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How to Meet and Talk to Girls 365 Days a Year

How to meet women everywhere, all the time How to meet women everywhere, all the time

OK, so you want to get good with the ladies? Maybe even great? It takes practice, you know that.

You also know it won’t come overnight. It will take time.

So why are you only talking to girls on Friday and Saturday nights?!

By only talking to women on two days of the week, you’re significantly cutting down your chances of meeting someone amazing – and gaining a lot less practice!

Most of us see beautiful women on a daily basis. Might be a girl on the bus, in the supermarket, on the street, in a fashion store, it doesn’t matter.

So why are you only talking to girls on Friday and Saturday nights?!

This post might not be directed at you. Maybe you talk to women every day. Maybe you haven’t ever “approached” someone. But please, read on. You’ll learn something anyway.

Meeting women everywhere

When I first started out trying to meet women, I would only do it on the weekends. I thought that this was just the way it was supposed to work. I didn’t understand that there are no “rules” when it comes to dating. You make the rules.

I did think about approaching on the street. But not for many seconds at a time. I thought to myself that “she might be doing something important”, “she’s in a hurry” or some other wuss explanation I made up.

It’s not too long ago I realized that she would be lucky to meet me!

Of course I can take a minute out of her day. I might be the best thing ever happening to her.

And if she doesn’t agree? What if she has to do something really important and is in a hurry?

We will both just walk away, simple as that. At least I tried.

Did you try? What did you do the last time you saw a gorgeous lady? My bet is that you didn’t do anything. You just walked on.

You let her walk right out of your life.

Let go of your excuses

Realize that by just letting go of your excuses, you could be dating 10 times as much.

This really is “the secret” when it comes to dating. Having no excuses and making your own rules.

So what are you going to do the next time you see someone you would like to meet? Go up and say hi. Observe something. Comment on something. Get to know her. Listen.

Don’t just walk away. Don’t make excuses.

I promise you, it will be worth your time. And you’ll be worth hers.

Try it, and let me know what happens.

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17 thoughts on “How to Meet and Talk to Girls 365 Days a Year

  1. Paul G


    I’ve been trying that more and more since I’ve been commuting to work every day now. Generally I’ll talk to a pretty girl at least once a day. Just need to brush up on my conversation skills. I can get a rapport going, but don’t know how to move onto asking them out. Any tips?

  2. Lau Jørgensen

    Paul G

    I would ask them for a phone number, asking her for a date in the midst of a lot of people could get awkward for her. But as Alex says, you make up your own rules! The only think you shouldn’t be making up when it comes to dating is excuses.

  3. Alex


    that’s fantastic! Don’t think too much about “asking them out”. It’s too dramatic and not necessary.

    Just let them know that you would like to continue the conversation another day.

    Take a number, or go to a café right away. I think you get the drill.

    It’s all about taking small steps, “moving” smoothly all the time. Everything should be very natural, and be able to be explained with “it just happened”.

    Good luck!

    And thanks for the acknowledgement Lau ;)

  4. Jay

    Another great read Alex!

    From my time being single i first found it very hard to talk to girls. Now i just go and chat, act normal and be myself.

  5. James Denson

    I found this site because I have been having trouble getting over my ex. Once I started reading it, I can’t stop. Its great! I think I was a bad boy with all the bad parts. A bit of a wuss after that reltionship now that my self esteem is low. I am going to keep reading everything I can and apply it. Thanks!!!

  6. Simon

    Im in the same situation as James here, this stuff is all very encouraging and makes me pretty determined to stop my wuss-ness.
    Still have you ever tried talkin to anyone on a London tube train….oh the hatred lol.

  7. UkrainianGirls

    I think that it is a very interesting and amusing article. Practically all its main points are true.

  8. Austine

    well, this matter is going higher and higher, problem comes, problems solve thanks we have Alex the great dating guru.

    I have a problem dating a girl becos i always so afride of them . i was in a bus one fatful day when this girl link me through her mobil phone by writing a short text asking me of my phone number so she can talk to me latter. men i trip for the idea but i turn her down because of shiness in me.

    Anybody to help me out with some advice pls

  9. drizzle

    when girls are asking you for your no thn just give it,thn u dont need to do nythng,if a gurl ask u fr ur no means she wil do most of the talking
    and gurls love talking,just start a random topic and there you go,girls dnt stop lol.
    when u c her nxt time say sorry and give her your no,just smile and c wot hapns nxt,
    if you have ny gurl mates ask thm fr advice lol.
    take it easy,if she’s easy take it twice lol;)

  10. jo

    hi.. i am at uni and wen i come down to london there are a lot of girls , in the gym or were i live, everytime i cross them i just walk pass through them, and i notice they give me eye contact but am always like.. o am tired from gym, or at gym, am here to work out, or if am out, she has her head phones on .. and sometimes i really really like the girls i see but i just wuss out but tomroo is a new day and i will fight hard to make sure that i talk to at least one girl a day.. its time to get over this !

  11. james

    i can never tell if a girl wants to talk, i can make a few remarks to ’em but can never seem to turn it into a convesation, and if i do manage to i cant think of anything to say i would only talk about me and i dont think a girl would be interested in just hearing about me.

    how do i turn an exchanging of a few words into a conversation?

  12. Joe

    I have trouble talking to random girls outside clubs to be honest, it’s really difficult. I’m good looking and I work out, but my confidence really doesn’t stretch to talking to pretty girls outside clubs and college… yet (most of them will have boyfriends =/)

  13. Jason

    My ex dumped me arfter a 7 year relationship just out of the blue,we have 2 kids together,my ex was very insecure and had no confidence and I helped her get over these problems but in doing so I have become insecure and have no confidence I find it hard just to talk another woman let alone start a conversation,my biggest problem is I love her still and have lots of feelings for her still,we have been apart for nearly 3 months now and she has all ready had a failed relationship with some control freak she let in too my kids life

  14. Aaron

    so im just supposed to pring out of my seat, walk up to her and do what? randomly asking about the weather or a builing you know where its at?
    break it down plz

  15. Jason

    men, i’m totaly agree with you but when i see a girl walking down the street or just in the beach, a bar or anything else. i just don’t know how to star the conversation, i simply don’t find excuses.

    can’t you help me with that. any advices?