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Destroy Your Old Beliefs and See the Beauty in Everything

Learn how to see the real her Learn how to see the real her

Here’s a quick thing for you to do the next time you are walking a place where there are people that you have never seen or met before. The street, the mall, the park – every place will do.

See the beauty in everyone.

If you’re a (straight) man, which both my statistics and guts tell me that you are, of course you’d pay most attention to the women you see.

You have most likely trained your negative eye for the most part of your life, always looking for fault and mistakes.

I bet that I could show you a picture of almost anyone, and with in seconds, you could find something that could look better. It could be a wrinkle, a zit, a hair sitting ‘wrong’, a crooked nose… And the list goes on.

And this is not said to judge you, it’s just to make a point – and hey, I’m not any better myself! This is how most of us are programmed.

See the beauty in women

But I think that if we gradually train ourselves to see the beauty in things, we will live richer and happier lifes.

Why? Because that way you’ll slowly kill or transcend that little part of you I have called the Ego before. You’ll take away its power and regain control of your emotions and beliefs at a deeper level.

I know that may have sounded a little buddhist or religious, but take it for what it is. In more plain language, training to see the beauty in things will satisfy you more in the long-term.

See her real sexy self

The next time you’ll meet a girl you like, you’ll see all the beauty in her. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t see her faults and flaws; we all have those. I’m just saying that you should see past them, and see her & her beauty instead.

So as I started out by saying, the next time you’re at a public place, practice to see the beauty in the people walking by you. See how a particular girl’s eyes are glowing, or how that other girl’s hair is waving in the sun.

It doesn’t even have to be “practice” or to “train”, it can just be to have a pleasant experience. At least I always feel a little higher and happier when I have done this than if I hadn’t.

So try it out and let me know what happens!

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3 thoughts on “Destroy Your Old Beliefs and See the Beauty in Everything

  1. Brent G

    Girls love when guys think like this. To be the guy that loves you for who you are, and not for what you look like. Most guys don’t believe in that, or just say they do to girls to attract them.
    Its one thing to say you are something but it is a whole other thing to be that.
    Really, If we do see the beauty within or just find something very interesting about what they do or love how one part of their body that just “gets you”(Example: Goregous eyes). We, men, ourselves will cherish the relationship between you and that girl.
    You won’t see them as trophies or rewards for our flirtious ways, we will see them as something more. And when that girl figures that out about you, she’ll cling on to you just the way you wanted.
    Nice Job, Alex – Always hitting the sweet spots we never find in our minds.

  2. Alex

    Hey Brent!

    You really got my message in this one. I’m proud :-)

    “It’s one thing to say you are something but it is a whole other thing to be that.”
    Very true.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Brent G

    Can’t belive I comment on this one too.
    Just lost hope again in girls, now reading this article again. I have more hope in them.
    Thanks for the great reminder, Alex.