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How to be The Perfect Kisser

How to become the perfect kisser How to become the perfect kisser

Everyone remembers their first kiss. Or their last kiss. Kissing is something that everyone loves, and if done right, it can be almost as fulfilling as sex.

So in this post we’ll discuss if she’s ready to be kissed, and how to do it right if she is. Enjoy!

Is she ready?

Kissing is by no doubt the definitive line between romance and friends. Once you have “really” kissed, it seems that you just can’t go back to being friends again. So when you kiss for the first time, it’s all or nothing.

Let’s look at how to know when she is ready to be kissed:

First of all, you have to know that you have built both attraction and sexual chemistry between the two of you.

This process is outside the scope of this article. But if you haven’t, kissing her would be like kissing your mom. It’s just wrong.

Secondly, there are a few clues that you can use to know when she’s ready.

The most obvious would one being if her initiating a kiss directly, but as most other things about women, you have to be the initiator.

So look after small hints:

  • Is she grabbing your hand when you walk?
  • Does she hold eye contact a little longer than comfortable?
  • Does she run her fingers through your hair?

These are all good signs of interest from her.

Or if you want to test her, you could do some of the same things. See how she responds. If she responds positively, she is usually ready to be kissed.

When to kiss her

If you have been on a date, kiss her at your “emotional high”. In movies, this is often in a middle of a fight, or after the man or woman said “I love you”. For you, it doesn’t have to be at these exact moments. But time your kiss to when she feels the most attraction for you. Don’t let “the moment” slip away.

Don’t wait until you say goodbye or to some other predictable time. Kiss her when you feel like it.

Good, so now we have at least a small idea on when to kiss her. But there’s a few things you need to know first:


1. Do you have bad breath? Check by licking on your wrist and smelling the saliva. If it smells bad, your breath probably does too. Use mouthwash, drink water, chew chewing gum. Whatever it takes! Bad breath can really kill the moment.

2. Take care of your lips. Lips that are cracked and ugly just don’t invite kissing.

3. Shave. Although your trimmed beard might look sexy, it will itch and scratch when you kiss, hurting both of you.

The kiss:

  • Take it easy. Don’t kiss just to “get to the next step”.
  • Enjoy it. And she will too.
  • Take notice of your mouth muscles. If you’re lips are too tight, she might think that you are tense. But if you’re too sloppy, you’ll come off as uninterested.
  • Match her tempo. Or set it yourself.
  • You’re not a dentist! If you french kiss, stay away from everything else than her tongue.
  • Tilt your head. Nose clashing is not really considered a turn on.
  • Close your eyes. A quick peep is OK, everything else is just awkward.
  • Move your head. If kissing more passionately, moving your head from side to while kissing can really turn up the heat.
  • Tease her. Pull away and look into her eyes. Stop just an inch before reaching her mouth. You get the drill.
  • Variate. Don’t ever let your kiss get boring.
  • Dont drool.
  • Don’t just kiss the lips. Move onto the neck, kiss her cheek, and slowly kiss her eyes. If done right, this can be a major turn on.
  • Bite her. Some people like small amounts of sensual biting while they kiss. I personally do.
  • Use your hands. Tease her, run them through her hair, anything. Dead hands usually mean a dead kiss.

But remember, these entire tips mean nothing if you don’t use them.

So my number one tip is to get out there and try everything out. As you know, practice makes perfect.

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37 thoughts on “How to be The Perfect Kisser

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  2. DJ in Houston


    Just by reading this I feel I’m ready to be kissed!

    Great article…

    I think you covered just about everything, of course the prior step would be to make sure you are friends or if it’s your first date that there is good chemistry between the two. Establishing trust, or friendship is the first big step, I think.

  3. Alex Kay

    @Francisco: Thank you a lot! Who doesn’t ;)

    Yes of course, but that was a little outside the scope of this article. You wouldn’t just walk up to a stranger and kiss her, would you? Although that might work for some…

    Anyway :)

    @Karen, yes, it’s really important not to “be scared” and wait untill the really last moment. Another side of this is that if you do, often you as a man can’t think of anything else than the kiss etc. etc. and therefor making your date pretty bad, also destroying your chances for that kiss. So just move in and kiss her in the right moment! Another good sign is if is the girl is looking a lot at your mouth while you talk.

    Thanks for your comments guys.

  4. Michael

    Wonderful article, just put a lot of this directly into practice.

    “Take notice of your mouth muscles” BEST TIP EVER.

  5. Kara

    I can’t emphasize not drooling enough.

    And guys, if you’re sitting there, getting a chuckle out of what you perceive to be an obvious rule, you’re probably a drooler. I’d say that the majority of men are rocking with too much saliva.

  6. Alex Kay

    Amazing Michael ;) Yeah, it’s more important than you think. Thanks for your comment!

    And Kara, you’re really right! Thanks for pointing it out (again).

  7. Andy

    I don’t think u shud be overly attentive on the concentration of your mouth/lip muscles. you may become over-distracted by what you are doing and spoil your own moment by focusing instead relaxing and enjoying the moment(s)

  8. Alex Kay

    Sebastyne, thanks, you’re absolutely right ;)

    And Andy, I definately see where you’re coming from.

    But it’s all about what you put in contra what you get out. And if you focus just a little more on the muscles, I can almost guarantee you that you will gain twice the benefit.

    lol, I sound like some marketing guy. But do you see what I mean?

  9. Sarah Virginia

    Teasing is possibly the best thing ever. A really good kisser is rare to find, we need more people to read this article =) like guys in college. like guys at MY college. soon.

  10. Alex Kay

    Sorry to hear that Sarah! Feel free to print this page and put it on some lockers if you like ;)

    lol, on a more serious note, thanks :) Getting some confirmation that my “techniques” works from girls is always great.

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  12. Cheryl

    Do not drool and do not lick, at least not in the beginning. I tried to give away the best man that ever walked into my world right after we met, because he did not kiss me, he licked me! Fortunately for us, he has stoppped doing that, well once in awhile he still does, but I can handle that.

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  16. Matthew Hintz

    Dude, you really need to go on CNN, because, let’s face it; who really gives a $#%& about Afganistan if your girlfriend thinks you are a pervert for literally licking her more than a freaking dog! i’m not kidding, because there is this girl (Freaking hot!) who is interested in me! lately she seemed turned off when she was giving me all the signs, but i couldn’t go in for splash down (now you must realize why this is so cool. i’m really good looking, but i’m nerdy as Hell!) then she made some lame excuse about how we couldn’t go out, and went out with some douchbag. but then, i read your article, and noticed the signs! she dumped that bastard and came back! i worked up the nerve to kiss her (quicker than you’d think.) and, i swear as i’m sitting on my couch, i’ve lost my virginity. now, this may shock you, because you think i’m some creep who lost his virginity at age 40, but guess what? i’m 11!!

    1. The Hunter

      Dude that’s fuckng AWESOME I’m 11 and a girl I like goes to same dances I go to And people already told her that I like her and she acted like it was what she wanted to hear but I’m nerdy and unhot(that’s a word now)so I was gonna ask her out so now if things get how to say,kissy(that’s also a word now) il be preparedTHX to Alex and MATT UR FUCKING AWESSSSOMMMEEEEE!!!!!

  17. ButlerFromSD

    dude mattthew u r me feaking hero man way to go. and mat ur now my idol ur advice has made me a Very happy kid and i mean Very lol thx a bunch man keep up the good work

  18. Dylan

    If my girlfriend and i are at a point in our relation ship were we hug and stare in eachothers eyes for minutes on end should i kiss her? My girlfriend to me is very hard to read but i think shes showing signs that she wants a little bit more out lf our relationship but she acts like shes comfortable where shes at. What do i do alex?

  19. Dakota Villers

    This article is very helpful. I learned a lot from this and will take all of this into consideration when I go on my date with my new girlfriend next weekend.

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  21. JacquelineR

    Biggest kissing turn offs ever – kissing with “smokers breath” (Sorry, but I nearly barfed over that one!) and sloppy, wet, drooly kisses. Oh, and tongue down my throat, bypassing my lips altogether. Other than that, kissing is awesome!