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Do Women find Blogging Sexy?

Do women find bloggers attractive? Do women find bloggers attractive?

A few weeks ago, I got this question:

“Do women find blogging sexy?

Many associate blogging with nerdy and so on, and in fact I’m quite surprised that a person with an outgoing personality like you also blog.

How do women react when they know you blog? Just curious. – Robert

Is it nerdy to blog?

For many people, even for a lot of bloggers, blogging is looked upon as something nerdy.

For me, the “You have to be a geek with glasses to set up a website” days are over. Today it’s so simple anyone can do it.

Being a blogger, or managing a website, is only nerdy if that’s what you make it.

I don’t see anything geeky about it at all. Or well, that depends on how you define geek.

But I don’t think that being a blogger and having an outgoing personality are two extremes – for me they mix up really well.

How do women react?

But you’re real question was “how do women react?”

My answer is that they react really positive!

Women (in particular) ask me all kinds of question when I tell that I am a blogger. They want to know what I write about, why I do it, how I do it, etc. etc.

I actually think that women generally find it really attractive. Even sexy.

It all boils down to your own beliefs

If you’re ashamed of being a blogger, if you think you’re a nerd, if you think you’re doing something “wrong”, women will notice.

Trust me. It’s almost impossible to hide this kind of stuff from women.

But if you think that what you’re doing is perfectly O.K, so will she. So no doubt about it.

(As long as you’re not writing about something ethically wrong, like “How to mug old ladies who can’t defend themselves”.)

If you’re writing from a passion, she will notice.


In a great way, she will find out more about you and your identity. And that’s only negative if you’re ashamed of it.

And if you are, you’d better change it. Because it’s going to follow you for the rest of your life ;)

Robert I hope that answers your question. And if anyone has a different question, please feel free to ask.

Take care guys,

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17 thoughts on “Do Women find Blogging Sexy?

  1. Alex

    Then I guess it has something to do with the way you say it, or the way you feel about it yourself sir jorge.

    How do they generally reply?

    Just like Robert, I’m “just curious” ;)

  2. Alex

    I had a girl ask me what I do for a living, I told her I teach guys about relationships through my blog, should’ve seen her face light up. she was so excited to see it and loved me for it ;)

  3. Robert A. Henru

    Hi Alex, thanks for the answer!
    I agree with you, I think what women like from men is confidence. So, if we’re a blogger, be confident about it!
    Women will find us sexy =)

    Thanks bro!

  4. Alex

    Alex, (nice name by the way), that’s amazing!

    I guess our topic is also seen as more attractive to women, than someone writing about, let’s say gadgets.


    You’re welcome! It was a great question.

    I think that you get it really well, just be confident about it, and you’ll have zero problems.

    Great comments guys.

  5. Markus

    Hi Alex. I like your blog and the way you write stuff ;) Always a lot of entertainment! :)

    If women find bloggin sexy? In my opinion the TOPIC is the #1 indicator. A php coding blog usually isn’t the best way to attract female readers, I guess :)

    But what I do not understand is, that you don’t have advertisement here or so. Although your blog design looks very nice (and clean) at the moment I wouldn’t be pissed of if you’d monetize this blog more :D You deserve it man.

    Best Regards


  6. Alex

    well thanks Markus! Compliments are always appreciated ;)

    I guess. Although php coding that read this kind of stuff would probably get away with it. As long as you don’t look or sound or live like a “typical geek”.

    haha. I am actually looking into some monetization options, but I only want to promote products that would actually help (you) guys.

    Thanks for all the kind words mate.

    < ? /Alex ?>

  7. DJ Francisco Houston

    Wow You have the most creative topics…

    Love your style..

    To answer the question, if you establish yourself as a leader in an industry and you happen to blog, yes women find it sexy and really want to know more about it.

    I recently gave presentation to a group of women who are in the wedding industry as vendors, and I had their attention from the get go until the end. Even though this was my first ever public presentation and afterwards i got compliments and A LOT of interest from the ladies… Not to mention their business cards and contact info…

  8. Brianne

    Blogging is sexy

    It shows you have confidence in yourself and you believe others will want to hear what you say…it also shows how smart you are…because A) you can navigate a computer and B) because you’re a mindless drone who only cares about material objects/ money, sports, and sex. You take the time to think analytically (about the world around you/ life) and aproach topics in a way that expresses your opinion but leaves an opening for discussion with your readers.

  9. GamingGeek

    I happen to be a computer nerd. I fix & collect computers, play video games, program, & do all the things the typical nerd does. Trust me on this, blogging is not sexy to them. Everyone blogs, so I think this would backfire on your theory.