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How Shahi and Sergio Got Over Their Ex Girlfriends

If Shahi and Sergio can do it, so can you! If Shahi and Sergio can do it, so can you!

Hey guys! This is two real stories about how two real guys got over their ex girlfriends. I just wanted to post this to show you that it is possible, and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There always is.

Let’s start out with Shahi:

I would say that the two biggest things certainly were time and seizing opportunities. Time helped the pain go away each day but certainly meeting someone new and realizing how awesome someone else can be made all the difference. I called it the “S” factor in the “ex-girlfriend” messageboard that I contributed to several times, where you really see and get to know someone else and realize that there is hope out there.

The girl I am with now is so into me and I find that it has been so much easier to talk to her than to my ex. I know at first that’s a hard thing to say when you’re missing her, but when you’re with someone else, that’s when you’ll realize it. She has shown me so much love and sweetness (for lack of better terms) and I think to myself, “why was I moping when there are girls like the this out there who are more for me and show so much more interest?”

How Shahi got over his ex girlfriend

Time and seizing opportunities. Two powerful factors when it comes to getting over a lost love.

Reading a post like this can really help you getting your hopes up for the future (if you have a hard time getting over her) by showing you that it is possible.

It really is! You two are going to get over her, and that is 100% guaranteed. We all do. Realize this.

all hope is not lost getting over your ex

Next up is Sergio.

You might know Sergio from the comment thread on the “how to get over your ex girlfriend post“. Here’s what he had to say…

Sergio’s story:

How crazy is this. I haven’t been on this site since…I don’t remember. My original post was back in March of 2008. I have been where most you guys are now. I am living proof that you can/will move on with your life. I am dating now and I’m even friends with my ex. I learned to forgive her and I’m a better person for that.

To truly move on you must accept that it’s over. That’s the very first step. Don’t get me wrong, you will still hurt and feel down but you will be on your way. No contact is a must. At least in the beginning. Stay busy. With time, you find yourself thinking less of her until you’re completely over her.

This is also important; you need to look at the big picture. We only live once. Are you going to live the one life that you are given depressed and sad over ONE person?? You can’t let her dictate your happiness.

How Sergio got over his ex girlfriend

Sergio used the same approach as hundreds of other men have used before – the Just Keep The Change approach:

Accept, no contact, stay busy.

Basically, you just let yourself feel hurt if that’s what you feel you are. Don’t resist it or ignore it, simply let it be. No contact has been discussed several times on this blog already, and I know from lots of guys and personal experience that it works. No contact!

Staying busy is what I would almost call a “perk” of getting over your ex girlfriend. Now you finally have the time to do something you’ve always wanted, like learning a new language, hanging more out with your friends, starting that online business, whatever!

If you have a success story like Shahi or Sergio, feel free to post it in the comments or let me know directly. I know that a lot of hurting guys out there could benefit from it.

And while you’re at it, check out the new forum; the JKTC Café. Great people, great discussions. Join us!

Stay strong.

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5 thoughts on “How Shahi and Sergio Got Over Their Ex Girlfriends

  1. Eric Jones

    Beautiful Alex, this is exactly what I need right now… you are right, there is “light” at “the end of the tunnel”… sometimes it’s just so hard to see. This helped me clear the fog just a little. Thx

  2. Thomas

    I really wish I was to this point already. Its been a month now and Ive just learned that my ex (of 4 years)is dating the guy she left me for and that she is leaving school to go to New York after the fall semester. I’ve been on dates but I still can’t stop thinking about her and how cold hearted she is.

  3. Brian

    Man thinking of the first story on here. geez ive probably gone on dates with 20 different women since i broke up with my GF 3 months ago… and i cant find anyone i like more than i liked her… i have to settle for someone i guess

  4. Alex

    I’m sorry to hear that Thomas!

    And Brian, you don’t have to settle. There are millions of cute girls out there ;-)