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How I Took a Girl Through Strawberry Fields at McDonald’s and Got Her Number

A fun game to play with women A fun game to play with women

Yesterday I got this really big urge to go get a McFlurry at my local McDonald’s… I know, I know. I’m bad, but it’s not my fault McFlurry’s are soo good?

Anyway, I got my ice cream, and sat down at a table to enjoy it.

I was almost finished, when this really amazing smell walked right by my nose.

I looked up, and found myself drooling over the most stunning girl I have ever seen (in a McDonald’s). She was around 1.76, long blonde hair, and a really mysterious and sexy face.

I quickly threw the rest of my McFlurry away, and walked right behind her up to the counter.

When we both stood in line next to each other, I turned around, and padded her on her shoulder. She looked at me, with a kind of shocking look like “what the f*** was I doing?”.

I looked her directly in the eyes and asked “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

She just said “no” in a kind of politely-I-don’t-want-you-to-ask-me-out way, like lots of girls behave when they think they are getting “picked-up”.

But I turned around and said: “Yees, I’m pretty sure I do. You’re that fat chick in *some movie*, right?”, and before she got a chance to reply, I followed with “But I see you have lost a lot of weight… and now you’re back at McDonald’s to put it back on? Shame on you!”

At first she seemed to get pretty mad at me, but I just had this “you’re so sexy when you’re mad” face on, and after a second or two, she started laughing, and playfully hitting me on the arm.

She bought me a drink

At the time it was our turn to order, I had already asked her if she “wanted to grab a quick bite and talk some more”. Actually she was just there to pick-up some crushed ice for a party, but she said that she “liked my style”, and that she would buy me a coke.

Not bad for just 3 minutes of conversation, right?

At first she ordered a small one for me, but I quickly stepped in and told her that “If she wanted to have any chances with me, she’d better buy me a big one”.

So a big one I got.

Getting to know her

We sat down, and the conversation went great.

I found out her name was Anna, that she was from Sweden, and that she was a singer, doing modelling as a side job.

After a few more minutes, I went through the routine called “Strawberry Field’s”

It’s a game you can play with a girl, kind of like this one.

Strawberry Fields

Me: “You’re walking along a road, and you come across a strawberry field. How high is the fence?”

Anna: “1 meter.”

Me: “hmm…” looking quizzical at her.

Anna: “What? What?”

Me: “Ok, you get inside. How many strawberries do you eat?”

Anna: Looks like she is thinking. “8”

Me: “8! Wow! Oh my god! I could never take you home to my mother!”

Anna: “What! WHAT!?” touching my arm and pulling on me.

Me: “Ok, last question. What about the farmer?”

Anna: “Did he see me?”

Me: *shakes head with astonished look* “Wow!”

Me: “Ok, here’s what it means. The fence means you have high goals and high aspirations. The strawberries stand for your sexual appetite.”

I shake my head again. “You’re suuuuch a baaaaad girl! Most people say one or two! You want 8!”

She starts giggling really hard, blushing too.

Me: “The farmer means you don’t care about the sexual situation as long as no one finds out.”

She laughs again, and then puts her hand on my chest and says, “No, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…”

Anna’s reaction

Our conversation continued, now with an even better energy flow, and it felt like we just “clicked”.

I had to go, so I asked her for her number, and she gave it to me without any hesitation. I kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “I’ll call you”.

So, here’s how to do it yourself

Me: “You’re walking along the street and you come upon a strawberry field. How high is the fence?”

Girl: (Usually shows me with hands)

Me: “That’s interesting.”

Me: “So, you get inside, how many strawberries do you eat?”

Girl: *Some answer*

As long as it’s 1 or more, I say: “Oh my god! X number! “You’re such a bad girl! I could never take you home to meet my family!”

Girl: “What? Whaaaat?” After that she is going nuts trying to get me to tell her more.

Me: “Now, what about that farmer?”

Girl: “There’s a farmer?”, “Did he see?”, or similar.

At this point, I look down and smile and just shake my head like I can’t believe it. Most of the time, she’ll literally be begging you to tell her.

The interpretation

I use the same basic interpretation each time:

  1. Fence: “You have high goals and aspirations but not so high you can’t reach them.”
  2. # Of strawberries: “You said x-number, you baaad girl, that stands for your sex drive. Most people say 1, but you said *8*. God have mercy, I’d never get any sleep at all!”
  3. Farmer: “Has to do with society’s rules on relationships. So you just go with your feelings and don’t allow other people to run your life.”

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask them in the comments form below.

Otherwise, just have fun with this little game, and make sure to report back your results.

Take care guys,

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Photo by diskostu

This game is by no means my invention. I read about it in a Captain Jack newsletter a while ago, and I give all credit to him. Parts of this article is actually his words. I have also recently added him to my recommended page.

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22 thoughts on “How I Took a Girl Through Strawberry Fields at McDonald’s and Got Her Number

  1. Christian

    This is the only part of being single I actually miss. The thrill of the chase and being able to chat up random women on a daily basis.

    I think I much prefer this game to the other one because it builds up her anticipation a lot more!

    Kudos to you Alex, you’re a proper stud!


  2. Alex Kay

    Aww thank you Sol!

    And Farmer Joe – Nah, I’m not too sure about that. It depends ENTIRELY on how you do it!

    Christian – Thanks man! I agree, it’s also a lot more personal, and easier to personlize to fit your own “character” than the other one.

    And John – Well, it may be, but Neil Strauss didn’t invent everything in that book by himself :)

    thanks for your comments guys!

  3. Raymond Chua

    Hi Alex,

    I really enjoy this post.

    It literally excites me. :)

    Here’s a question for ya.

    What’s the powerful sentence/line to start a game with a girl?

    I appreciate your answer. :)

  4. Alex Kay

    Hey Raymond,

    Well, then it literally excites me that I excited you! :)

    The question: Well, it’s not like it’s “powerful”, I’ll just ask something like: “Hey, wanna play a game?” Remember to not excuse yourself with something like “It won’t take long”… That’s a bad idea.

    And David: Oh, I’m so sorry! Being old isn’t negative though, and I try to write for all ages.

    But what do you mean that you feel paranoid? That some guys like me go out to get a few phone numbers? I can’t really see the harm in that, it’s not like I do something the girl(s) doesn’t like.

    Thanks for your comments guys,
    and take care,

  5. Alex Kay

    Yeah, you could do it on anyone actually…

    Although I am not too sure of the “psychology” in it, I mean, I don’t really think there’s a deeper meaning to “how high the fence is”.

    But try it out, you might get some funny replies!


  6. Mr B

    Your a badman!! Serious! Ive recently been dumped by my ex…and really dont knowwhy, but yoru advice seems crisp! Good on ya…and how do u have so much knowledge about this stuff ???

  7. Alex

    Hey Mr B,

    lol, thanks for the compliments! ;)

    Well, usually it’s hard to know exactly why you got dumped… But usually it’s because she doesn’t feel any attraction for you anymore. It’s that simple. She just doesn’t feel *it*.

    Great that you found my site, I hope you’ll stick around for a while.

    The reason I have so much “knowledge” is because I care. I care about my own life, my own happiness, and I see sex and dating as a big part of it. That’s why I have spent a lot of time perfecting those areas of my life.

    Thanks for your comment :)

  8. Bryan Iotti

    I just tried it the other day via MSN with a girl I’m interested in… I think it went incredibly well, but I really would have wanted to look her in the eyes and read what she was thinking… still I report it works!

    Alex, great work on the whole site, it’s been tremendous help in a difficult moment.


  9. 0rion

    My SS brothers will eat this up at the lair! I really value this kind of light and snappy NPL patters that have no meaningful deeper substance but really install heavy states of attraction and intrigue absolutely wonderful stuff bravo m8! Way to capture and lead the flows of feeling!