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Get her to Spend the Night at your Place

How to get her to stay at your place How to get her to stay at your place

If your date went well, there’s a big possibility that you asked her if she wanted to come inside. Or maybe the date took place in your apartment, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is what you do after you have turned her on. You can be the sexiest guy in the world, but if your apartment looks like trash, it will be very hard to “convince” her to stay.

It has happened to me a couple of times. A cute girl in my apartment. We kiss, I put on some music, we kiss some more. After a while she has to go to the bathroom, and when she gets back, she is suddenly in a rush to leave.

Quick kiss goodbye, and then I just sit there, puzzling about what it could be I had been doing wrong.

Chances are, I didn’t (directly) do anything wrong. She just didn’t feel secure at my place, and when I look back, I really can’t blame her. Pizza boxes on the floor, the toilet seat had been left up, and yeah, you get the picture.

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Here are 8 easy things I could have done to make her stay:

  • Show her around
    This is really easy, and can be great fun, too. Take her hand and show her how you live. I know that there’s story’s behind almost everything that you own, but you can easily save those for other times. Just show her the bathroom, so she knows where it is. And show her the kitchen (that I am sure that you do not use). In other words, make her feel at home.
  • Fix your bathroom
    This is a big one! Remember that girls sit down they pee. Always stock up on toilet paper, clean the floor, wipe the mirror (or if you don’t have a mirror, get one) and always have clean towels in your bathroom.
  • Clean up your mess
    Really important. Few things are more disgusting than old food, dust, hair, nails etc. in your apartment. You should also remember to take out your trash. Common sense, really.
  • Keep an extra toothbrush
    She’ll definately appreciate it.
  • Wash your dishes
    Or at least, hide them away.
  • Pillows in the couch
    For the coziness factor. Candles everywhere are a big plus, too.
  • Soft sheets
    If you get to move into the bedroom, always keep fresh and soft sheets on your bed.
  • Keep condoms
    Don’t feel embarrassed about it. Nothing can kill the mood as fast as a trip to the drugstore.

If you stick to these easy tips, you shouldn’t be having too many problems. At least, your apartment is at your side, and working for you instead of against you. Good luck guys!

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9 thoughts on “Get her to Spend the Night at your Place

  1. fred

    “If you date went *good*” should be if your date went *well*. Perhaps you should add a section to your web site on learning to speak properly and not like George W. Bush.

  2. Torrey

    I just stumbled onto your page. I really like it. It doesn’t have that aura of player and manipulations about it. Rather it seems to offer very good advise that makes a lot of sense. I like the web address name of ‘just keep the change’, and I like how the page is about making men better.

    Keep it going — I’ll start making regular visits to see what is new from week to week.

  3. Alex Kay

    Hey Torrey,

    That sounds great! I am trying not to be too “playerish” or anything of that kind, since that kind of attitude doesn’t really help people. Much better to be honest!

    Thanks for your comment :)

  4. Mars

    that jerk that responded about proper English is an asshole.. Of course I dont need to tell you that. :-) Keep up the good work. Thanks man

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  6. Mike

    Ha, I agree that previous comment on grammar is inappropriate and .

    This blog is tremendously well written for someone who’s mother tongue is not English. Well done, man.
    And I’ve been frequenting your blog and am enjoying the content. Keep it up.