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Hey You! Come On Over and Sign Up to the New Exclusive Member Forum

What’s up guys!

I am going on a vacation here over the holidays; snowboarding in the alps.

That’s all great, but it has one downside: I have to let you, my dear readers, behind. I know, I know… It’s sad. But I am going to miss you :-)

I will be back at the 15th of february, but don’t expect too much of me that day after a 20+ hour busride through Europe!

So untill I get back, I have a suggestion for you:

Come on over and join the new forum!

I have hinted at it a few times already, but it has now officially opened. There are already a number of threads you can post to, or you can simply introduce yourself.

So even though I won’t be there for a couple of days, I strongly suggest that you’ll hop on over and see what we’re all about.

There are already a couple of mighty fine guys posting on the boards, so don’t be shy!

Anyway, I hope you keep the JKTC spirit up over there while I am away.

Here’s that link one more time: The JKTC Café.

Stay cool guys,

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One thought on “Hey You! Come On Over and Sign Up to the New Exclusive Member Forum

  1. Anthony Parkes

    Ah, Alex!
    It’s great to see you’ve *finally* published this post – I’ve been waiting for it!

    I’m all excited about the dozens of new members joining in – w00t!

    Have a great time snowboarding, I just wish I could eat the slopes right this moment…

    Looking forward to more great conversations

    Anthony – prowd of being a mighty guy!