoid the breasts and ass. Remember what you have just learned about anticipation. If you leave out these “sexual areas”, she will wonder why, and at last she will WANT you to touch her there, just because you wouldn’t. Women love having what they can’t get.

kissingKissing. Sensually and warm is important here. Kiss her very lightly at the tip of her lips, then draw back, and look into her eyes. Start kissing again. Lick her lips, bite her kindly. Again, remember anticipation, its key!

This was part 1 of the 2 part series on women and sexuality. The next part will be about really transitioning into the bedroom, how to know if she is “ready” and how to “make your move”. Subscribe to our RSS Feed and be the first to know!

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19 thoughts on “How to Sexually Turn any Woman On Everytime

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  5. L.B.

    Every thing discussed here i have tried, and yet, i still can not get my wife turned on sexually. Any more advice

  6. Alex

    L.B., I guess it has something to do with the respect between you then.

    No technique in the world will get her turned on if she does not respect you as the man you are.

    1. idome

      Yes you are so right because I was with someone that I wanted to distant myself from but he was not trying to leave and I found myself enjoying masterbating more than sex with him and I finally realized that it was the lack of respect i had for him weird but so true

  7. warszawa imprezy dla dzieci

    You are doing a impressive job here, writing articles like this one. Thanks, seems like you make my day brighter.

  8. Austin

    Hey thanks man this stuff works haha I am in high school and your advice works I just wish I knew more about all this maybe you van help huh?? Thanks man

    -sincerely A.V

  9. M.C

    i have a friend (with certain benefits) and if i rub my fingers slowly on her fingers and then work my way down..she moans and lusts for it..its a great start and gets them gagging for you. TRUST ME!

  10. K.R

    As a woman, the voice one is a little too innocent and detailed. A better one would be.

    ” Your look as if you’re anxious for something. I could only wonder why that would be. I would allow you to tell me, but I can’t help but notice your lips, the shape they made as the speech that was about to pass them, was interrupted. I would be honored if you could forgive me, and allow my rude lips to redeem themselves with a kiss from yours.”

    Now that’s more like it! If you’re going to come on to us, you’ve got to be a little less ” I’ll kiss your upper lip, then lower lip” (actually, just don’t do that ever.)